What Every Sign In A Relationship Will Not Forgive You

Will Not Forgive You

What Every Sign In A Relationship Will Not Forgive You

There are wounds that instead of opening our skin, open our eyes. Each person who appears in our life leaves us with great lessons, even absentmindedly. However, there are those who hurt you, they break you so much that a part of you closes off and doesn’t want to know anything about love again. It’s normal, you have to grieve, and say goodbye to how bad you feel next to that person. Just because we move on doesn’t mean we accept what they did to us. No matter what they say, there are things that are not forgiven in a relationship, and that does not mean that you hold a grudge, but you are not going to pity someone who did not touch their heart before harming you. This is what each sign will not forgive you in a relationship:


When an Aries decides to plunge into the arms of love, he does it in a very transparent way, the truth is that he is lazy to deal with people who put on masks for everything and who do not have the courage to ask for what they like and what they want. not in a relationship. He doesn’t beat around the bush, if Aries wants something long-term he will tell you. However, there is something that he does not forgive, staying with a person who does not know what reciprocity is, It is very hard to realize that no matter how hard you try to give the best of yourself to the other, you do not value it. Aries wants honesty, to know that he really knows his partner, he hates when a third party gets involved and makes him realize that she has been living with a stranger. As much as Aries loves you, it will not be enough to stay next to a liar, when he realizes that you have been seeing his face, he disappears from your life and does not care about anything you say. 


It costs you twice as much to open your heart and you know it. At first, you show yourself in a very stealthy way. If it is about talking about personal issues, you prefer to change the conversation, it is not that you are hiding something, it is not easy for you to show your vulnerable side, and it makes you feel insecure that the other person ends up minimizing your emotions. In fact, that is precisely why you would not forgive your partner if he does not show himself for real… That is, there comes a point where you trust and talk about everything, your dreams, your fears, and your failures. However, your partner is not as sincere, and that’s what you can’t stand. You are not going to accept being with someone who appears to be what he is not. You don’t want perfection, you want someone real, with ups and downs, who shows you that mistakes are made by humans, but who strives to improve every day. It’s complicated because people minimize the fact that you end a relationship because of that, they think it’s not as serious as infidelity, but for you, it’s worse. It’s like having lived with someone who only existed in your imagination. 


Have you noticed that there are people who talk up to their elbows? The truth is that Geminis do not find it difficult to express what they feel, much less when they know that they are right. When he’s in a relationship, he likes things to be clear, there’s a reason they’re together, and if the person doesn’t side with him then he better stay single with him. Gemini is very determined when he sets his mind to it and although he likes to change and break the monotony, he does not tolerate the silence of the person he loves… Life is already chaotic enough to still fight your partner, in the sense that you have to practically force words out of them. If Gemini feels that something is wrong, he will tell you upfront and not because he likes to fight, on the contrary, because he does not want secrets to exist between two people who supposedly love each other. It’s painful when you realize that the person you trust the most doesn’t have the courage to tell you things the way he feels. You will not forgive him for that, you will not stay by his side for lack of love, it is because you do not want to share your days with a stranger. 


After some failed relationships on your list, you have realized that not all people deserve your best version. You are someone very valuable because you have the gift of empathy and you are always willing to help others. When you decide for someone to be your partner, you hope they become your team, someone who motivates you to be better, who doesn’t judge you, and who is willing to listen to everything you have to say. However, chemistry, jokes, or the time you can spend together is not enough. Something you would never forgive is a lack of confidence, when a person does not respect the bond and goes through life acting as a bachelor while telling you that he loves you, the vase breaks. Nothing is the same again, you can’t believe someone like that because it would be like lying to yourself. You do not plan to live with doubts, to know if he is or is not being faithful. Someone disloyal does not deserve even a bit of your attention. Sorry, you had your chance and you didn’t take it. 


Sometimes you struggle with your intensity, that impulsive side that makes you end up entangling your heart with people who don’t value you, who just want to have a good time, but don’t dare say it. Leo, you respect the person who comes into your life more and tells you that he doesn’t want a commitment, but he does want to try your love. That is admired more than being with someone who claims to love you and all it does is break your mental and emotional health. Leo does not forgive a partner who makes him feel less at every step, who takes advantage of his weaknesses to use them against him and manipulate him emotionally. That only causes him to become more insecure in the relationship and just want to run away. Leo doesn’t tolerate that kind of pressure, no matter if he has a super crush on you. He is not going to stay in such a vicious and unhealthy cycle. You lost it and with Leo, there is no going back. 


