Signs That Are Very Attracted But In The Long Way It Doesn’t Always Work

It Doesn't Always Work

Signs That Are Very Attracted But In The Long Way It Doesn’t Always Work

They say there are loves that last forever, even if they don’t kiss, don’t touch, don’t see each other. Loves that are carried in the depths, in the secrets of your memory. They are the same ones that one day made you feel everything, signs that attract each other a lot but in the long run, it doesn’t always work. They come into your life like a flare, they change you in seconds, but when they start living together everything changes, it seems that what seemed like love, at first sight, turns into a nightmare. Let’s see…


The sign with which Aries can be lost with a single glance is Gemini, the attraction between the two seems to be taken from a romantic movie, when they meet they want everything together. Simply the energy that overflows steals the looks, they are an accumulation of creativity ready to conquer their dreams. Being together is synonymous with endless conversations, ideas flow and boredom is not a guest. However, as time goes by, they may fall into a routine, that initial spark begins to diminish and the relationship becomes somewhat forced. So they both start to feel out of place and eventually break up. 


The person who is capable of capturing the heart of Taurus the first time is Libra, the meeting between these two signs is magical, experiencing that sensation in which it seems that you have known the other person your entire life, two souls willing to give everything. Suddenly, life becomes easier and they begin to experience moments in which satisfaction becomes their best company. Libra is tenderness, the two balance very well when it comes to honoring love. However, there comes a point where Taurus becomes too practical, which makes Libra feel quite uncomfortable and that’s when the doubts arise, was it really the best decision? Maybe yours is just attraction. 


There’s a sign that Gemini melts for, they just can’t control their breathing when they’re around. Signs that are very attracted to each other but in the long run it doesn’t always work out? In this case, Gemini seems ready to give up everything, he puts himself in the palm of his hand when he meets Capricorn. It is a meeting in which admiration, passion, and motivation are also invited. Capricorn is the one who comes into Gemini’s life with all the intention of formality, he gets lost in his natural charm, in the way in which Gemini lives as if there were no tomorrow. However, over time this can cause Capricorn to lose balance and that’s when problems arise, he needs more stability and consistency, which is difficult for a Gemini, he hates routine and boredom. 


Cancer is the most tender sign that anyone can find on his way, he is very dedicated in general because he likes to help and protect. However, when Sagittarius decides to be a part of his days, he is simply captivated. Cancer is lost in love with the outgoing, charming, and social way with which Sagittarius goes through life. Sagittarius does not stop, he always wants more and is ready to fly as high as he can. This becomes exciting for Cancer because he does not feel repressed when it comes to showing his feelings. However, over time he realizes that Sagittarius does not always want something serious and Cancer seeks stability, something that honors the word home. 


Signs that attract each other a lot but in the long run it doesn’t always work. Well, it happens to Leo with the charms of Sagittarius. When these two signs meet, it is synonymous with passion, adventure, and a great desire to live the moments. Two souls that seem to know each other from past lives, the affinity is so great that time flies when they are together. They begin to plan and carry out because they know no limits when they want to achieve something. The problem is that over time, Sagittarius can become a bit hurtful toward Leo’s dreams, so once he damages his ego, the relationship starts to break down. That’s when they discover that it takes a lot more than all that chemistry to stay together. 


The person who has the gift of coming to interfere in the practicality of Virgo, without a doubt, is Pisces. When you see them out there walking together it’s just like seeing the perfect couple, they are proof that opposites attract in a very intense way. Pisces comes into Virgo’s life, to teach her what it is to love without fear, with a touch of tenderness and unconditionally. The problem is that when her negative temperaments become present, everything changes. Virgo has mood swings when things don’t go their way and Pisces can become too dreamy for Virgo. Virgo needs stability, much more than nice words to continue in a relationship. 


Libra can become the most romantic person in the entire zodiac, the one who is capable of showing you what love is without ties, but very loyal. That is the reason why when Gemini gets in the way of her, she loses her ground in a matter of seconds. Libra sees Gemini as an inspiring soul, free and eager to savor life. They are two natural romantics willing to give everything, but with the passage of time the spark goes out. Gemini is lost in his thoughts, and the sudden changes in him and Libra can’t handle so much, he needs more structure to feel at peace, otherwise, she leaves. In this case, the signs that attract each other a lot but in the long run it doesn’t always work are Libra and Gemini.


