Don’t Let Loneliness Lead You Back To Someone Who Broke Your Heart

Back To Someone Who Broke Your Heart

Don’t Let Loneliness Lead You Back To Someone Who Broke Your Heart

May this year be a new beginning for you, in which your mental health is your priority. Please, do not forget to pamper yourself, listen to yourself, and pamper yourself. It has to be clear to you that you should not put yourself at the feet of anyone or return to where they made you terribly unhappy. Please don’t let loneliness lead you back to someone who broke your heart. You are not here for your days to return to hell. 


For a moment you disguised yourself as someone temperamental, and competitive, the sign that you did not feel anything, in the eyes of others, but inside you were in pieces. That person broke you at will, you discovered that he never had a bit of compassion for you and now you feel that you miss him. Tell me, what do you miss? His toxic side? That’s not Aries


You can be very indecisive at times, especially when it comes to things that have to do with love. And it is that it is not always your head that takes the reins, your heart also does its thing and that is when you can be wrong. That person filled you with anguish, negativity, and fears. You know you’re not happy, why go back? 


You are aware that there are times when everything gets out of hand, you try to stay calm, but you are not always victorious and that can make you feel very stressed because you think that person can change, but no. You already opened your eyes Gemini, that relationship taught you what it means not to love and his lies are not going to wrap you up again, right? 


Resist and resist, who told you that it was about that? You have gotten used to letting your guard down just to please the loves of your past, without realizing that their attitudes were sinking you more and more. It’s over, you were wrong to give him the best of you, but you will not fall into temptation again. That would be putting your mental, physical and emotional stability at risk. 


You love that people keep you in mind, not out of ego because you like them to appreciate how hard you work to meet your goals. It has cost you a lot to put your self-love first to allow them to see your face again. If that person was not with you when you felt the world was falling on you, why does he want a chance now? 


You have done everything on your part to get away with it, you are a sign that is used to progressing in every way and that is why you do not let yourself be humiliated by anyone, but when it comes to love you can become somewhat condescending and that is not It is very good, because they can be used. Don’t go back to whoever manipulates you. 


The greatest irony of your personality is that you are associated with the scale when in reality there are times when you don’t even understand yourself. You are a very loving sign, but you prefer to be too cautious before giving your heart away. However, once they break it, nothing is the same again, you know that even if I beg you, the wound stays, why bother yourself like that? 


Life is like that, it rarely warns and there are times when its jolts hurt you to the bottom of your soul, but you can’t do much. Suddenly, it is you fighting against the pile of thoughts that tell you that you are not enough. Don’t believe them, Scorpio, you still have many beautiful things to live for. Your fears can send you back into the wrong arms. 


There is a pure fire in you, there is no doubt about that, you like to go deep when you give your heart and if you show your vulnerable side it is a sign that the other person is not a game for you. It’s not fair that after you gave everything they treated you like you were worthless. You are not here to beg anyone Sagi, there were so many tears that caused you that it is no longer worth trying again. 


You’re usually very reserved when it comes to talking about what’s going on in your heart because you don’t want to be seen as weak. In fact, you hate knowing that your emotions depend on someone else. He held you in the palm of his hand and took the opportunity to make fun of all the good things you gave him, he didn’t want you and now he wants to come back. Let him do it but in his dreams. 


You are inspiring, and playful, you have so many things to do and you know that little by little you will reach the goal you have always dreamed of. Independence defines you, you don’t need anyone to achieve what you set out to do and it would be a mistake for you to think that going back with that person is the best thing due to loneliness. Ask yourself if you want to go back to live that ordeal again, you don’t deserve it. 


You are a sign that is easily identified, it is your creativity that defines you, but also the beautiful way in which you treat people. They usually have a lot of trust in you, but they use that against you. That love made you believe that you were his confidant and that he needed your company, but at the first opportunity, he left, regardless of how bad you felt. Do you want to go back with someone like that? 

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