The 50 Things You Should Know About Cancer

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The 50 Things You Should Know About Cancer

In addition to emotions with unparalleled power, Cancer is so influenced by the Moon that a large part of his character moves from up there. To round off these gifts, her memory and intuition make her a magical sign that fills everything she touches with a special light. But of course, this is just a preview of what Cancer is. Cancer is much more. Cancer arrives, touches, and does it deep inside. These are the 50 things you should know about Cancer:

  1. Cancer feels things in such a way that when they are rejected, it hurts a lot. And he may forgive him if he comes from someone dear, but he won’t forget him easily.
  2. Cancer’s intuition often helps them to know that something is going to go wrong. But he is brave and delivered because even knowing it, he throws himself at everything.
  3. When it comes to emotional needs, Cancer is an expert. But both with those he has and understanding those of others.
  4. Cancer needs others very much. But also that others need him. This is the fourth thing of the 50 things you should know about Cancer.
  5. To love Cancer, you have to understand that their way of feeling is unique. It is deep and it is for life. And whoever doesn’t like it, he loses it.
  6. Cancer is like the past. Remember what was in it. And the emotional bond that unites him with people, places, and memories of that time is very great.
  7. The Cancer woman is feminine like no other. She is also sensitive and vulnerable. And all of that is a source of pride for her.
  8. Cancer’s shell serves to protect them from what can hurt them but also to hide from what they don’t want to see.
  9. When a mood swing comes from Cancer, you have to hug him and do what he asks. Stay by his side or leave him alone.
  10. A Cancerian who doesn’t add a little melodrama to his life is not a true Cancerian. They are good at it and it is in their blood.
  11. Cancer’s friends are for life. His ability to maintain friendship through time and friction is to be admired.
  12. Sometimes past experiences make Cancer insecure. But if you show patience and understanding, they quickly forget about the bad.
  13. When Cancer is cold it is because it is hidden in its shell. He saw the danger and sought safety.
  14. In the routines of each day Cancer feels safe. Sometimes he gets out of them and even has fun. But he is happy always doing the same thing, he doesn’t need to change if things are going well for him.
  15. On days when it is melancholy, Cancer needs more than ever to have whoever he wants close by. Well, Cancer ALWAYS needs to have who they want around.
  16. Cancer is better at receiving new love when he is alone than saying goodbye to a love that no longer serves him. Even though he has hurt her and disappointed her.
  17. If there is someone who can give proof that Cancer does harm for free, speak up now or shut up forever.
  18. The protesting Cancer comes out when Cancer is very very angry. But coincidentally, it’s not always when Cancer gets angry that he shows it.
  19. Cancer is better at helping others with their emotions than at helping himself control his own.
  20. Cancer’s memory is amazing. He remembers everything: names, faces, details, places… And anecdotes from the past.
  21. Keywords Cancer with S: touchy, sensitive, sentimental, sensual.
  22. Cancer empathizes so much with others that sometimes it absorbs their bad feelings. And a grumpy Cancer appears who had woken up super happy.
  23. His family and some traditions are so important to Cancer that whoever does not understand that will not be part of his life.
  24. Cancer is such a good host that when he invites people to his house, almost NO ONE makes an excuse not to go.
  25. Cancer knows how to care for and protect his own. Sometimes so much that he is overwhelmed. But when he stops doing it, everyone quickly comes demanding their dose of affection from the little crab.
  26. On the face of Cancer, there is roundness, like those of the Moon. And when they smile, they have the same magical light.
  27. Cancer’s fears have to do with the fear of rejection, abandonment, not being loved, not being understood…
  28. Cancer’s mood swings cannot be predicted. When they arrived they arrived. And you have to respect them.
  29. The most childish part of Cancer is noticeable in the way in which he gets excited about small details of life and day to day.
  30. Cancer can be someone deep one day and someone more superficial another day. But it is that not all topics interest him equally.
  31. Cancer’s imagination serves him for something that few imagine, worth the redundancy: when he doesn’t like something, he evades.
  32. Cancer is one of those who hide their anger. The worst thing is when he hides situations that don’t work because he doesn’t want to see the reality.
  33. How to make Cancer happy: giving him love, lots of love. Lots of love, lots of care, lots of pampering… Sometimes it seems like it’s never enough.
  34. Cancer acts more by what he feels than by what his eyes see, or what he is told, or by what he knows from experience…
  35. When Cancer is well, he is someone very kind and sociable. When he is not well he usually seems worried and avoids people.
  36. With others, Cancer is one of those who listen more than they speak and who does not always want to be right. A luxury!
  37. Cancer’s moodiness is more frequent than his anger. His anger when they appear, they leave more than one glued to the chair.
  38. In the heart of Cancer, there is more goodness than anyone imagines. As much as blindness sometimes so as not to see the people who are going to hurt him.
  39. Cancer is tenacious, and when he wants something, he goes for it. Although it seems not. And when he grabs it, with those pincers he has, phew, they don’t let go even if they’re cut!
  40. Cancer in love is faithful, dedicated, thoughtful, jealous, and protective.
  41. When Cancer wants to be tough, it’s very cute. He or he can’t, nor does it come out, or deep down he wants to. He did it just to try.
  42. All of Cancer’s sympathy for someone turns into the opposite when they feel attacked or contradicted.
  43. When it comes to discussing Cancer, it’s tough… It must come from its shell. He puts up with everything and goes on and on. Until he gets away with it.
  44. When Cancer turns a dream into an illusion, it is happy. If they disappoint him, he takes refuge in his dreams and starts over.
  45. Although he is shy, Cancer is usually well-liked. Someone dreamy, sweet, and who welcomes you for the first time is always a great pleasure.
  46. Let no one be confused with Cancer: sensitivity is not fragility. When they want to be strong, no one beats them.
  47. The good thing about Cancer is that even if they know what you are thinking, they will never use it against you.
  48. Those who really love Cancer should control spouting all their mess at them. Cancer is a sponge and also empathizes to death. It’s not fair to them.
  49. Cancer is good at giving sentimental advice. Listening to those of others, although not so much for himself. He gets blinded a lot with his stuff.
  50. At home and surrounded by his loved ones, Cancer is happy. He doesn’t ask for more, just don’t let him down, please don’t let him down…

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