The reckless, mysterious, romantic sign that can conquer any other that crosses its path, Scorpio, is lost when Aries comes to his days. He is simply mesmerized by the risky way Aries goes through life. Their relationship is desperate to love nature, to add passion to the relationship. They are sensitive, but also too impulsive, which can become unhealthy. Aries is dominant, they like to take the initiative and that does not fit very well with the personality of Scorpio, who has a strong character and hates being told what to do, in the end, no one gives in. 


There is another sign that cannot resist the Aries’s way of being, none other than Sagittarius. Aries becomes a temptation, that love that makes you lose control and you don’t even realize it. Their meeting is synonymous with dominance, they fall in love in an accelerated way, as if there was no tomorrow. They both enjoy strong emotions, are sociable, and make friends come naturally to them. However, there comes a point where the relationship begins to cool down, especially when Aries shows his temperament, he is not someone who allows himself to be dominated, much less gives up control, he needs to feel that he has everything in his hands or March. 


Behind a consistent, hardworking, and perfection-loving personality, there is a sign that one cannot cope with the charm of Gemini. The reason why they lose each other is that they really are very opposite, two personalities like oil and water. At first, it seems fun, the touch of adrenaline that both were waiting for, but over time the relationship begins to wear out. Capricorn starts to get too serious and Gemini doesn’t care, so a huge gap forms that they can’t get out of in the end. Being together is not so much fun anymore. 


Signs that attract each other a lot but in the long run it doesn’t always work. Another sign that can’t help but get lost in the Aries’s way of being is Aquarius. When a dominant soul and a distant one meet, they simply show that love does not understand the reason. The attraction between the two exceeds the limits, it is synonymous with strength, spirit, and the desire to love each other until dawn. The good thing is that they are both intellectuals and have no problem connecting on a deep level. The bad thing is that there comes a point where Aries wants to control Aquarius and that’s when the latter leaves because he hates ties, he doesn’t want to be with someone out of obligation. 


If we had to choose the sign that makes several signs tremble, without a doubt, we would put Aries. Well, he is also an expert in winning the heart of Pisces. When these two signs meet, they honor the intensity that can be wasted during falling in love. A very strong combination, between tenderness and power. The problem is that Aries doesn’t understand the compassionate part of Pisces, he gets desperate and wants him to change. That’s when Pisces thinks that Aries is too selfish for her liking, problems start and the relationship just cools off. Neither of them intends to change their way of seeing life. 


Which are the naturally attractive zodiac signs?

Finding the most attractive signs has been very difficult according to various astrologers, but it is believed that there are 5 zodiac signs the most attractive and they are Scorpio, Libra, Taurus, Aries, and Leo.

What are the zodiac signs you don’t want to mess with?

The Most Incompatible Zodiac Signs That Should Never, Ever, Date, According to an Astrologer Aries and Cancer. Aries love to move quickly and capitalize on the romance of the moment. … Gemini and Scorpio. … Capricorn and Sagittarius. … Taurus and Aquarius. … Leo and Pisces. … Virgo and Libra.

What Zodiacs signs are cute?q

5 Most Adorable Zodiac Signs Who Keep Everyone Happy. Adorable is a derogatory term for some people. … Pisces. Adorable isn’t a word that comes to mind when we think of the struggling artist vibe they are putting off, yet they are the pinnacle of adorable. … Cancer. … Libra. … Sagittarius. … Taurus.

Which zodiac signs have beautiful eyes?

Leo Zodiac Sign – Most Attractive Eyes and Figure Leo zodiac sign ladies are known for their lush bodies. They have stunning curves. But, the feature that makes them the most attractive is their large intense eyes.

What zodiac sign is very romantic?

No zodiac sign is more obsessed with romance than Pisces. After all, Pisces is literally the zodiac sign of fantasies and alternate realities, and isn’t the whole point of romance to make life feel more magical?

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