It Was Time For Someone Who Truly Loves You And Not Half

Truly Loves You

It Was Time For Someone Who Truly Loves You And Not Half

One of the greatest reliefs for the heart is when without looking for it the right person comes into your life and that does not mean that they are perfect. Love is not about everything going to flow like magic, differences are part of everyday life. It is a decision to give yourself to the other, you must not fall into the perfection that many paints, because idealizing the only thing that causes is suffering. Your zodiac sign thank you today, it was time for someone who truly loves you and not halfway.


How beautiful is the unpredictable, that person fell in love with your potential, they were not scared of what you are capable of achieving just by setting yourself a goal. It was more than his attentions that wrapped his heart, you showed him that you are capable of taking things seriously. You don’t like anything superficial, the more priority you give a person, the more you love them. 


Love for you is an engine, you know that many of the things you don’t work if you don’t put your whole soul into what you believe in. When it comes to having a relationship, you are extremely meticulous, you would never let yourself be trapped by someone manipulative who only wants your attention. Life is rewarding you by giving you more than a partner, it is your confidant. 


In short, there is a crazy, unpredictable, and very brave butterfly inside you. However, that is not to say that you do not have the ability to fall in love on a deep level. Of course, you believe in commitment, but it has been difficult for you to fully trust. You are doing well and you are lucky because this person does not pressure you, he leaves you on your path. 


What you least want is to settle, your love is very demanding because you understood that it is not healthy to give and give without receiving anything in return. Cancer is not about being self-centered, simply, you have the right to give yourself your place, and your feelings are not to play with. If someone wants some of the colors you can offer, they have to earn it, and that person is doing well. 


The person who has not had the opportunity to lose themselves in the love that you give to the other does not know the good things in life. Leo, you are the most loyal sign on this list, you really enjoy putting commitment first. Although lately, you have decided to act in a subtle way, you are not going to give your love with full hands, there are those who do not deserve even half of everything you give, and there is no more. 


It is very normal that there are moments in which you feel that insecurities speak for you, but that does not make you weaker, on the contrary, you can feel that way and at the same time be the strongest person. Your heart is not easy to love, because you do not believe the lies and when something bothers you, you say it without fear of what they will say. This new love is already understood. 


For you, a delicacy in a relationship is essential, if someone is not capable of loving you without haste and putting respect above all else, clearly, they do not deserve a bit of you. Sometimes, all you need is a company that is capable of sweetening you with its kisses and that at the same time understands you. His heart is empathetic, someone like that was already urgent for you. 


Scorpio, the problem is not that you can’t find someone at your level, it’s that people assume that you have to settle for what comes into your life and it’s not like that. What you need is a love that makes you feel loved, supported, and listened to. You are suspicious, but this person is teaching you that you can love without fear and that you can build something in the long term. 


The fact that you are an expert in hiding when someone seizes your heart, does not mean that you do not have a highly romantic side hidden. On the contrary, your sensitivity is what ends up giving you away, especially if the person shows you that they really want something serious. This new love has not made you doubt and that is a good sign. 


A part of you runs away from love because you have not been paid in the best way. Sometimes, no matter how meticulous you are when choosing someone, it becomes very difficult to trust as if nothing had happened. The past marked you and although you have managed to get ahead, now you prefer to be cautious. This person is showing you that it is possible to embrace your wounds. 


There is no doubt that you and your singleness get along very well. It has never been part of your priorities to have someone to solve your life. You prefer to put your cards on the table from the beginning before ending up with a broken soul. I know it’s not easy to tear down your dark side, but you are much more than a callous heart, you are doing well, and trust does not make you weak. 


You can’t help it, when your heart shakes you deeply, you find no reason to stop. Sometimes it’s about living in the moment and letting the blues go away. You never fully know if that person is going to respond to you how you expect. The important thing is that you are giving it a chance, don’t regret giving yourself up. 

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