The Love That Broke You And Asks You Why You Changed So Much

Why You Changed So Much

The Love That Broke You And Asks You Why You Changed So Much

You were there, striving to do your best, hiding your pain every time it filled your days with storms. You forgot about yourself so many times, it hurts a lot to remember the past. You even thought it was going to change and you stayed, you gave it one chance after another, but the only thing it confirmed is that it was still an unhealthy, exhausting, and humiliating love. The love that broke you and asks you why you changed so muchYour zodiac sign is no longer willing to trust again. 


You are fire, it’s true, but that love hurt you so much that it extinguished the last of you. His company became a constant shadow, you became someone you were not. A fearful being, with little passion, you were only available to someone who existed in your imagination. You gave him your affection, your tenderness and he paid you disloyally, he didn’t have the pants to love you. That he dare not return. 


At first, he made you believe that everything would be fine, that his thing would be nice and with confidence ahead. However, he became a possessive, stubborn love, someone who wanted to keep you in a cage and it made him sick to see you fly. You got used to her demands because you dreamed of something long-term. But staying by her side was synonymous with sinking all your dignity, she broke you. 


When you love, you do it in a very intense way, you want the other person to know that they are your priority, because you expect the same from them. However, that love showed you that you did not mean the same to him, that no matter how hard you tried to give your best, it would never be enough to make him feel proud. He made you feel like the smallest and least loved person in the world. 


You settled for a love that came and went, Cancer, someone who filled you with happiness one day and the other paid you with his indifference. You put too much fantasy into it, that didn’t allow you to see it in a cruder way. He was never loyal or nice, he was disguised by all the qualities that you put in him. He criticized you, he used you, he manipulated you and now he dares to say that he still loves you. 


It’s very nice when you start to realize what you don’t want in your life because it’s easier to say goodbye to people who the only thing they know how to do is unload their emotional emptiness on others. Fortunately, your ego did not leave you alone, it was the one that lifted you up after experiencing so much pain next to that person. It was a nightmare that you are not willing to repeat. 


You are a strong, hard-working soul, when you surrender to love you do it from loyalty, Virgo, but you also break. It hurts a lot to be treated with the tip of your foot after you make an effort to be your best version. You’re fed up with emotional vampires, you don’t plan to put your heart at risk again. You know you deserve someone much better. You have already changed, and now you will not open the doors to anyone. 


In the name of love, you stayed next to that person. Because a part of you clung to the fact that she could change, that deep down she had something good, but it wasn’t like that. Now, you know that there are people who are not worth it, cruel, not very brave, and who strive to belittle you and then say that you are the best thing that has happened to them. You don’t want any more of that in your life. 


Loving for you is synonymous with ingenuity, courage, having the pants to control jealousy, and putting honesty first. There are many times that you tried to make that love understand you, but you were unsuccessful. You told him about your wounds, your weaknesses, you told him how much the actions of the past hurt you and he hurt you twice as much anyway. 


Sometimes you don’t like your idealistic side, because it is able to see qualities in hearts that don’t even come close to your heels. You know that when it comes to love you go very carefully because you don’t want them to ruin your essence. However, there are those who disguise themselves very well. That love showed up with a kind face and ended up tearing you apartHow cynical of you, to ask why you changed so much. 


For you, a love in which they are not responsible for their emotions, Capri, is not love. Staying with that person was a big mistake because you allowed him to treat you for his deficiencies, and that made you feel underappreciated. Suddenly, you were in his hands, he handled you like a puppet and you didn’t realize it, because the cloud of falling in love blinded you. Fortunately, you already opened your eyes. 


Independence slips through your pores for you, you love to feel the freedom that no one interferes with your essence. However, that love got into your life in such a manipulative way that you ended up believing its lies. He wrapped you in a false tale to become the ruthless villainHe became distant, hurtful, and abusive. He broke you and he didn’t care. 


Maybe it’s not always so good that you show your compassionate and intuitive side, there are people who flat-out don’t deserve that part of you. Pisces and his love was a blackmailer, he took advantage of your compassion and used you until he had enough. You lost yourself in his lack of affection, of fidelity, of everything. He didn’t respect you in any way and you looked down when in reality you weren’t to blame for anything. 

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