According To Your Sign The Biggest Mistake You’ve Made In 2022

Biggest Mistake You've Made In 2022

According To Your Sign The Biggest Mistake You’ve Made In 2022

Who likes to talk about mistakes or negative things? Almost no one, it is true, but if we are going to finish 2022 we have to do it. It is the perfect moment to put the cards on the table to find out what we have done well and what we need to improve. If you want to know what is the biggest mistake you have made in 2022 according to your zodiac sign, keep reading carefully because the information that comes here is priceless: 


You have not been fair to yourself. You have not been kind to yourself at times and no, you have not been kind to your heart. 2022 has been a year of many challenges and most of them have been wonderful, but you have not rested what you should and you have not taken responsibility for your well-being as you promised yourself at the beginning of the year. It is true that you have adopted new routines that are very good for you, that is true, but have you been more gentle with yourself? You know not, because you have been very harsh on many occasions… 


You have learned to love in a very different way, but you have neglected your self-love on many occasions and you know it very well. Look Taurus, to love yourself well and to be able to love others better, you have to learn to manage your most intense emotions. Without sincere self-love, there is no chance to love for a lifetime, period. It is something that you must understand no matter how much it hurts or costs you. You have to love and respect yourself more than ever. You can’t demand so much of yourself at all times because, in the end, you lose hope and it shows. 


You have expected a lot from some people who should be out of your life right now and you know it. You have wasted a lot of time waiting for things or gifts that are not going to arrive. You have once again given a lot of importance and value to certain people who, in reality, are nothing because they have not been fair to you. Gemini, your biggest mistake has been your great curse, because you keep expecting something from certain people who have not been fair to you. You should stop thinking about those people. You should focus on yourself and the people who have been fair and good to you in some way. Do it once and for all. 


You have made decisions with your hand on your heart, thinking about what you want and without much logic around you. You have acted impulsively on many occasions because you are Cancer and you must follow your instinct. But you know what? On many occasions, you have made the same mistake, one that deep down has hurt you a lot: not acting logically. You have not listened to your brain as much as you should and that has been your big mistake. You are a very emotional and very sensitive person and the truth is that it is very difficult for you, but your brain has great ideas, Cancer…,


The truth? It does not seem to you that you have had a very big mistake in 2022. You may have had small failures, of course, everyone has them, but something like a huge mistake you have not had, or at least you think so. But you know what, Leo? Yes, you have made a serious mistake. At times you have come to demand things that were truly crazy. You have come to be on the brink of an abyss of maximum exhaustion for not saying no to certain projects and you know it. You have gambled with your well-being and that is not something you should not be proud of. You know. 


Do you know what your biggest mistake has been? Trying to control everything with no idea what you really want. Yes, yes, just like Virgo. You don’t know very well what you need to feel that extreme happiness that everyone says they feel. You have dedicated your body and soul to analyzing, controlling, and organizing, but you have forgotten to live life by letting yourself go, flowing, and living each moment as if it were the last. You have forgotten to put aside a little mania to control everything. What a pity Virgo, you should try to be more independent in 2023… 


You have not decided for yourself or acted selfishly (and healthily) to satisfy your desires and you know it. You have not made decisions based on your tastes and your needs 100% and you are not proud of it. Libra, your biggest mistake has been not living your life the way you want. You always think about how your decisions can affect the people you love the most, but what about you when? You promised yourself that this year you were going to look after yourself more, but here you are, looking out for your people and leaving your own happiness for later.


You have not been fair to yourself. At the beginning of the year, you promised that you were going to take better care of yourself and that you were going to be more responsible with the issue of demand and self-control. You know perfectly well that you have not fulfilled those resolutions because 2022 has been a very intense year. In it, you have come to be between a rock and a hard place and you have touched very dangerous limits and you know it, Scorpio. It seems that you are going the dangerous way or that you cannot live a quiet life because you fall asleep out of boredom. Then comes the drama… 


It is very rare that you, being a sign of fire, have been able to make the mistake of not looking out for yourself. But it’s the truth, that was your big mistake and you know it. You have settled, you have silenced yourself on many occasions and you have even accepted things that you do not like. And why have you done it? Maybe for love, for friendship or you don’t really know why, but it’s something you shouldn’t do again. You have to allow yourself to be selfish in a healthy way. You have to look after yourself and prioritize Sagittarius, you are a very good friend but enough of giving and giving… 


You have kept many secrets and most of them are painful and you know it. You have kept quiet about many things out of fear, shame, or simply out of mistrust. Your big mistake has been your biggest downfall, because you have suffered a lot in silence, Capricorn. You have been through some very shady things without telling anyone when you could have trusted someone to free you or ask for help in some way. You demand so much of yourself that you hurt yourself without knowing it, seriously, you can’t be like this for your whole life. Do not be afraid to talk about feelings because it is a very healing action, seriously, do it… 


Your biggest mistake of 2022 has been overthinking certain dramas and things from the past that have not yet been erased from your heart. Look Aquarius, to move forward calmly and freely, you have to eliminate and forget. Even if it costs you your life, you have to do it, because your mind retains all kinds of information and if there is an excess of information in it, everything collapses and in the end, you don’t even know what to think. Your biggest mistake has been, letting your brilliant mind have excess negative storage and you know it. 


You have not defended yourself properly on many occasions and you know it. You have learned the theory very well, but then you have a hard time thinking everything you know into practice because you don’t like being selfish in a bad way, period. You think a lot about everyone’s well-being and you can’t go on like this. Nothing happens if you defend yourself against attacks or injustices in a harsh way, the world has to know that you are not played with and that a dark Pisces is more dangerous than a powerful weapon. 

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