The 50 Things You Should Know About Aries

Know About Aries

The 50 Things You Should Know About Aries

Aries is big, very big, he will always be proud of the sign that he is, he will not crawl before anyone or anything, he is a warrior and a fighter, and yes, he also has a pride that is somewhat difficult to understand at times, but it is also more and here is part of his life in fifty facts. Many parts of his life… These are the 50 things you should know about Aries:

  1. If you have won the heart of an Aries girl, you can consider yourself really lucky, because sometimes, it is uphill.
  2. Aries women are for many like that catch that they don’t get to catch, they are passionate and affectionate, but they can also become harsh and dry if they feel hurt.
  3. Aries hates excuses, be clear, direct, tell the truth, and then run away.
  4. Aries does not like weak people, they need strong people by their side.
  5. Aries is a bossy sign, but they are quick to go along with any scheme others might come up with as long as it’s fun.
  6. You need to feel proud of the person next to you, it can’t be just anyone.
  7. Aries can be sweet on the street and a star at home.
  8. He will share his path with you, but he will not leave his path to go to yours, never that.
  9. Aries, deep down, needs a lot of love.
  10. Aries girls, above all, act like feminine creatures and sometimes even innocent but be careful because they are pure fire if they feel subdued.
  11. Once Aries is set on something, nothing will stop him.
  12. Aries don’t like complicated things, but they face them, whatever the outcome.
  13. If you need some advice, Aries will give it to you, but in his own way, with his words, so be prepared to hear the truth even if it hurts.
  14. Despite the fact that he is launched to the maximum, Aries also has a bit of shyness within himself in some cases, but beware, you will not even notice.
  15. Aries can be aggressive and tender, can be an upright yet consenting leader, practical yet creative.
  16. Of course, Aries has weaknesses, but that doesn’t stop them.
  17. Aries is the type of person who knows how to make others happy, he pays attention to the details, but be careful because he also knows the way to get mad.
  18. If Aries loves you, they will always want you to know that despite everything, you are one of the most important things in their life.
  19. It is that person who almost always walks one or two steps ahead of others.
  20. You can tell everything, they can’t hide feeling pressure or if something has gone wrong with them, they are quite explosive.
  21. Aries knows how to brighten the day of even the most depressed person on earth.
  22. Aries is rarely disappointed, after a hard blow you may wonder what they feel or think.
  23. An Aries will cry until the tears are dry, until the rage ends, then get up and carry on with life.
  24. He’s the life of the party wherever he goes, and if not, just ask the others.
  25. One of the Aries laws: Do it now, think later.
  26. To “try” to win Aries you have to be clear about something, hold on and don’t give up. Maybe so, you tie.
  27. Aries has strong opinions and especially when he feels that you are trying to discredit him, and there, no, he will not back down.
  28. The best qualities of Aries are: leadership, strength and power.
  29. If Aries feels sad, don’t leave him alone. Be a support in those moments. This point is super important in the 50 things you should know about Aries.
  30. Aries keeps busy even when he is alone or bored, he needs to find something that activates his mind, his body; he worries about what needs to be done even if nothing needs to be done.
  31. You will work very hard to reach your goal, and that feeling of satisfaction is priceless.
  32. You will always try to hide your weaker emotions from others in order to maintain your image, so that they cannot take advantage of your weaknesses.
  33. An injured Aries is not a crying Aries, no matter what, he will soon become cold, his way of acting will change radically, he seems strong and confident. Very sure.
  34. Aries motto: To be good with others I have to be good first.
  35. He can be very talkative and he will always love to tell the truth even if he breaks more than one in two, but if you don’t ask him for an opinion, he won’t give away advice for free either.
  36. Aries is always ready to fall in love again, what could have gone wrong? Of course, but that’s not why he will be closed to new and better opportunities.
  37. Having an Aries contact is good, it’s never boring.
  38. Where Aries puts the eye, puts the bullet. It is Law. Sooner or later, even if I have many hardships to go through and a lot to fight for, if Aries said “you will be mine”, you will be…
  39. He always keeps his word. It may be a wild and passionate fire sign, but what it says, it does.
  40. The Aries woman has that fire that burns almost just by loving them, with strong, intense eyes, They may seem like little angels on the outside but you know that inside they are hotter than hell itself.
  41. If you love Aries you have to give everything, not half, thanks, because soon they will realize that, and Aries’ fire will start to turn to ashes.
  42. Love with Aries is brutal, it is not easily forgotten, almost everything is allowed, and fun is guaranteed. In the end, what happens happens, they fall in love… The others say.
  43. Aries wants quick results, patience is not his virtue, I feel sorry for you if you are the kind of person who sows to reap next year, Aries is not like that, Aries sows and he will look for the tricks that are necessary for that grow up soon.
  44. Aries can be heated to the minimum but also cool to the minimum.
  45. When you have a problem, Aries uses a cold mind, yes, after screaming, kicking, and damaging everything.
  46. Aries has the ability to find the truth in any lie, they know about psychology, but not because they had to study it, this comes as standard.
  47. You can’t stand being bossed around, excuse me? Don’t you think that she can do it alone and also better than you? You’re wrong…
  48. Aries will never be able to bear stagnant relationships, they steal life little by little, really. If there’s no more water to draw from the well, I’m sorry, but he’s going to be gone, and sooner than you think.
  49. If you don’t know Aries well, don’t touch him when he’s angry or when he’s had a fit of rage. Do what you want, but don’t touch him.
  50. And last but not least, one of the first things about Aries is that everything they do becomes, sooner rather than later, a triumph.

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