These 3 zodiac signs are (unfortunately) ungrateful

“Thank you” is not only an important word in relationships, but also plays an important role in everyday life. These three zodiac signs rarely bring it to the lips

Far too seldom does some say “thank you”

For some people, a “thank you” is more important than others. It’s not necessarily because they’re really grateful. But they like to show and express their gratitude openly. Unlike the following three zodiac signs, for which a “Thank you” seldom comes across their lips.


The Scorpio likes to put himself a little above his fellow men. He often feels superior in situations – and also enjoys this position. However, when he gets into a position where he should thank others, he holds back. He sees gratitude as a sign of weakness. A Scorpio prefers to return the favor in his own way rather than showering others with words of thanks.


Those born under the zodiac sign Gemini are very happy to receive gifts and like to express their gratitude. If someone gives them effort or time, twins are very thoughtless and like to forget to say “thank you”. Feel free to point this out to Gemini, they will gladly accept constructive criticism.


Virgo-born people find it difficult to say “thank you”. Gratitude is just not one of their strengths. Virgos, however, only rarely mean that to be angry.


These 3 zodiac signs are (unfortunately) ungrateful

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