According To Your Sign How You End Your Relationships

How You End Your Relationships?

According To Your Sign How You End Your Relationships

Overcoming a breakup is not easy and it is a process that requires a few months. Healing the wounds of heartbreak is one of the most complicated tasks that we all face at some point. However, it has been proven that there are certain ways to overcome this phase much more quickly: forgiveness of oneself, forgiveness of the other person, and turning the page as soon as possible. Although it may seem complicated, we can all overcome a phase like this. Here you will discover how you end your relationships according to your sign and how you take being left.


Aries usually end relationships overnight and without giving rise to second chances. They are people who can be very patient, but they are also very temperamental. For this reason, they usually show that things are not going well in order to try to solve the problems. But, if they don’t, they cut the relationship without further ado and leave without looking back. They are usually very forceful people in this sense and it is not difficult for them to turn the page once they have made the decision.  


The natives of the sign of Taurus are not characterized by being the ones who end relationships, quite the contrary. They are people who are committed to life and it is something that they make very clear to their partners. For this reason, they tend to take it for granted that everything works well and live up to date in terms of love. However, when they are left, Taurus can take it very hard. It’s hard for them to turn the page and they usually try to get in touch with their exes, which doesn’t usually end well, especially for them. It is not easy for them to let go and, for this reason, they often suffer a lot.


When Gemini feels that their relationship is not working, they will try to talk about it and try everything necessary to maintain this relationship. However, seeing that it does not work, he will put the cards on the table in the form of an ultimatum. If his partner still doesn’t want to start a conversation, then Gemini is more than likely to take matters into his own hands: he will end the relationship much to his chagrin. And when this happens, Geminis often suffer a lot. 


We will not see a Cancer cut a relationship very often and it is that they are more than talking about problems and finding common solutions. Therefore, when the opposite happens, they take it very badly. For a Cancer, having their partner leave them can be most devastating and the truth is that it is very difficult for them to recover from breakups. For this reason, they are not people who give opportunities right off the bat and always try to make sure they find the right person before taking any steps. Breakups are the most complicated for them.


Leos tend to turn the page quite quickly. Why stay in one place if you don’t want them anymore? The natives of this sign have very clear ideas and, therefore, when they see that things are not working, they just walk away. This does not mean that they do not have a bad time, but rather that they know when the right time is to retire. If they are the ones who decide to end the relationship, they will do so gently but firmly. And they don’t give second chances. 


Virgos have many problems when it comes to overcoming breakups and it is that they are the ones who have the hardest time in the entire Zodiac. When a Virgo loves someone, he looks for the best for this person; he gives himself 100% and enjoys his relationship as a couple to the fullest. They are very empathetic and affectionate people who like to take care of their relationship. The period of overcoming a lack of love is complicated for them since they usually have very high expectations when we talk about love relationships. They usually need a lot of support from their own and defend them tooth and nail. Of course, if they are the ones who end the relationship, there is no turning back. It is not that they refuse to give second chances from time to time, but it is not normal for them either.


A Libra is a very diplomatic and down-to-earth person. They quickly notice when things are not working out and do not hesitate for a moment to talk about it and make their points of view very clear. If your partner shares them and you can come to an agreement, the relationship will continue and probably grow stronger. Otherwise, a Libra will cut off the relationship. When this happens, Libras knows how to use words well and will always try not to hurt the other person. On the contrary, when it is their partner who ends the relationship, the natives of this sign will understand their points of view, even if they do not share them, and they will calmly let them go. 


Scorpios don’t usually have a lot of patience in general. For this reason, when they see that their relationship is no longer flowing, they will have “that conversation” with their partner. Those born under this sign are brutally honest, and on these occasions, they are no different. It is difficult for them to be diplomatic and they say everything they think. If they think it’s time to end the relationship, they’ll just do it. On the other hand, when it is your partner who decides to end the relationship, Scorpios are clear about it. Better separated than being in a relationship when it no longer works. It doesn’t take long for them to turn the page and, furthermore, they never go back to their exes. 


Sagittarius, along with Virgo, is one of those who has the worst time when a relationship ends. Unlike the Virgo, we will see a Sagittarius cut off a relationship when it no longer works, even if it costs them a lot. But, this does not mean that they will not have a very bad time. It will take months until we can see a Sagittarius recovered from a breakup and it will be necessary for his friends to be by his side at all times. 


Capricorns are people who give many opportunities and it is easy for them to adapt to their partners and the rhythm of the relationship. They tend to talk as much as necessary and it costs them nothing to reach agreements with their partners. However, when they see that, even adapting to the needs of the other person, the relationship is not working, they will end it. They will do it when they are very clear about it and they will not give second chances. When they’re the ones being dumped, Capricorns have a hard time, but they’ll never show it. They keep their emotions inside and dedicate themselves to practicing sports or any hobby they have. In this way, they free the mind and better manage pain.


Undoubtedly and a bit rough: this is how Aquarians usually end their relationships and that is that there is nothing they hate more than lies or excuses. For this reason, they are not going to do it. When they feel that the relationship is no longer working, they will tell their partner and break up with her. There is nothing that can be done when they have made this decision, so it is best to let them go. If it is the couple that ends the relationship, the Aquarians will take it badly, but we are not going to ask them for second chances or make a drama out of it. 


Pisces love intensely and intensely suffer when they are left. They don’t stop talking about anything, and they are always open to change and improve those aspects of their relationships that are not so satisfying. Having this big heart and adaptability, they often have a very hard time when the other person decides to end the relationship. They expect the same thing that they give and this, most of the time, does not work that way. On the other hand, when they are the ones who end the relationship, they do it with a lot of diplomacy and affection to harm their partner as little as possible. 

A couple’s breakup is never easy, nor is it for either party. When a relationship ends it affects us all, to a greater or lesser extent. For this reason, it is essential that, when considering a breakup, we do it as calmly as possible. And, we must always take into account the feelings of the other person. 

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