Aries fears being discovered and scolded for it. As strong and badass as these people can be, they are also quite nervous and they like to get away with bad behavior.
When he is questioned, he causes immense conflict in them because they do not like to be caught.
And they will spend a very long and hard time fearing that their bad decision will be exposed and confronted.


This sign wants to love so much, but they know what intense love gives them: intense vulnerability.
They fear that they will be vulnerable and weakened by love. While they know that jumping in can bring the greatest experience of their life, they are also so careful that they do not fall in love, as it will leave them vulnerable.
Taurus takes the lessons of the past to heart, and they grow up with a fear of intimacy in the future.


Decisions are what Gemini fears.
Yes, it is typical, but yes, also, it is real.
If a Gemini is in a relationship and has to make a heavy decision – something as big as maybe getting married, or even getting a divorce – they will postpone that decision for as long as possible in the hopes that it might just go away. .
Gemini love progress, but they would rather follow someone else’s plan than affect that progress themselves.


Their greatest fear is the lack of security, in love and in life.
The problem here is that they linger there to such an extent that they end up attracting situations of insecurity.
With all this mental power used for fear, they subconsciously create stressful circumstances for themselves.
Cancer is happy when loved and cared for, and worries about the end all the way.


Leo’s greatest fear is whether or not to be forgotten. And most of them fear that they are not special.
Being a Leo and feeling average is like a curse on that person, and their fears, while childish, tend to overcompensate them whenever they get the chance.
When you see a Leo doing too much, it’s because they had a neurotic moment that made them believe you might have forgotten about them.
They want to be your hero, and whether you believe it or not, they want more.


The Virgin is afraid of being disappointed. Mainly by themselves, but by you too. It’s not so much that Virgo sticks to the stereotype of being judges striving for perfection, it’s that they have suffered losses in the past and it has hurt them.
Sadly, issues from the past never really leave Virgo, and they use that pain to project storylines into their day-to-day lives – scenes that eventually become real.
Their distrust of things becomes a problem of everyday life. They fear losing what they love and therefore end up ruining it themselves first.


Libra has an intense fear of losing control. Being of a caring and compassionate nature, they end up giving up much of their own freedom for the sake of others.
They exhaust themselves with their kindness, and in doing so, they find themselves giving almost too much.
This plunges them into a deep introspection where they continually wonder if their life is theirs.


Your typical Scorpio fears stagnation. These are people who are great go-getters; they are fighting for their rights and they will do what is necessary to create the most pleasant life possible.
However, when a Scorpio cannot affect the change, they are in pain. Boredom is common with Scorpios, and although they have a great imagination to escape, when the momentum cannot occur, Scorpios will begin to feel very uncomfortable and fearful.


Fear of blending in is at the top of the list with Sagittarius.
They are stoic people who will never accept that they are anything less than unique, perhaps strange and individual in thought and in action.
Sagittarius will steer clear of any situation that makes them feel like another shmoe; their need to be recognized as special is indeed demanding.
The biggest fear of Sagittarius is that someone, maybe a lover, thinks they are ordinary. And they will fight it too.


Of course, these people are advocates for the weak and the oppressed, and what they fear most is being silenced.
Capricorn wants a say, so don’t even think about shutting them down.
They won’t be standing around, and if such a situation occurs where they aren’t listened to, they’ll just get louder and more in the spotlight.
Capricorn fears that they will not be heard.


This group fears that they have no choice.
If you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius, understand this: they can hem when they make up their minds, but they do to assert their own sense of individuality.
They don’t want you to make choices for them. They want to have their say and they fear that this choice will be taken away.


People born under the sign of Pisces have a deep-rooted fear – the fear of rejection.
While we all have this to some degree, Pisces seems to make it an art form. Their fear manifests itself in tears and sometimes in martyrdom.
They don’t try to be obnoxious, it’s just that this is how they express their fear: they cry and moan.
Often times, Pisces will pull themselves out of the equation by rejecting themselves before you’ve even had a chance to do so on your own.


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