According To His Sign How To Know If He Is Attracted To You

He Is Attracted To You

According To His Sign How To Know If He Is Attracted To You

Each person tends to act one way when they are attracted to another. That is what makes us special, we are not all the same and that is what makes us interesting. It is possible that someone is attracted to you, so keep reading and you will discover how to know if they are attracted to you according to their sign and how the signs act when they are attracted to you…


When Aries is attracted to you, they won’t stop teasing you like a little kid on the playground. He will not be able to stop making fun of you, especially about your changes in look, do not take it the wrong way, that means that they are so aware of you that they noticed your new haircut.

He will not be able to avoid being stupidly jealous, he will show them joking about the “friend” with whom he keeps posting photos on social networks, he will do it because inside he will be raging with envy of not being him/her. He acts like he couldn’t care less about you when really, he cares about you more than you’ll ever know.


When Taurus sets its sights on you, it won’t be able to stop looking at you. No matter where you are, he will always be looking for you, even if he is on the other side of the room, he cannot help but look at you and smile as if he were trapped in a world full of peace and happiness.

It is possible that more than once you catch him looking at you, he will pretend he was looking away as if he were thinking about nothing, but in reality, he will be thinking “earth swallow me”. Even if you don’t appreciate it, Taurus will always be aware of every step you take, basically so that nothing happens to you…


When Gemini is attracted to you, they will not be able to avoid getting closer to you, they will need constant physical contact. He will always do it in the most cautious way so that you don’t notice, but for him/her in those moments of attraction, there is nothing like a hug from you.

He will always be looking to poke you and make you angry, he will play fight with you, tickle you, and may even compare the size of your hands to have the opportunity to touch you. Gemini is a very passionate person and needs your warmth…


Whenever Cancer is attracted to you, he will act in the most affectionate way he can, but it’s hard to tell if he’s flirting with you or just being nice because no matter how attracted he is to you, he’ll always be careful not to cross the line.

He will hug you for every hello and goodbye that you say to each other, and he will congratulate you on how good you look, if you see all these signs of affection in Cancer, stay by his side for a second, let him breathe, and let him open his heart. He has many things to tell you, but he is truly terrified, they have done him a lot of damage…


When Leo feels that his attraction to you begins to be something more than just adolescent silliness, he will take more care of himself than usual. He will think over and over again about the outfit that he has to wear when you are present. It doesn’t matter where you go, it always has to be perfect, what’s more, surely on more than one occasion you will catch him opening his phone’s camera to check if his hair is perfect, if his lips are well painted, or his eyes, or anything you can fixate on.

Leo has always been very conceited, but when he feels attracted to someone it is something out of the ordinary… As soon as you walk through the door, he runs to the bathroom to make the most of himself. He/she always sees you as perfect and this is how he/she wants you to see him/her…


See that Virgo is not a person who particularly likes social networks, but when he feels attracted to you, he will not stop stalking you through them. If necessary, he will make the strangest social network in history, if you have it and through it, he can see you, be clear that he will do it. He won’t stop reacting to your posts and this may seem a bit psycho, but he’s so into you that it’s impossible for him to control himself.

Virgo is one of those people who, if they cannot say good morning to you in person, will do so through social networks, he/she knows your existence perfectly and wants you to be aware of his/hers. He/she can spend hours on the phone looking at your posts.


Libra usually has no problem socializing with others and expressing everything they feel when they feel comfortable, but when they feel attracted to you, it’s another story. It will be impossible for him to communicate any words to you that have to do with everything he feels for you but doesn’t worry because his body language will tell you.

When you get into action, Libra gets very nervous, they won’t stop touching their faces, playing with their hair, and licking their lips to get your attention, yes, in a very subtle way. He will try to touch your skin when you laugh so he can feel all your energy. He/she will try to hide her attraction however out of embarrassment, but her body will tell the whole truth.


When Scorpio is attracted to you, they will do everything possible to spend time with you. He will not stop proposing plans, he will invite you to dinner or to go to concerts with him/her, he will do it as if it were everyday and casual in their lives, but nothing to do with it… Also, he will have no problem telling you how much he loves you. misses when you’re not together and how happy he is when he’s by your side.

Scorpio does not cut hair, he knows everything he has to do to win you over and he is not going to fool around. If you are the target of a Scorpio, when you least expect it you will be in his arms, it will be impossible for you to imagine a life without him/her.


Sagittarius is a very passionate person and when he feels attracted to you it is impossible for him not to bring his most fiery side to light. He won’t stop making slightly dirty jokes or coming on. All his fire will be present and you will realize very soon that he is taken with you by the way he talks to you.

He is a very frank person and he will be very honest with you about everything he feels for you, he is not shy at all and he will always be the first to take the first step. Sagi is clear about one thing and that is that when you are inside his head, he will do everything necessary to have you in his arms.


Capricorn is a very hard-working, wise, and intelligent person, so when he feels attracted to you he will not be able to stop asking you questions. He loves to know more about the person he has a crush on. He will listen carefully to your answers and will always take them into account, he remembers everything you say…

He is a person who always keeps his promises and will make his intentions with you very clear from the beginning. When Capri is interested in him, he will put all his efforts into making you happy. He is quite a sensible person and always knows what he is doing.


Aquarius usually goes it alone and doesn’t usually puzzle over topics like these, but when he feels really attracted to you, he gets very nervous. When you show up, he/she is restless, he/she can’t sit still and does whatever it takes to keep his/her mind occupied so that you don’t notice anything that’s happening to him/her.

It seems incredible, but when Aquarius is attracted to you it seems that his whole world falls apart. He will try to deny you the look, he feels so ashamed that he can’t help it and he even gets so nervous that he may trip over his words or his own feet…


Pisces is a very sensitive and creative person. When he feels drawn to you, he will act in the most detailed way possible. He will show up at your house as a surprise with your favorite dessert, he will lend you his jacket when he sees you shivering with cold and he would even cross the whole world to see you happy.

Pisces is a person who always admires all the people they love and you were not going to be less. He will laugh at all your jokes because he will believe that there is no better humor than yours, he will make you feel funny, he will make you see everything special that is in you and he will bring out all the potential that you have inside.

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