These 4 Zodiac Signs Can Be Extremely Hurtful

Extremely Hurtful

These 4 Zodiac Signs Can Be Extremely Hurtful

Whether they mean it or not, some zodiac signs can be particularly ruthless and mean. They often do not pay attention to the feelings of others and can easily hurt them.

Especially these zodiac signs are very hurtful:


Virgos can be very bad-tempered at times. Then you should better not run into them, because their displeasure can very quickly affect other people. The zodiac sign likes to drag others down to make them feel better. Extremely vulnerable words can sometimes be spoken.


Aries is extremely stubborn and doesn’t like to give in. He can get pretty aggressive. In addition, the Aries quickly feels attacked and if he goes on the defensive, he becomes a real hothead. Then he also likes to say words that he doesn’t really mean, but that hurt the person he’s talking to. Unfortunately, later the zodiac sign can often no longer remember what it said.


Capricorn is a very honest zodiac sign. But some people just don’t want to hear the truth. And the Capricorn also lacks sensitivity. If something bothers the zodiac sign, then it will say so directly, regardless of the feelings of others. That can be pretty hurtful.


Scorpios often only think about themselves. He’s so trapped in his own world that he doesn’t even notice when his actions hurt other people. The zodiac sign often realizes too late that it has alienated its fellow human beings. However, it is not obvious. You wait in vain for an apology from Scorpio.

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