These Zodiac Signs Will Get Back Together With Their Ex In 2023

Together With Their Ex In 2023

These Zodiac Signs Will Get Back Together With Their Ex In 2023

The first week of the year is drawing to a close and while some of us still haven’t recovered from the New Year’s Eve party, others have been planning our whole year. And for three zodiac signs, it gets pretty exciting, especially when it comes to love. Because the ex suddenly plays a role again.

It’s time for second chances.


Things get turbulent for Gemini when it comes to love. Because they rarely really want to commit themselves. Geminis are therefore often the ones who end a relationship. And most of the time they are happy with their decisions. Except for that one person who they never really gave a real, fair chance.

A:e ex who just deserved one more try. The twins know this very well and decide at the end of January to get in touch with this person – with success. Because the ex hasn’t forgotten the twins either.


Actually, the lions are extremely unforgiving. If their ego is hurt, they can’t put it down so easily and will gnaw at the fact that they were wrong about someone. But in the lives of most Leos, there is that one person that the zodiac sign would forgive just about anything. An ex-relationship that she just won’t let go of, no matter how much the ending hurt her.

And it is precisely this person who now surprisingly rejoins the life of the lions. But beware: Don’t give in too easily, but think very carefully about whether you are ready to rekindle this old flame.


It will be nostalgic for the shooters in 2023. Because of all things, the old love of your youth unexpectedly reappears in the life of the sign of the zodiac and is at least as cute as it was back then. You just can’t resist that, can you?

Unfortunately, things are not that easy, because even if you like to reminisce about the ex-relationship; in order for it to work properly and have a future, you have to be compatible in the here and now. And the shooters still have this test ahead of them.

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