There are some signs that desperately seek love, that want to be loved, loved, respected and, in the end, if they have love, they are really happy. There are others who also want this but at the minimum that they can escape, either because they have an atrocious fear of compromise or because they simply prefer to be alone when they are finally seeing that they give too much … These are the 5 signs that will flee the most from love in 2020:


• VIRGO: It is clear that Virgo likes to feel loved and very much. But it is also clear that he is a person who has a lot of work and too many things to do. He leads a fairly busy life but it is also true that if he really likes you, he will make an effort to see you and try to put aside his things to focus a little more on you. They will give you your time, they will reserve a part of their busy life for you. But of course, they have to feel it to the fullest.

When they see that they are wasting their time they will “ghosting” quickly. They won’t bother to hear from you. Maybe I should make it clear that she is not interested in you and that you should continue your life without her/him but sometimes, they disappear without further explanation, without giving explanations, without leaving anything clear, without warning …

ARIES: Anyone who doesn’t know Aries at all has a serious problem, especially in love. Aries is a person who falls in love easily but is also super independent, spontaneous and adventurous. That is, just as he falls in love, he falls out of love. And so all his life … Aries may think he is madly in love with you for a minute and then disappear as if the face of the earth had swallowed him without warning. Get in the head that Aries is never clear about what is best for him, and how he has doubts in his head … Bad.

Aries will always throw what excites him the most, the most joyful, the thing he likes the most, the case he does the most…. If you are a person who appears and disappears from your life constantly or you do not pay too much attention, be sure that you will leave yes or yes. He will run towards what most butterflies produce in his stomach instead of taking time to understand what will really make them happy in the long run. But the fault is not yours: make him have those butterflies permanently and he will stay.

• LIBRA: Things as they are, Libra always has good intentions even if things don’t go as it really prepares and wants. When Libra flees from love, he is not trying to be cruel, it is simply that he is a bit “bad” facing others. He does not like to mess it up, he does not like problems, he does not like to feel bad and instead of telling you why he is leaving, he is leaving and now. Once you realize that your relationship is not going anywhere, it will disappear as quickly as possible.

Sometimes he prefers to do so and that time is the one who heals wounds alone. It is hard for him to have that conversation because it is hard, both for her/him and for the rest and the idea of ​​“breaking” something breaks his heart. So, don’t think it’s for something else. It is the easiest many times. And in 2020, Libra will do more “ghosting” than usual. As soon as he sees that someone can hurt him, he will escape, run away, run away, as fast as he can. He will wait for you to understand, he will expect you to be relieved to do so, in peace, instead of ending with a shouting fight.

• AQUARIUS: When you meet Aquarius, you know that you are a free and independent person. You intuit it by how it behaves. He is able to get away for a while when he sees that things do not work instead of staying to face problems. Let’s see, Aquarius has already learned that he will not stay where he is not loved or where he is not treated well. And the problem is that he knows where that place is, and he feels it … Although they don’t always tell him.

In 2020 it is probably one of the 5 signs that most flee from love, or at least, from the love that it feels is not reciprocated in the same way. It may not answer all your messages or it may disappear from the world for a while. If you don’t give Aquarius what you think Aquarius deserves, he will assume that you don’t care about her/him and that you don’t deserve his energy, his vibes … Everything. But when Aquarius disappears, he will have no idea that he has done something wrong. He will have no idea that you are behind thinking about why he does not answer you, he will have no idea that you really care more than you say.

• SCORPIO: Scorpio loves to feel truly loved, to feel loved to death but, it is also true that, unless he is in a serious relationship, he is very likely to “ghosting”, that is, to disappear completely when you feel like it. He is a pretty flirtatious person and knows, in addition, that he has that special magnetism that makes others fall in love. Yes, Scorpio has power, and he knows how to use it very, very well. This 2020 will not wait to see what happens, nor will he let others hook him/her as usual … Because, despite all that hardness that Scorpio has and being a hard bone to crack when others fall in love, he falls. And it falls to the end.

If you are one of those people who play or see in you that you are on your own or that you are not clear about anything, you will assume that what you want is to have a fun time. And no, he won’t make assumptions again, he doesn’t want to cause any drama, he’ll prefer to walk away before letting things get more complicated. He will no longer wait for anyone … He may disappear more than once, he may escape, he may leave …


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