These zodiac signs have no sense of romance

Some people just have no sense of romance at all. But that doesn’t mean they love their partner less. They’re just plain awkward when it comes to romantic gestures. This characteristic also often depends on the zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs are incredibly unromantic:


The Scorpio is particularly mysterious and attractive to most people. He loves this quality in himself and therefore does not want to be naked and talk about his feelings and emotions. Even in a committed relationship, he tries to maintain his mysterious charisma and is therefore not into situations in which he has to talk about his feelings. That is why romance is a foreign word for him and he tries to prove his love for his partner through everyday things.


Aquarius always associates material things with romance. And this zodiac sign does not believe in romantic gifts at all. That’s why he doesn’t even try to give his counterpart something kitschy. Because Aquarius prefers to show his partner that he is always by his side and would never leave him. These little gestures are his way of showing romance.


Sagittarius is always incredibly busy. He has a large circle of friends that he does not want to neglect and is also fully absorbed in his professional life. His partner usually falls short. This sign of the zodiac only shows romance when it is absolutely necessary and even then it usually just falls back on kitschy clichés. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his counterpart or doesn’t want to spend time with him.


Cancer also has a problem showing romance. Because even if he were to lay the world at his partner’s feet, he simply has no creativity. Roses and chocolates are the only things in his romantic repertoire. That’s why Cancer loves to just be at home and enjoy the evening on the couch. If his partner wants to experience more, he just has to tell this sign of the zodiac.

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