Flirt on the net – your profile is more than just your business card when it comes to online dating. In addition to the photo, the description of yourself is extremely important in order to arouse the interest of potential flirt partners and perhaps to find love. You can find out how to describe yourself as appealingly as possible here.

A personal and authentic profile description is crucial in online dating. Even if the profile picture is decisive for the first impression: If you do not reveal anything or only general points about yourself, the other person does not know who he is getting involved with – and may not write to you after all. But what should you write?

Don’t think too much

You should have fun filling out your profile description, so it’s best to just start writing. Afterwards you can reread what you have written and make corrections if necessary. But don’t fix it too much, otherwise it will look too impersonal afterwards. The profile description doesn’t have to be perfect, but be sure to use correct grammar and spelling to make a good impression.

Reveal something about yourself and be as specific and descriptive as possible. General statements like “I like reading” or “I like going to the cinema” will not let anyone notice you. It looks different when you write which book you are currently reading or which film you saw last and what you liked about it. In this way you offer profile visitors a point of contact for making contact.

Online Profile: How Much Honesty Is Appropriate?

It is important that what you write is true. But that doesn’t mean that you have to reveal everything about yourself when dating online. Think about what is particularly important to you and which “target group” you want to address. For example, talking about your children or pets can be a deterrent for many men. You may then receive fewer messages than if you didn’t mention them on your profile. However, there is a greater chance that there will be a man among these messages that suits you.

Be a little self-deprecating when describing your profile and show your humor by admitting small weaknesses and embarrassing quirks. It shouldn’t get too intimate, of course, but harmless or bizarre personal idiosyncrasies will make you look sympathetic during online dating.


Online dating: design your profile description well

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