These Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Toxic In Relationships

Toxic In Relationships

These Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Toxic In Relationships

There are people who sometimes find it difficult to maintain relationships and often hurt others by doing so. Their sometimes toxic properties make it a challenge to establish an intimate connection with them. And some zodiac signs exhibit these toxic properties particularly often.

These zodiac signs are always toxic in a relationship.


On the one hand, the Capricorn has a very kind and caring nature. But sometimes his bad side shows up when things don’t go the way he imagined. Then the Capricorn tends to manipulate their partner in a targeted manner in order to ultimately get what they want. For this, the zodiac sign uses particularly lousy tricks that only leave their partner confused.


The alpha animal can be a big challenge in relationships. Because he is used to always being the center of attention. Whenever this is not the case, then his strong and dominant ego comes to the fore. He’s doing everything he can to get the spotlight back on himself. It doesn’t matter if the zodiac sign has to walk over corpses. In this case, it even makes no difference whether it is your own partner.


Scorpio is a very passionate partner. When he gets involved in something, he puts his heart and soul into it. But there is an insecurity slumbering deep inside him, which now and then finds its way to the light of day. He projects this insecurity onto the relationship and calls it into question as a whole. This is a major challenge for all partners because this happens practically out of nowhere. One second everything was fine and the next there is a huge relationship crisis.


The Virgo always tries to do everything right – in line with their desire for perfection. But when it comes to their partner, they expect the same thing. This leads to major conflicts because she places far too high demands on her relationships. She just doesn’t understand when someone can’t meet her expectations and can become very unfair and awkward. Then she doesn’t mince words and can get pretty hurtful.

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