Even if these pairs of zodiac signs go together, they will fail

Some relationships may work really well. Everything seems perfect for a certain period of time, but then love fails

These relationships don’t last long

Especially when the relationship went really well, it is all the more painful when it ends. But some pairs of zodiac signs only go well together for a certain period of time. At first, they seem destined for each other, but in the long run the relationship unfortunately fails:

1. Taurus and Aquarius

At first glance, a relationship between these two zodiac signs seems perfect. Yet both Aquarius and Taurus are characterized by stubbornness. They find it difficult to compromise and they will seldom come up with a green branch. These qualities stand in the way of a really long relationship.

2. Aries and Cancer

Aries and Cancer have a passionate relationship. The first phase of being in love brings the relationship into high gear. But when months or years go by, the magic fades. In the long run, Cancer is too sensitive to the often temperamental Aries. Both clash again and again and have to realize that a partnership does not work.

3. Gemini and Cancer

A strange constellation: Nevertheless, it can often and happily happen that Gemini and Cancer find each other. For the beginning of the relationship, love seems perfect, but then the character traits of the zodiac signs shake the partnership. Cancers are emotional and extremely sensitive, whereas Gemini are known for their sometimes short and rough nature. They are not doing each other any good.

4. Cancer and Aquarius

Aquarius will quickly fail in a relationship with a sensitive zodiac sign. He is too aloof for Cancer and after the brief phase of being in love all signs indicate that this relationship has no chance in the long run.

5. Leo and Taurus

Leo and Taurus are both strong personalities. You start out in a spirited and passionate relationship at the beginning, but that only works for a certain amount of time. After a few months or years, the different interests and needs will cause the relationship to fail.

6. Virgo and Leo

While Virgo is an earth sign and Leo is a fire sign, that relationship can go well in the beginning. Virgo is attracted to Leo, but will not be happy with him in the long run. The different character traits just don’t harmonize. The self-confident and dominant nature of the Leo and the caring and calm nature of the Virgo often get in each other’s way.


Even if these pairs of zodiac signs go together, they will fail

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