Signs That Are Naturally Attracted But Don’t Always Work

Naturally Attracted

Signs That Are Naturally Attracted But Don’t Always Work

I once read that love is not an opinion, it’s a chemical reaction, is it? There are people that life presents to you, like this, without warning, they arrive like an emotional flare and when you least realize it they become the protagonists of your thoughts. It’s inevitable, they have something that catches you and makes you wonder if this is how it feels to be in love. The bad thing is that the attraction is not enough. There are zodiac signs that are naturally attracted to each other, but it doesn’t always work out. 

Aries and Scorpio 

Two determined, warm, and daring hearts. One of those who don’t like the rules and all they want is to fight for their essence. At first, they become a magnet, always together, eager to share ideas and adventures, but when their dark side appears, things get tense. With the same intensity that they care and promise love, they argue. However, neither of them likes to lose and pride can sink them. 

Taurus and Sagittarius 

The moment Taurus’s gaze locks on Sagittarius’s, the world is forgotten. Two creative, adventurous, and hard-working souls. When they hold hands they are made for each other, but once the crush fades paradise too. Sagittarius is a lover of the unknown and Taurus feels comfortable in his space, it bothers him that Sagi interrupts his routine. So much spontaneity overwhelms him and Sagittarius gets bored. 

Gemini and Libra 

The chemistry between Gemini and Libra is very clear from the beginning, they both share a sense of humor, they are outgoing, they like to socialize and they are very good at partying. However, their incompatibilities also weigh. Gemini bets on a constant connection, they want to know about Libra, but there are times when all Libra wants is to breathe loneliness, if he begins to feel suffocated, she gradually moves away until she breaks the bond. 

cancer and Leo 

The love between Cancer and Leo is genuine, they really decide to give themselves from maturity, but unfortunately, there are things about their personality that do not fit and it has nothing to do with what they feel. Leo is very determined, he is always looking to do more and that can put Cancer under a lot of pressure. It is an emotional sign and there are attitudes that Leo takes on a personal level. Usually, the relationship breaks up quietly with neither of you doing anything. 

Virgo and Aries 

A bomb, that’s what happens the moment Virgo and Aries decide to join their souls because they are stubborn and very controlling. Maybe that’s what makes them argue the most, everyone loves to be right and when the game doesn’t go as planned they start to get very frustrated. Virgo is a dreamer but does not allow anything to interfere with his plans. While Aries takes the plunge, she wants to live and worry about the consequences tomorrow

Capricorn and Leo 

The reason why Capricorn and Leo get along very well at first is that they are both very disciplined, they like to shine and are used to fighting to be heard, they rarely let their guard down, and they know how to put their arguments on the table. However, Leo is extroverted, he is not afraid of having the spotlight on him and Capricorn prefers discretion, there are few people who know his secrets and he does not like Leo insisting that he change. 

Aquarius and Cancer 

The bond that is formed between Aquarius and Cancer goes beyond the physical, it is like a meeting of emotions and they become the shelter that the other needs. However, Aquarius is very cold for the level of unconditional love that Cancer delivers. Not that it’s bad, but his barriers make Cancer feel less like his emotions don’t matter. While Aquarius begins to feel invaded, it is difficult for him to go deeper and he better flee

Pisces and Gemini 

Before counting their more private things, Pisces and Gemini seem to be the same person. That is, they are friendly, fun, and very creative. However, they set certain limits, they no longer relate to any soul that speaks nicely to them. Although, those similarities are not enough to keep the flame of love burning. Gemini needs to fly in every way, he doesn’t want to feel that he saves Pisces and Pisces is not willing to receive leftovers from anyone. 

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