When The Signs Should Stop Running From Promise

When The Signs Should Stop Running From Promise

Not all of us see commitment in the same way and this causes us to react to it in one way or another. Some people run away the first time they see something, whatever it is, and get serious. Others, however, are not afraid of anything, much less committing themselves. We want to talk to you about what commitment represents for each sign and when they should accept it to live a fuller life.


Aries, you are one of the signs that most flee from commitment. At all levels. You love to experiment and try new things, and for you, commitment is a way of clipping your wings. Of having to always be in the same place, with the same person, and this, you think, will not let you try other things. Well, you must know that things are not always like that and that, perhaps to live fully, you must compromise a little. Not at first, okay? But why not give stability and dialogue a chance?


For you, the commitment is super important and it is not difficult for you, at all, to assume it. You know what gives you stability and, after all, it is what you are looking for. It is what, in a way, gives meaning to your life. It brings you challenges and new perspectives, and this makes you grow as a person. However, as it happens with you on certain occasions, you may also want to commit very quickly to the first thing that comes your way. And this leads you to experience some conflicting, sad moments in your life. Look for a balance and leave time before giving a resounding “Yes” to something.


Gemini, yours is complicated given your duality. Basically, it is not that you like commitment very much, but when you become obsessed with something or when you get the vein of “nothing happens here”, you can get to commit before time. Or simply not doing it on time. You must find a balance and establish what is worthwhile for you; what fills your life. Once you have this clear, only commit when it is present in your life. Thus, you can be more sure of the steps you take.


Cancer, you commit yourself with your whole being when you see things clearly. When you decide to start a relationship, the commitment you offer is maximum. And best of all, you love being committed to someone. It gives you tranquility and illusion. The commitment, to you, favors you a lot. And you know it well. However, you must assess each situation very well and not believe everything they tell you. You are super emotional and if you feel cheated by someone, you know that you are going to have a very bad time. Give things some time. There are those who deserve your degree of commitment and those who don’t. And time will show it to you.


Leo, you are not afraid to commit, what happens with you is that you want to make sure of things very well. And, in most cases, this allows you to enjoy your commitments. Yes, you enjoy them because when you do it, you do it being sure of the steps you take. You enjoy it because you are convinced of it and because you have a unique way of living at this moment.


For you, commitment is the most important thing, although it is an end that is difficult for you to reach and that is that you must have a lot of proof that this person, or job, is very worthwhile. You want to make sure that whatever it is, it’s not going to end up being a burden to you, a bad experience that you’re going to end up suffering from. However, you should also remember that commitment isn’t “that easy” for many people, so it shouldn’t bother you when you’re ready for a commitment and the other person isn’t. You must be more patient and let time do its work. Flow more with life because what is for you will always be there.


Yours can be a problem. Being asked for a commitment scares you. In part, because you know that it is very difficult for you to tell yourself depending on what things and because let’s not kid ourselves, you are the most flirtatious and you love to play. You don’t want to hurt anyone, so you think twice before taking a step.


Although it is true that you like to go from flower to flower, it is also true that you do this just to have fun; to see if you can get this or that person. It’s like a way to feed your ego. However, when you are serious about someone and you believe that this person can be the person of your life, you give yourself without problems. You commit to the core and go to death with whatever it may be.


Oh, Sagi! You are not the most suitable for commitment and it is precisely that your philosophy of life is to flow with life. Therefore, you know that “you never know where you are going to be” and this lack of stability that, in a certain way, you like, makes you very reluctant to commit. But, you must understand that a little stability in life will do you good, even if it is just a little bit.


Not at all, you are not afraid of commitment. For you, it is essential for everything to work and everything to flow. Of course, you know how to be without commitment, of course, you can maintain very healthy relationships without it; you just don’t want to let anyone down, and, being so responsible, you take it easy. That yes, when you have it clear, you are the ideal person with whom to assume a commitment, whatever the type.


You are a free soul, who likes to go where you want and do what you want at all times. With this, we want to tell you that commitment is not your thing and you know it well. But, there is a nuance here: it is not your thing in love relationships, for example, but it is for your ideals. If you commit to your values, you do commit to those humanitarian tasks that you love. That’s where your most stable vein comes out.


Without a doubt, Pisces, there is no denying that you love commitment. With you, the issue is not if you have a hard time committing, but that you love commitment. You love to think that this person is only yours, that she will only be by your side. And this leads you to live very good moments, but also to have a bad time. You should give things a little more time, be more patient and make sure that this person deserves your degree of commitment.

When The Signs Should Stop Running From Promise

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