If You Are Going To Love The Signs, You Better Don’t Love Them

You Better Don't Love Them

If You Are Going To Love The Signs, You Better Don’t Love Them

There comes a time in life when you have to look in the mirror and understand that we deserve everything beautiful because, despite the wounds that have accumulated in our souls, we have the courage to continue shining. We already had to deal with mistakes, toxic people, and the cruelty and hypocrisy of many. It is worth closing the doors of the crumbs. The signs know what I’m talking about, there’s not much to say, if you’re going to love the signs at times, you better not love them, because their heart can’t take so much crack anymore. 


Maybe one of your sweet sins is that you can’t stop loving. You’ve been broken in the worst way and you’re able to look up to show the world what you’re made of. Your emotions are extreme because you don’t understand that to hide what the soul screams. Definitely, you expect a love that teaches you, inspires you, someone who reminds you that despite the bad times you are not alone. You want to feel that this person is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Love at times is mediocre and hurtful and you are not going to continue exposing your feelings. Now, you understand that a lot of people liked the site you gave them, but you don’t think you’ll make the same mistake again. That Aries who forgave everything is already in the past. The only person you owe an apology to is yourself for not loving yourself above all else. 


Sometimes, they dare to call you crazy, because they believe that you should not give everything to that special person. You are used to keeping your emotions, but when you feel comfortable you show your sweetest side, the one who falls in love, listens, and helps the other find the best version of him. You like things clear, thinking about the matter not only stresses you, it disappoints you. You can’t understand how someone who claims to love you doesn’t show it, on the contrary, he looks for a way to harm you every time he has an opportunity. You don’t want love at times, because it’s not fair that you give your best and they throw it away. You are in love with the idea of ​​love, commitment, and loyalty. If someone is not on the same channel, they can leave your life as soon as possible, please stop taking up your time. 


The truth is that you are already tired of the silly idea of ​​love, the one in which they pretend that everything is perfect and problems do not exist. What you want is something genuine, someone who is not scared when it comes to sharing his hobbies, who has the courage to admit his mistakes, and who is tired of jumping from love to love. You do not want just anyone to touch your heart, because you are annoyed with love that does not seek formality. There has come a point in your life where you want to settle down and not run away from your emotions. Affection is important to you, but actions say it all. It is useless for them to tell you that they love you if when you most need love, a hug, or a caress, they leave you to your own devices. For that, it is better that they do not love you. 


Your soul is like this, Cancer, patient, dramatic, delicate, it is brave, the one that is not afraid to shout at the world when someone lives in its heart. Maybe they say that madness is the one that governs your steps and the truth is that yes, you love to love without measure, without time, and without worrying about what people say. You give yourself so much that you open the doors wide for that person. What you hate the most are casual relationships, you don’t want something at times, and the ghosts of love are the ones that break you the most. They have a knack for taking you up to heaven and then letting you go when you least expect it. An enemy to your emotions, for that you better stay single. 


After so much experience, life has shown you that you deserve to be loved in each of your facets, even when you can’t even stand yourself. Loving is not synonymous with perfection, it is deciding every morning to live with that person and find the optimal point in everything. You expect the best because you always give your best. Some may say that it is your ego that is more demanding, but no, it is your desire to receive a message wishing you a good morning or asking if you have already eaten. You are not for love that one day they give you everything and the next they do not even remember your name. You prefer your solitude, focus on your goals and thus make it clear to anyone looking for a space in your life that you are worth a lot, and that strengthening your self-esteem has cost you a lot of tears to let them hurt you again. 


Fortunately, Virgo, the greatest lesson that past love has taught you is that patience will lead you to the right person. You like to take very slow steps because you are very clear that you never stop getting to know people and you don’t want to find surprises. For you to deliver your emotions you need much more than a pretty story, you want a person who gives you security, someone who doesn’t make you wonder if it’s good or bad to be by their side. That person who looks you in the eye fills you with hugs and love, but at the same time cares about your well-being. Someone who doesn’t clip your wings, who motivates you, and who is capable of recognizing each of your qualities. That is the love you dream of, the one from the movies that have already been forgotten in a drawer, and now you are looking for a real soul. 


