According To Your Sign The Kind Of Person Who Will Always Make You Flee

Person Who Will Always Make You Flee

According To Your Sign The Kind Of Person Who Will Always Make You Flee

There comes a point in life where you have no other choice, you understand that no matter how hard you try to change people, you can’t. So, the love that you give, you give to yourself and that’s when you discover that the best thing is to change people, even if it hurts. Nobody teaches you to let go, even in the most unhealthy relationships, habit can be your worst enemy and tells you to stay, that what you already know is better. That breaks you, but it teaches you, you learn to recognize the type of person that will always make you run away according to your sign. Your zodiac sign gets it. 


Without a doubt, you learned to be strong when you understood that you must get up alone because the people who loved you told you that they would be with you in the most stormy moments and it was not like that. So, you understood that even if it hurts, you have to let go of those who fill you with insecurities. You leave when they treat you with indifference when they promise you the sky and the stars, but they do not fulfill anything. You run away because you don’t live on illusions, you want real stories. 


One day you understand, after living painful and shameful experiences, you learn to embrace your wounds in a very deep way and nothing is the same again. That is, you flourish, and you become wiser, more intense, and more loving because you value every second next to your loved ones. However, you realize that not everyone deserves your company, and you are not going to allow them to humiliate you and make fun of your emotions again. That’s over, you’re worth so much more. So you better go


You are left with the peace of mind that no matter how much you surrounded yourself with cruel people, not a drop of their lack of compassion rubbed off on you. You’re still the same Gemini, maybe a little more broken, but your heart is transparent and sweet. They wanted to turn you off and they couldn’t, that’s what bothers them the most. You were born to repair yourself in the midst of the greatest pain and that is something that his evil will never understand. You flee from appearances, from those who say they love you and are hypocrisy walking. 


It’s okay Cancer, don’t put pressure on your heart, it needs a lot more time to understand what your head has already assimilated. You are synonymous with empathy, love, and compassion, of course, your emotional exhaustion is not going to be the same as the rest and that is fine. That does not mean that you are exaggerating, simply, there are those who are so hurt that they only hurt, but it is not a justification nor do you have to tolerate it. Run away quickly when you realize that you give and give, but you are not reciprocated. 


People fill their mouths saying that you ask for a lot, that you demand, but what they don’t know is that you already had to be on the other side of the coin, in which they treated you as if they were doing you a favor. For that reason, leftovers are no longer an option in your life. You are no longer going to wait for people to change, you don’t like second chances because every moment is sacred and you don’t plan to waste it with the wrong person. You run away when they turn off your kindness and criticize you. That they go to show their wounds elsewhere, because with you that no longer works. 


It’s very sad when you realize that all the time you spent with a person was a lie. You believed in what he told you, in his hugs and his advice, but when he showed his true face everything collapsed. Your heart is resilient, however, that does not mean that you will put up with mistreatment or allow your advances to be mocked. You prefer to save your best version for those who deserve it. You also could have entered their game, but you are worth much more and you are not going to get dirty, you better leave


Sometimes you don’t forget people, you just start to see them without layers and that’s when you stop insisting. It is absurd to give a title to someone as a friend or partner if, in fact, it shows you the opposite. Tired of relationships that seek to look good, but don’t really care about your well-being? You run away from those who are unable to put themselves in your shoes, from those who look at you as if you were anything. Selfish minds are what you least want in your life, period. 


If someone really cares about you, you won’t have to beg for attention, time, or hugs. It shows the moment you become his priority. You are an imposing sign, fulfilling the wishes of others is not on the list of your goals. However, that does not mean that you do not have a heart, it is simply that you find it difficult to trust quickly. You have learned that your energy and your love are sacred, you will not allow them to trample you when they want. You flee from disloyal souls because you don’t want them to contaminate you. 


One of the most wonderful things that life has given you is to discover that as long as you are focused on yourself, on your story, your achievements, your fears, your dreams, and your failures, everything goes better. It’s not selfish, it’s opening your eyes, it’s understanding that not everyone deserves your attention and love. You definitely don’t want to be in relationships where feelings are forced. The feeling of being insufficient is a hell that you will not live again, you better leave on time. 


Capricorn has happened to you before and you don’t have to stay, you don’t have to put up with anyone’s leftovers and force someone to complement you. Your mind and your heart are full of projects, please don’t let the ghosts of people who don’t even love themselves ruin you. Deep down you know when it’s time to put things on a scale, if it makes you cry a lot more than it makes you smile, it’s definitely not there, go away and stop justifying. 


It is true, there are times when you want to tell that person to stay, but your pride is what stops you, it is what helps you maintain your dignity in the midst of pain and despair. You are one of the most beautiful and compassionate souls in the Zodiac, but you often hide under a layer of indifference, because it is the only way you can protect yourself. It’s okay Aquarius, you don’t have to deal with manipulators or cruel people, it’s not the kind of relationship you deserve. 


I know it hurts Pisces, but today I want to tell you something and I hope you remember it for the rest of your days, if that person didn’t care that you left, they didn’t care that you were there either. He stops giving the best of you to those who don’t deserve half of your feelings. They are unloading all their traumas on your shoulders and it is not fair. Life is not rosy, but it is not about tolerating bad energy either. If your intuition tells you to leave, don’t hesitate, to do it, please. 

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