The Lie You Do Not Stop Repeating To Yourself According To Your Sign

Lie You Do Not Stop Repeating

The Lie You Do Not Stop Repeating To Yourself According To Your Sign

The routine sometimes makes us not see reality clearly. We are human and each of us lives our day to day in a very different way. We all have a mind and a heart, but depending on our personality we use one more than the other. What is true is that there is something that we do not stop telling each other and that it is a big lie, and all to make us feel better. If you want to know what is the lie that you do not stop repeating to yourself according to your zodiac sign, all you have to do is continue reading:


Aries, your eagerness to want to do everything yourself just to prove to yourself that you can handle anything they throw at you makes you keep repeating a big lie over and over again, that is, “I don’t need anyone but me same”. Aries, try to reflect a little and be realistic. It is true that you don’t need anyone to be happy, but sometimes having someone by your side makes things easier for you and, above all, helps you achieve things more easily.


Taurus, you are a super stubborn person and when something gets into your head you don’t stop until you get it. You are very disciplined, but also a bit lazy. You like to do things at your own pace. Of course, no matter how slow that rhythm is, you always do things right. You don’t like surprises, but when a new year arrives you let go of the lie of all the same years, that is, “new year, new life”, and that never happens. You promise to get out of your comfort zone and leave your stubbornness aside, but that never happens…


Gemini, you love to learn new things. You are a super curious person and you never stop surprising yourself. You love to travel and learn new cultures to change your day to day. The thing is, you like to learn so much that you keep lying to yourself over and over again. You think you’re an expert in anything you learn new and put it on your resume right away. Gemini, it’s one thing to know a little about something and another to pretend you’re an expert just to make yourself smart. You’re smart for a while now, so you don’t need any of that.


Cancer, you don’t like to open yourself too much to others because you feel that everyone ends up hurting you. You are shy because you need to trust the people around you in order to open up to them and talk about your feelings. The problem is that you keep repeating a lie to yourself over and over again, the “I’m going to be much more sociable” thing is always in your mouth, but it never happens. Cancer, don’t force yourself into something you don’t feel like doing, and be yourself at all times, don’t let anyone take advantage of you.


Leo, you love to be surrounded by people and feel that you are the center of attention. Being admired is something that fascinates you and that gives you all the energy you need. The fact that someone moves away from you causes you a lot of uncertainty and you do not stop repeating to yourself “if he moved away from me it is because he could not bear how much others love me”, that is, a lie like a temple that in the end You always end up believing yourself. Leo, keep your feet on the ground, if someone walks away from you it is not always because of your desire for prominence. Reflect a little.


Virgo, you are faithful to your principles. You like to investigate and delve into many topics. Learning every day of your life is something that you will not stop doing. You love to surprise your mind 24/7, but you have a big problem and that is that you keep telling yourself a big lie, that is, “if I firmly believe in something, then it is true”. No Virgo, not everything you believe is true and you have to get it into your head. It is very good to trust your judgment and fight for your ideas, but many more factors must be taken into account. Think about it a bit.


Libra, you love to put yourself in the place of others because you feel that it is the best way to know what is inside their hearts. You firmly believe that there are people who deserve second chances and you do not hesitate to give them. You are a very generous person, but you keep telling yourself a lie over and over again, that is, “I will never judge anyone for their past.” Libra, be honest with yourself because you know that this is not the case. You try to make the world a world full of equal opportunities, but things don’t work that way and even you yourself have judged someone without “meaning it”.


Scorpio, you are a very strong and sentimental person. You are very intense in all aspects of your life, but you don’t care, what’s more, you feel very proud of it. You have unparalleled strength and are capable of overcoming anything, but it is true that you keep telling yourself a big lie over and over again. “I’m totally over it” isn’t always true. You repeat that to yourself over and over again so as not to process any more pain and move on, but you haven’t gotten over it. Scorpio, try to face that pain to shelve it once and for all because otherwise, it will stay inside you.


Sagittarius, you tend to always go your own way. You do not like to give any kind of explanation to others. You are a free and independent person, you have never liked feeling trapped by anything or anyone. You are strong, but you do not stop repeating a big lie, the “if I do not give importance to it then it does not affect me” is something that you do not stop repeating to yourself, but that does not make any sense because if something is important, no matter how much importance you take away from it It will affect you yes or yes. Sagi, be consistent with your thoughts and emotions and everything will be better.


Capricorn, you are a super hardworking person, you are always doing everything possible to get all your projects forward. You love to see how things are done well and that is why it is impossible for you to disconnect from your work. You keep telling yourself “I’ll take a break when I’m not busy”, but deep down you know that’s a lie like a temple because it’s never going to happen. Capri, try to make time for yourself because otherwise you will end up very burned out, and you need to feel alive. Never forget it…


Aquarius, you tend to create an emotional barrier because you feel that no one understands you. You are different, but that does not mean that you are not able to adapt to others. The problem is that you keep repeating to yourself “no one tries to get to know me” and that is a big lie. Aquarius, deep down everyone is wanting to meet you because you attract a lot of attention and they need to know more about you. It is you who closes the band for fear of feeling things for others. Do not be afraid, be clear about your essence and never abandon it, but open yourself up a bit to others.


Pisces, your mood swings are constant and you can’t deny that. Of course, you have mood swings because you feel so many things at the same time that it is impossible for you to focus on just one. You are super sentimental and tend to take everything personally. You keep repeating to yourself “no one loves me for the way I am” and that is a big lie. Pisces, if people love you, it is precise because of the way you are and because of that big heart you have. Do not stop feeling and making others feel that they are special because thanks to you, the world is a better place every day.

The Lie You Do Not Stop Repeating To Yourself According To Your Sign

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