When You Love With All Your Soul But There Is No Happy Ending

There Is No Happy Ending

When You Love With All Your Soul But There Is No Happy Ending

There are loves that are not destined to be together. One of those who give themselves with all their strength, but not all the amount of feelings they have for each other is enough to share life. And it is that they arrive without warning, you find them in a corner of the world and from that moment you understand what it means to believe in magic. You don’t need to say much, because it shows in the way you look at that person, how nice you smile when you mention them, and how nervous you get when they arrive. Surely, you already thought of his name, it is there, kept in the secrets of your memoryWhen you love with all your soul but there is no happy ending… Each sign experiences it in its own way:


The first time that person appeared in your story, it was vibrant, like a flame running through your entire body. From the first moment, a passion awoke in you that you thought had been forgotten and made you want to take his hand to go around the world. Perhaps that led you to think that it was the love of your life, but it is not so. Not always whoever shakes you brutally is the right heart. Sometimes, they only come so that you can learn and realize once and for all what you are not going to allow in a relationship. You are intense, you give everything when you love and that can cause you to see a future where there is none. It’s time for you to accept it because not everyone deserves to go crazy by your side. Trust, it will come. 


Every time someone starts to move your feelings, be very clear that you do not deserve to be anyone’s indecision Taurus. There are times when you end up falling in love with the person you least imagined, but with whom you have built a very strong bond of friendship. However, it is not worth staying in the middle of the road, like the friend who is always ready to dry your tears. There is no point in giving too much when the other clearly has other intentions. The love of a couple goes beyond that, it is mutual, and you cannot settle for being loved halfway. Tell him you don’t like greys, there are only two of them, and he wants or doesn’t want to be by your side. If they can’t love you, leave and make room for someone else to. 


Please, do not allow your ego to decide for you in matters of love because it can lead you to have relationships with unhealthy hearts. Sometimes we confuse wanting with habit and it is the worst thing that can happen to you. When you start to conform and ignore your true emotions, life goes away and you can stay with someone who will not be your happy ending. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed because something made you believe that it was there and that you will not find someone else who fills you to that level. Gemini is not about possessing, when the other person becomes a need, it is because you are doing something wrong. You are covering your gaps with their company, but at the end of the day, you feel alone. It’s not love, it’s your ego, the one that puts into practice the whimsical side of him to get what he wants. Do not fall. 


I know that life is very unpredictable and that many times you feel like you can’t take it anymore, but hold on because something better is always coming. It is possible that this person made you feel everything, seemed perfect, someone who knew exactly what you like and what you don’t. However, it is not your happy ending, and although it is very hard to accept it, it is very intelligent of you to take the reins and continue walking with everything and the pain in your soul. Your insecurities may tell you to return, not to give someone else a chance, but remember that you should not return to the side of the one who cuts your wings. Life is already complicated enough for you to become more bitter. Cancer, believe it, it will arrive at the least expected moment. 


They say that doing something crazy from time to time is essential to maintain sanity and of course, it is something that you are very clear about. You don’t stay wanting anything, when you really like someone you throw yourself without fear of the consequences. The problem is that you are too hot and that obviously attracts intense beings who turn your world upside down and make you believe that they intend to love when they are not. Even your passion is misleading and tells you that you adore the company of that person. However, the fact that they are two perfect bodies under the sheets or that they share laughter until dawn is not enough to make it your happy ending. 


Definitely, you do not deserve to be with someone who only loves you when they are about to lose you. It’s hard to accept it because there comes a time when that person becomes your escape valve and without realizing it you begin to imagine a whole life with her. Virgo, the fact that someone showers you with compliments, is attentive and even thoughtful, is not synonymous with the fact that it will be your happy ending. I know that your heart is demanding and that you are not one of those who gets wrapped up the first time, but open your eyes a little more. You must be careful of the love that is passing through, but that is delivered as if there was no tomorrow. Those are dangerous because they envelop you with their magic and suddenly release you, regardless of whether your pieces remain on the ground. 


Pushing, but you already understood that in life the only thing you have left is to love yourself above all else, so much so that you have the courage to leave when they don’t give you the love you deserve. You’re a Libra, you don’t like being with someone only while the right person arrives, but it’s hard for you to say goodbye. Perhaps that is a point against you because you do not realize that by staying longer with someone who does not fill you up, you are losing the opportunity for another person to get closer. The worst thing is that you have an obsessive side that doesn’t understand the reasons and that when an idea comes into your head, nobody stops you and you want to show that it’s going to work. Do you realize? You are staying with someone who is not your happy ending to shut up mouths. No Libra, that’s not love. 


How strong you have become, Scorpio, after you have encountered people who hurt and who do not even have the courage to accept that they were wrong. You are a very intelligent sign, but you do not like the idea that others perceive you as someone vulnerable and that is the reason why you can confuse love with other things. When someone earns your trust, it makes you feel safe and motivates you, however, it may lead to a happy ending where there is none. Keep in mind that there are those who are naturally attentive to others, and it does not mean that they are in love or that they want to spend a lifetime by your side. Sometimes you have to be brave and let go even if it hurts, get those people out of your life, because you were never really in theirs. It’s not worth it. 


The worst thing you can do is punish yourself with that silly idea that love will never come to your door. I understand you, I know it’s very hard to move on after a broken heart, but the lows are part of growing up. Do not forget that nothing in this life happens by chance, if you are going through a disappointment, that’s how it had to be, with the passage of time you will understand the reason why it did not work. Every time you get anxious and feel a sudden desire to call that person, ask yourself what got you hooked, what are you remembering? The past no longer exists, don’t stay there, because that person has already changed and the only way to deal with a relationship is that both want to. Don’t stay next to someone who doesn’t know how to give love. That will lead you to a very sad ending. 


Yes, there are things that have hurt you so much to the point of breaking you, but that has not been a reason enough for you to throw in the towel in matters of the heart. You are a very intelligent sign and you have learned that behind a pretty face lies may live. You have a really hard time letting someone break your shell, but when you do, you can also fall to the extreme. Remember that flowing too many leads to chaos, you have to find a balance. Otherwise, you may end up with someone who celebrates your triumphs all the time, but nothing more. In other words, you deserve much more than a partner who only approves of everything you do. You have a lot to give, a beautiful love, don’t settle for hearing that they love you, but they don’t do anything to show it. 


What happens with you is that most of the time you are prepared to prevent someone from entering your heart lightly, because you are not one to show your feelings quickly. There is something inside you that prevents you from trusting completely and, on the one hand, it is good because you get away from emotional parasites. However, there are times when your boredom can cause you to end up loving the wrong way. Stay with the person who knows your flaws, who does not seek to change you, and who does not give yourself up when you feel alone, because that can become the worst of your ordeals. When your heart is fragile, don’t let anyone in. Let it be a brave man who manages to conquer you until your self-love is your best presentation. 


You know very well that it takes a lot of courage to love the way you do. You are in love and it is not something that makes you feel inferior, on the contrary, you trust that sooner or later that person will come your way to fill your days with light. Definitely, you are not scared of feeling fluttering in your stomach, you enjoy the adrenaline every time you get to know the follies and hobbies of a new person. However, you must be cautious, because if you rush too much you will end up giving your best version to someone who does not deserve a second of your time. Be patient, nothing happens if you measure the terrain before anything. You are not a person with filters, it is very worth being by your side, but there are those who do not deserve you to tell them everything about yourself. In time you will understand the reason why it was not your happy ending. 

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