Definitely, you are not going to deny it, you are crazy in love from the side they see you and the truth is that you love it. For a long time, they made you believe that you were exaggerating, that faithful love does not exist, and that it is better to look down when you are hurt instead of saying what you feel. Not anymore, the ashes of the sign that one-day thought was already carried away by the wind. Now, you know that something nice awaits you, a couple of those who understand what it is to give half and half in everything. You’re tired, you don’t want to be the one who takes the reins of the relationship, the one who does whatever it takes to save what they have. That’s why now you decide to stay with couples who join you, who don’t leave when everything collapses. That’s the love you aspire to, where you both acknowledge that you’re not perfect, but are willing to deal with your differences. 


You may not show it all the time, Scorpio., but you are a person who loves relationships, you really like to invest energy in conquering, and you really enjoy the company, the details, and the surprises. However, you prefer your a thousand times your bachelorhood than getting entangled with the wrong heart. You are extremely emotional and that makes you feel vulnerable, you are not going to share all your secrets with someone just because you like them. You want much more than a relationship to which you are attracted or have an affinity. You are going to stay with someone who has the courage to respect your lows, someone who does not minimize your dreams, and who feels proud every time you throw yourself into the ring, even if you are very afraid inside. You don’t let opportunities pass you by, but you don’t stay long in a place where they don’t make you feel loved. If they are going to love you at times, let them go, you give yourself more love by yourself. 


Honestly, whoever doesn’t have the courage to stay by your side is because they don’t deserve you. You are not demanding, you do not want a person who is with you 24 hours a day. You like independence and you take great pride in your partner working on their own dreams. It’s simple, you stay with someone who doesn’t let go of your hand when things get tough. It’s true, you get attached easily but don’t confuse your love with love, it’s not the same. You know how to raise a barrier when it comes to letting yourself go and that has helped you get away from love affairs that are only passing by. You are not going to allow them to promise you the sky and the stars so that later they leave as if nothing had happened. You are not for love at times, they make you lazy. You don’t have the need to go around begging for attention, because you have yourself and that is more than enough to live fully until the right one arrives. 


There is nothing more cowardly than awakening love in a person without having the intention of truly loving them. You have learned that there are those who have the gift of lying, they know very well how to get excited and then let go. It’s not that you’re naive, it’s just that you’re able to trust that they’re going to build something in the future and that’s when they take advantage of your sensitivity. You may not be one of those who is always showing love, but when you do, you are very genuine. You know what you want, and you are not afraid of ties, on the contrary, you enjoy realizing that you are both on the same channel. However, you will not tolerate that they love you at times, and no matter how much in love you are, you leave. You are no longer the innocent Capricorn who allowed everything in order not to let go, disappointments ran out. 


What you long for the most is to find that person who is capable of becoming your friend and your lover. Aquarius, someone who doesn’t stop you, who enjoys every time a crazy idea crosses your mind and who motivates you to keep going. They say that long-lasting relationships scare you because you supposedly don’t know what to do with the commitment and you run away. They definitely don’t know you, it’s not that you’re afraid to love, it’s just that you haven’t found the right person and you’re not going to waste time with the wrong one. Your personality is obsessive when you put your mind to it and helps you deeply analyze bad intentions. No matter how much love you have for someone, you don’t plan to stay by their side. You are too smart, strong, and independent to settle for scraps. 


Yes, you are one of those who think too much and your insecurities often make you believe that you are not worth enough. That is the reason why you end up giving your heart to the loves who just want to have a good time and that does not go with your personality at all. It is impossible for you not to involve the feelings thoroughly because you do not understand that of loving above. You are not going to stay with a superficial love, who has to fake it all the time to get attention. You don’t care if they call you crazy, you still believe in love at first sight, in those connections that happen once in a lifetime, and that when they appear they fill you in every way. Go calmly, it will come and meanwhile, you are not going to allow them to know all the good things about you so that they love you for a while. You deserve so much more and it’s okay to demand it. 

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