Ranking Of The Signs With The Most Possibilities Of Being Friends Of Your EX

It’s not easy being friends with your ex. Many times, relationships have a very tragic end and it is difficult to forgive that person or for that person to forgive us. It is difficult to see how you rebuild your life… Seeing how you get out with other people can be very hard. There are so many zodiac signs that the mere idea of ​​continuing to be in contact with your ex makes their blood boil. They prefer to completely forget about that person. Instead, there are other signs that don’t mind maintaining a friendship with their ex. In addition to your zodiac sign, the way the relationship ended also influences. There are many exceptions … Read on to find out what the ranking of the signs is most likely to be friends with your ex :

  1. Gemini

A Gemini does not mind being friends with your ex. As long as the relationship ended more or less well. Gemini wants to get along with everyone and does not mind maintaining a friendly relationship with a person who was important in their life. In fact, he will do his best to continue to have minimal contact with that person. Your outgoing nature makes it easy to keep communicating with a person who has been a part of your life. Many times, the problem with Geminis is that their ex does not want to be friendly. And it may make you feel a bit frustrated. Geminis want good vibes with everyone, but not everyone wants good vibes with him/her.

  1. Libra

Libra will need their time after the breakup to forget about all the damage. But after that, Libra would rather be friends with their ex than lose that person forever. You are very sorry to lose a person who has been so important in your life. Libra can hold a grudge if that person has done him a LOT of harm. He is more spiteful than he seems, but he prefers to talk things out and solve problems rather than hate someone. For Libra when a romantic relationship comes into her life, she prefers to force herself to stay only with the good that her ex brought to her life. This is why you probably want to continue to have any kind of relationship with your ex.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a very flexible sign and has no problem changing as their relationships change. You will never say no to having one more friend on your contact list. You don’t care if your ex now happens to be your friend. If your ex was someone who understood your sense of humor, someone who supported your crazy ideas, Sagittarius will have no problem maintaining that friendship. It can be a little spiteful if there has been drama and tension involved… But if the relationship ended more or less well, you will not have a hard time forgetting the breakup and focusing on starting a friendship with your ex.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius has no time for drama. You don’t even have time to hold a grudge or hate anyone. Therefore, when a relationship ends, you prefer that your ex be your friend to be your enemy. For Aquarius, it is very important that his partner is also his friend, so when the relationship breaks down, what really bothers him is losing a friend. He is a very selective person when it comes to the people he keeps in his life. If you have found a person who does not judge you and who understands your way of thinking, it will be very difficult for you to completely break up with that person. Therefore, you have no problem being friends with your ex.

  1. Cancer

Cancer takes relationships too seriously to completely forget about everything that has happened with that person overnight. If Cancer has decided to date someone, it is because that person has been very special to him/her. The two share a very deep bond that cannot disappear from one day to the next. Also, for Cancer, her family is someone super important. In every relationship, you make your partner part of your family as well. And even if the relationship is over, Cancer does not like that this person ceases to be part of his life and his family. Also, he is someone who finds it difficult to break ties. Therefore, he would rather remain friends with his ex than lose all memories completely.

  1. Pisces

Pisces is a person who would not mind being friends with their ex-partner. He is someone who feels with great intensity and forgetting those feelings overnight is not easy. Pisces live very intensely in their relationships and when they break up, they cannot get used to the idea of ​​moving on without that person. It may be more difficult for you to maintain a cordial friendship, more than anything because the feelings will still be there and it can get you messy. But Pisces likes to keep in touch with these people. Many times just to see how life is going.

  1. Taurus

Taurus goes tough through life, but then he’s better than a piece of bread. Taurus is strong, many times he can even be a very cold person, but his heart is huge. It will cost you a lot to forgive your ex-partners, even some you will never be able to forgive them. When things are already cold, if Taurus realizes that the relationship did not end as badly as he thought, he has no problem being friends with his ex again. Of course, if there have been horns involved or some other type of infidelity, you do not want to see that person again or in painting. Let’s see, if he has already betrayed him as a couple, who says he will not betray him again as a friend. Taurus is not stupid …

  1. Scorpio

Scorpios are not the typical person to be friends with their exes. It may be the case, but it is not something frequent. He is a very jealous person and that does not help at all when it comes to being friends with his ex-boyfriend. You can’t see how that person starts to meet new people that you might date in the future. Just like that, Scorpio completely discards the idea of ​​maintaining a nice friendship with his ex. What’s going on? That Scorpio matures and in the future, it IS possible that he will maintain friendships with his ex-partners. More than anything for personal satisfaction and for maintaining some contact with people who have contributed a lot in his life.

  1. Leo

Leo can be friends with his ex if he proposes, but in reality, it will not be as easy as it seems. Leo finds it VERY difficult to forget that person. Being friends with someone implies seeing how they rebuild their life, seeing with their own eyes how they start relationships with other people. Although it is already part of his past, that can hurt Leo a lot. In addition, Leo is more stubborn than he seems, he is proud to the fullest. And to be friends with your ex, you would have to swallow much of their pride. That is beyond your strength. Let’s see, Leo has a big heart and if things turn out well, he wouldn’t mind being friends with his ex, but it doesn’t happen most of the time.

  1. Aries

Aries has no interest whatsoever in being friends with their ex-boyfriend. There are many more people in the world that you can be friends with before a person who no longer brings you anything. Aries is the way it is and obviously, you will want to continue to know about that person’s life. Just for simple personal satisfaction. Let surely Aries continue to have his ex in his social networks. Just to make sure he/she is doing much better than your ex. He is so competitive that he wants to see who is “winning” in life. Aries might be friends with your ex, but honestly, they are not interested. You prefer to befriend other people.

  1. Virgo

Virgo neither forgives nor forgets. As it is. You will be friends with your ex in rare cases, but this is not common. He is a very diplomatic and intelligent person and if he maintains a relationship with his ex-partner, it is to obtain some benefit. Come on, Virgo is not stupid. You are not wasting your time with a person with whom things no longer work. He prefers to go on with his life and with his old friends. It will be very polite, yes. He’s not going to fool around or anything like that. Virgo will tell his ex very clearly and will continue with his life. Virgo doesn’t trust almost anything to trust his ex again …

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn knows absolutely everything. He is a person who neither forgives nor forgets. How can you be friends with your ex? I said, there are cases and cases, but as a general rule, Capricorn does not want to be friends with his ex again. When someone has broken your heart, you will never forgive them. And to be friends with someone, you must first forgive them. Even if the fault was not his ex-partner, Capricorn will look for the reasons that are necessary not to let him enter his life. It can go so far that Capri may still remember betrayals from the past that seemed almost over. A Capricorn will never be friends with his ex-partner.


Ranking Of The Signs With The Most Possibilities Of Being Friends Of Your EX

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