I’ll tell you the same as Virgo, without going around the matter and with the aim of making it as clear as possible, Virgo, you are not here to be anyone’s babysitter, it is not your responsibility to deal with dependent couples, who do not have the capacity to fight for what they want, and that they only approach him to solve their lives. He may find you very attractive, your sense of humor envelops him and he loves spending time with you, but that is not enough to continue in the relationship. What he does not forgive is the laziness of his partner, it is exhausting when you are the one who is always behind him, asking me to do this and that. That dynamic bores Virgo. It is such a decisive sign that what he wants is motivation, someone who is willing to fight alongside him to achieve his goals. Virgo supports you and wants to see you succeed, but he won’t do things for you. If that’s what you think, you better go your way. 


Libra, maybe the most understanding partner you’ll ever meet, the one who respects your individuality and will do what they can to keep the smile on your face. You know that happiness depends on yourself, but it is also good to add a drop of charm to the situation to make everything more enjoyable. Everything can be magical by his side, not perfect because he has his ups and downs, but the joke is that he strives to maintain harmony. Although there is something that does not forgive, it does not matter if they beg with a heartbreaking cry. Libra, I wouldn’t stand deceit, Realizing that the whole time you were sharing your partner with someone else makes you wonder a million things and at the same time you never want to see that person in your life again. It is a complicated process, however, she does not intend to put her dignity at stake, she loves herself much more to stay with an infidel. He wouldn’t hold on, because he wouldn’t trust anything anymore. 


Let’s see, it’s not that Scorpios don’t know how to be in a relationship, it’s just that they want to be with a person who fills them with life, not with someone who looks like one of their parents. Honestly, when he feels that they start to dominate him, the situation becomes quite uncomfortable because he wonders over and over again if he is with the right person or not. Scorpio doesn’t want someone texting him 24 hours a day asking where and who he is with. He gets exhausted when they ask him to change, he is not to tolerate that kind of insecure love. He is a very free person, but that does not mean that he is disloyal. On the contrary, such an emotional sign would be unable to harm another. However, when he notices that his partner’s intention is to stop his flight, he simply knows that the relationship is no longer going to take place. He does not forgive feeling suffocated, it is best that each one follow their path. 


Flatly, Sagittarius is not to tolerate certain attitudes from their partners. It is a sign that nothing goes wrong with loneliness and that means that he does not depend on anyone. Besides, he loves freedom, if he’s with you it’s because he really likes you and loves you, don’t even doubt that, but… there’s something he won’t forgive you for anything in the world. The moment it occurs to you to raise your voice, speak rudely, or even resort to physical aggression, forget about it. He doesn’t feel like or need to wait for you to change, he doesn’t deserve that and he knows it. The first time she leaves, she’s not going to wait for you to lose your mind and end up in a hospital. Call it exaggerated if you want, he doesn’t care, because that has helped him set limits and remove people from his life who only steal energy from him. If you want to win the heart of a Sagittarius, first learn to respect. 


Do not get carried away by appearances, because Capricorn is proof that the lion is not as they paint it. There are many who fill their mouths saying that in the heart of a Capricorn there is only coldness when in reality it is pure goodness that moves him. Just because you don’t go through life smiling at everyone, doesn’t mean you don’t. It is quite a selective sign. He doesn’t pretend, if he likes you, you notice it the first time, and if not, too. However, the moment you decide to have a relationship, your partner takes an important place on the list of your priorities. He really wants to share everything, not in a suffocating way, but to show that he’s there through thick and thin. Of course, he expects no less from his partner. That is the reason why for no reason is he going to forgive being with someone selfish. It is very uncomfortable that your partner ends up competing with you and that envy speaks for her. It’s not worth it, that’s not what Capricorn deserves and he’s not going to beg you to change either. If you want to continue like this, it’s your problem, but you won’t do it next to a Capricorn. 


Perhaps Aquarius is the sign that finds it least difficult to end a relationship, however, that does not mean that they do not have a heart, it is just that they have learned to see the good side of breakups. What I would not forgive is conformism, being with someone who instead of adding subtracts, because he does not want to move from comfort. It’s not that she’s looking to change anyone, but she’s not going to stay with someone who lives lazily next to her and doesn’t see anything wrong with her. It’s worse when Aquarius wants to give his partner a chance, but they don’t side with him, his only defense is to call him crazy and want to continue as if nothing had happened. It doesn’t work like that, Aquarius doesn’t want to be with someone who is an expert in promising and promising, however, his facts say the opposite. How lazy, for that his solitude is a thousand times better. 


It is incredible how patient a Pisces can be, they can really be full of courage inside, but, they remain calm. Perhaps their empathetic side makes them find a common ground with their partner, but… as they say, everything ends when it comes to serving, and boy is Pisces used to being helpful to everyone. However, there is something that he does not forgive, it does not matter if he thought that person was the love of his life. If you happen to be rude to the people he loves, you’re going to get to know the firm side of him. Pisces, you can’t stand your friends or family feeling bad, you’re not going to sit idly by watching the way you humiliate them. Surely, it will not make you look bad in front of others, because it is not like you. However, in private he will end the relationship, you cannot do less than his circle, they are people who will be by his side for the rest of his life. 

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