How The Signs Fight So That Their Relationship Doesn’t End

Relationship Doesn't End

How The Signs Fight So That Their Relationship Doesn’t End

Love stories do not write themselves, words, time, inspiration, and a lot of dedication are needed. Sometimes, we believe the perfect story, in which it is enough to say that you love the other person to live happily ever after, and that is very far from reality. You also fight for love, but don’t be confused, love is not suffering, it is not putting up with the rudeness of the other. That is toxicity and in that case, even if it hurts, it is best to say goodbye on time. When two people love each other, they are capable of overcoming difficulties, they give everything on their part so that the relationship does not end. It’s worth putting in a little more effort if you want that person to be a part of all your tomorrows. The zodiac signs know what I’m talking about because they don’t want to miss out on life next to that loved one. How do the signs fight so that their relationship does not end?


For you to love is to fight a thousand times. You do not take lightly what you have experienced with the other person and you strive to speak things as clearly as possible. That does not mean that you put your dignity at risk, the moment someone treats you badly or makes you feel less in a relationship, you put a stop. You are not here to tolerate that kind of attitude, much less drama. What you want is to be at peace, and the only adrenaline that you feel between the two of you is when you decide to embark on an adventure. You are not even a fool, if your partner has no initiative you will not stay to be the one who always fights for both of you. 


The moment you decide to dive into a relationship you do it in a very deep way, you don’t want to hurt anyone and it’s hard to realize that the other person is not on the same channel. You can fight your last ounce of patience, but you’re not willing to go down for someone who doesn’t want to walk by your side. There is a limit and when it passes it is no longer love, it is an obsession, you do not want to be the one who forces anyone to be with you. You are firm and loyal, you give yourself passionately and with a discipline that scares you. However, you don’t stay long in a place where you only get crumbs and who want to love you from time to time. 


Read well, if Gemini finally decides to get away from you, it’s not because they don’t love you, it’s because they love themselves more and they don’t intend to stay with someone who only breaks them. He is not the type of person who puts up with it and says nothing, on the contrary, he is here to assert himself and for you to see the firm way in which he looks into his eyes when he does not like something. He loves deeply, he strives to break the monotony and add that magical touch to everything he does, however, he will not leave his essence for anyone. He is a free soul and when he realizes that they want to clip his wings, he flies higher until he never sees that person again. Once he takes you out of his life, you hardly ever get back in. 


What Cancer does not want is for you to come begging him at the moment you realize that you cannot live without his company. It’s not out of ego, but he knows very well that it’s very difficult for his partner to find someone as dedicated as he is. It is a sign that he is capable of tearing his heart out in order to see the person he loves happy. However, the moment he doesn’t feel reciprocated he starts to turn cold. Only the person who hurts a Cancer knows the driest and cruelest side of him. It is a sign that does not throw away everything built if he leaves it because he tried every way to save the relationship, but in the end, he realized that just his love was not enough. Cancer does not deserve so much instability. 


There is one thing that Leo is very clear about, he does not need the password for your social networks, what he wants is your loyalty, and being sure that he is with the right person is something that calms his soul. When he gives himself in he does it in a very sweet, passionate, and firm way. He doesn’t like to play with anyone’s feelings and expects the same from the other person, but when drama becomes a part of everyday life he knows it isn’t there. Leo doesn’t want to be with someone who subtracts him at every step. Nor is he anyone’s escape valve, he doesn’t intend to become the sack into which his partner unloads all his problems, but he doesn’t care about his. Leo, gets tired, he can’t give and give all the time, and even if it hurts, he leaves. 


They say that there is no impossible love, only people who are incapable of fighting for what they want, is it? Virgo is very clear about what he expects from a relationship and he does not intend to change his standards just to enter the other’s life. He likes commitment and exclusivity. Living with the anguish that your partner may end up in someone else’s arms tomorrow is not something you can deal with. Call him conservative if you want, but he’d rather love the old-fashioned way, lay his cards on the table, and work on where they fail. You want a stable, lasting, but healthy relationship. Nor is he going to stay next to someone who makes his life bitter just to keep up appearances. 


You are not the type of person who makes excuses when it comes to love, on the contrary, you like to give everything, but the moment you don’t feel reciprocated, your motivation fades away. You are not here to beg anyone and you rely on what their actions say, not words. You are a Libra, you are used to not falling into conflict and striving to maintain peace and harmony in your home. The fact that you are open-minded does not mean that you will put up with being treated with the tip of the foot. You love yourself too much to allow it and it doesn’t seem fair that you’re the one who holds on when the other doesn’t move a finger. You have the humility to ask for forgiveness every time you’re wrong, but you don’t plan to stay with blame that doesn’t belong to you. 


It’s strange because people have made you famous as a heartbreaker when you don’t have the hair to be like that in love. You may be quite fickle and desperate to fall into a routine, but that does not mean that you are not prepared to keep the commitment. On the contrary, your emotional and intense side is capable of giving itself without fear. Scorpio loves excessively and although they point out that he is romantic, he does believe in a love for life. Before finishing, he puts things in the balance, he fights for what he wants, but seeing that his partner does not have the same intentions, he gives in to the breakup. Scorpio fixes things, as long as his self-esteem is not affected. If he cries more than he smiles next to that person, he knows it’s not there. 


Do you know what Sagittarius values ​​most in a relationship? A person who transmits peace. That’s when he knows it’s worth fighting for when the days with him don’t turn into constant stress. Although he seems like he lets go easily, the truth is that he has a hard time because he doesn’t commit to just anyone, and when he does he hopes it’s until they end up wrinkling hand in hand. However, he will not put his emotions at risk, he is capable of giving second chances for love, but he is not very patient when he does not see results. When someone wants to change, it shows and Sagittarius does not want to become anyone’s babysitter. She wants to build a worthwhile future, not live in pain. 


No one said that the life of a couple is a rosy tale. Well, if they have said it, but that is the furthest thing from reality. Capricorn is a sign that knows what it wants, from the moment it starts to have something with a partner it is because it expects it to be something in the long term. A relationship where you are respected and feel supported when things go wrong. Undoubtedly, the desire is turned off when you do not receive the love, attention, and time of the other. In that case, you could look for a solution, talking about how you feel and what you would like the other to do. However, what he would not forgive is a betrayal, he is not willing to pretend that nothing is wrong and continue by the side of someone who does not have the pants to be with him. At that moment, Capricorn’s love becomes nothing, he does not want to have to settle for so little. 


Honestly, you are the person who experiences laziness when you see that things in your relationship are not flowing as usual. Aquarius, the last thing you want is to become the partner who always begs, the one who has to remember to send you a message, an important date, or simply the time of appointments. People get tired and tiredness changes feelings. Don’t expect Aquarius to have the same smile as always if all you do is put up one excuse after another. Fortunately, Aquarius is independent, he has many things to do and little by little you are taking the last place on his list of priorities. Don’t you dare say he left out of the blue, because he was saying goodbye to your face, but you ignored him the whole time? 


You are a sign that is clear that difficult paths often lead you to live beautiful moments. However, that does not mean that you will tolerate being treated with the tip of the foot. You know very well that relationships are not perfect, they have their ups and downs, but if your partner does not do their part during crises, you are not going to invest all your energy in someone who does not let themselves be loved. Your love is powerful and loyal, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough for both of you. You know that the person who really loves you doesn’t make you feel guilty, she doesn’t manipulate you, much less humiliate you. If arguments have become part of every day, it’s time to say goodbye. No one deserves to stay in hell forever. 

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