Dear Sign: Don’t Stay With Someone Who Only Waters You For Seasons

Dear Sign: Don’t Stay With Someone Who Only Waters You For Seasons

It is true, in life you will meet a lot of people, there are some who will only be passing through and others who will stay by your side until the last breath comes for you. However, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, you are the one with whom you are going to spend more time and you must reconcile your good and bad sides. Once you put your self-esteem ahead, they are hardly going to tear you apart and you are not going to settle for cold love. Dear sign, don’t stay with someone who only waters you seasonally. 


I have to say, it will not be easy to see yourself in front of the mirror and delve into the deepest part of you, into what breaks with the superficial. It will cost you a lot to love yourself with everything and your flaws, but once you do, it will be much easier for you to get people who do not bring you anything good out of your life. You will understand that being loved one day, yes and another day is not your thing. Then, those who are not worth it will go away.


You know that your heart is very sweet, but you have a very naive side when you open the doors to a new love. You are so loyal that you respect the person long before formalizing, but they do not always respond in the same way. That is the reason why you should not go out of your way for someone who is not ready to truly love. Life runs like water through your hands, don’t stop for so little. 


Sometimes your heart does not understand arguments, it likes to go in a hurry and that could be one of your weaknesses because you fall in love with people who are not willing to give you the place you deserve. What life has for you is an intelligent partner, who brings you beautiful things in every way, but in order for it to arrive, you must not delay where you do not feel loved, even if it hurts, go.


It seems that you are a sign that goes through life as an open book, but the truth is that you usually put several obstacles before they manage to go to the depths of your being. Your love is unconditional, however, there are those who only approach to take advantage and that is why you should be more cautious. It doesn’t matter, if they call you selfish, love yourself first because once you do, each piece falls into place.


You are a brave, intelligent sign, Leo, you always like to look ahead and that is something that nothing and no one can take away from you. However, there are times when your kind side is activated and without realizing it you end up trying to save people who don’t deserve even half of what you give them. I know that it is not easy to detect emotional vampires, but if that person brings more tears to your eyes than smiles, why continue there? 


It is clear that it is very difficult for you to put yourself as your highest priority because you tend to be very hard on yourself. You demand yourself at every step and you have a mania for perfection. However, you give and give without receiving the same in return. Know that it’s not up to you to make a relationship work. It’s two, you may like that person a lot, but never ignore yourself to please others.


You are a lukewarm love, one of those that arrive without warning, but once you immerse yourself in the soul of the other person, you give them relief. Libra, your way of love knows no limits because it is your empathic side that takes charge of everything and that is when you strive to share your best version. However, you cannot allow other people’s problems to sink you, you have a lot to give and it is not worth settling for crumbs.


In short, you are your life partner, that’s why you have to take care of yourself, listen to yourself, and do what your heart really tells you. Remember that you are not here to meet anyone’s expectations. It’s okay if you don’t feel ready and if you don’t trust the person, don’t let them intimidate you. Loving is not pressing, you have to lower the tension for things to work, don’t hesitate.


Your tenacity is very evident, you can see the optimism that you put into everything, even when it comes to giving your heart. Sagittarius, that is why you take your time, you want to really get to know the person, not get hooked on the first pretty words. Your spirit is adventurous and you do not expect less from whoever decides to accompany you, make it clear that you are not going to allow them to cut your wings. 


On the outside, it seems that you always have everything under control, because you are usually very meticulous sign and enjoy following structures. But there are also times when your reflective side makes an appearance and that’s when you analyze whether it’s in your self-esteem to stay with a partner who doesn’t even know what he wants. You are not going to be the person who receives the traumas of someone who does not want to change. 


The main reason why you have to be doubly careful with the people you let into your life is that you are a being full of energy and there are those who just want to shake you until they remove the last drop of your essence. In your heart, there is no evil, but trusting too much is not healthy. Aquarius, sometimes it is good that you put up resistance, that the person really earns a place by your side. 


You know that when someone touches the depths of your emotions you end up breaking, it is impossible for you to ignore the pain of others, on the contrary, you do everything to help the other. However, you must be careful with that uncontrollable compassion, because there are people who only approach you when it suits them and at the least expected moment they betray you behind your back. Just be more cautious. 


Dear Sign: Don't Stay With Someone Who Only Waters You For Seasons

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