Once you’re really in love, you want your partner to be happy. Some show this with small gestures in everyday life or sweet text messages. Others go a step further. Because there are signs of the zodiac who would simply do anything for their relationship. No matter what the partner asks or doesn’t ask, you would go really far for him.

Whether it’s moving to a foreign city or breaking off contact with friends. These 3 zodiac signs would do anything to make their partner happy:

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Leo is a particularly combative zodiac sign. This is especially evident in his relationships. Because then the otherwise so egocentric Leo puts all his needs behind. At least at the beginning of a relationship, it is the most important thing in Leo’s life. He showered his partner with grand gestures and tokens of love. When it comes to planning his leisure time, he also likes to let his loved one go first. They can decide where to go. The lion is also happy when his love efforts are appreciated and he also gets his big entrance.


Libra is a real romantic. Especially when she is in love, she likes to lose herself in Hollywood- style daydreams and fantasies. That is why one romantic experience chases the other in their relationship. Because Libra desperately wants their partner to feel valued and loved. The zodiac sign goes to great lengths to maintain romance in their partnership for a long time. It can be hard to bear when others are disappointed in you.

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Moving to a completely foreign country for love and learning a new language? No problem for the Aries. The otherwise stubborn zodiac sign likes to forego everything once it is really in love. If it is in a relationship, then the partner is the most important person in their life. In doing so, the Aries also likes to neglect his friends, which he should perhaps not do. In addition, the romantic zodiac sign likes to think of creative and romantic gifts for his lady or man.

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