These Are The Lucky Numbers And Days Of The Zodiac For 2024

Lucky Numbers And Days

These Are The Lucky Numbers And Days Of The Zodiac For 2024

With the beginning of the year in sight, many also feel the desire for change. If you want to tackle something, you often rely on very specific lucky numbers or lucky days that are specially tailored to your zodiac sign. Whether playing the lottery or making important decisions.

Experts from the US homepage Top10Casinos took a closer look at the year 2024.


  • Lucky numbers: 9, 45, 54
  • Lucky day: Tuesday

Aries is ruled by the fiery planet Mars, which does not let the passion of the zodiac be neglected. Also, this one is the planetary ruler of Tuesday. Therefore, this day of the week would also be ideal for actions and activities. Aries who ask someone to do something, ask out a date, or make a money offer on a Tuesday might have good luck here. The planet is also associated with the warrior number nine – a lucky number for Aries.


  • Lucky numbers: 5, 6, 33
  • Lucky day: Friday

For those born under the sign of Taurus, Venus is their planetary model. The planet of love and home. Venus day is Friday – a perfect day for romance! It is also the right day for single people to start their search for love. On Fridays, taken people should consider moving in with their better half or proposing to her. Accordingly, the number six, of harmony and marriage, is associated with the love planet Venus and is a lucky number for Taurus.


  • Lucky numbers: 23, 41, 55
  • Lucky day: Wednesday

The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is responsible for all communication. Wednesday is considered a strong day for this zodiac sign! This is often an opportunity to send a bold message or sign a new agreement. In addition, Gemini is associated with the number five, which expresses conversation and friendliness.


  • Lucky numbers: 2, 11, 20
  • Lucky day: Monday

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the dreamy Moon, which influences emotions and connections with others. Monday is seen as the day of the moon. The best day to deal with emotions. Be it in the form of a conversation or while writing down his feelings. The lucky number for Cancer is two because it is also associated with the moon.


  • Lucky numbers: 1, 10, 28
  • Lucky day: Sunday

For those born under the sign of Leo, the Sun is considered the planetary ruler. Therefore, Sunday is also the day of the sun – governing the soul, power, and authority of the zodiac sign. Whoever sends a significant promotion to a position of authority that day exudes so much personality that the chances of getting it are very good. Associated with this is number one, new beginnings. Coincidence? January 1st, 2024 falls exactly on a Sunday… a perfect day for a fresh start!


  • Lucky numbers: 9, 32, 50
  • Lucky day: Wednesday

Virgos, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. As a planet that determines expression between people, Wednesday is also a lucky day for Virgo. Whoever concludes a contract or negotiates something here is on the right track. The number five, which also stands for personal relationships, corresponds to the properties of the planet Mercury.


  • Lucky numbers: 15, 42, 56
  • Lucky day: Friday

The sign of Libra represents people who are elegant and loving, just like their ruling planet Venus, a planet considered romantic. Friday is the lucky day of Libras, which is also perfect for declarations of love. Libras should remember the number six-well. Because it symbolizes a luxurious and comfortable life and is associated with the planet Venus.


  • Lucky numbers: 13, 27, 49
  • Lucky day: Tuesday

In astrology, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars and represents death and rebirth – figuratively. As Mars is associated with Tuesday, it is also a good day to end things and make new beginnings. The bold number nine is also associated with Mars, making it a lucky number for Scorpios.


  • Lucky numbers: 3, 14, 59
  • Lucky day: Thursday

This lively sign, represented by Archer, is associated with the planet Jupiter. Associated with prosperity, Thursday is the lucky day for Sagittarians who are particularly active and enterprising. Perfect for booking that plane ticket or a much-needed trip. The number of abundance and success, the number three, associated with prosperity, is considered a lucky number for Sagittarians. Certainly not a bad idea to tick this number when playing the lottery.


  • Lucky numbers: 8, 44, 53
  • Lucky day: Saturday

Capricorn is in the sign of Saturn, the planet of karma. This is responsible for rules and responsibilities, bringing everything into a structured path. The lucky day for the sign of the zodiac is Saturday. A good day to set boundaries. Like ending contact with your ex once and for all, or saying no to an unreasonable request. The lucky number for Capricorns is eight – the number of infinity. In other words, with this number as a force engine, pretty much anything is really possible.


  • Lucky numbers: 4, 17, 31
  • Lucky day: Saturday

Aquarius can enjoy two ruling planets. On the one hand, it is in the sign of Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline. Second, Aquarius is influenced by Uranus, the planet of change and revolution. The associated lucky day would be Saturday. An ideal period to visualize new possibilities. The lucky number four also provides motivation here. The number of Uranus represents fearless truths.


  • Lucky numbers: 7, 18, 25
  • Lucky day: Thursday

Pisces is also blessed with the influences of two dominant planets. They just swim in happiness with it. Neptune, the planet of illusion, influences the zodiac on one side, while Jupiter takes on the traditional side. Pisces should keep a close eye on Thursday in particular, because this is when the sign of the zodiac is very lucky in all respects. Speaking of which, the explorer’s number associated with Neptune, seven, is considered this sign’s lucky number.

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