According To Your Zodiac Sign Your Worst Enemy

Your Worst Enemy

According To Your Zodiac Sign Your Worst Enemy

They say that you should not reward the enemy with your tears, the best thing you can do is give him a smile, because what he wants is to see you torn to pieces, but with you that no longer works. It’s been a long time since you stopped pleasing people, now you listen to your heart, period. However, your zodiac sign does not fit with everyone, there are those who are a thorn in your shoe and you would like them as far away as possible. Whoever does not bring you peace is of no use to you. This is your worst enemy according to your zodiac sign:


You are an ambitious soul, but never with the intention of feeling better than others, you strive because you like the best and you love when things go as planned. The competition does not scare you and following orders is not your thing, you were born to be a leader. For this reason, your personality does not fit with Taurus and Virgo, they are two signs that are too practical, and closed, and do not dare to break the monotony easily, which upsets your nerves. 


Of course, material matters, but that does not mean that you are heartless, but at this point, it would be very foolish of you to let people into your life just because of their pretty face, you need comfort, luxury, and stability. For this reason, Aquarius and Sagittarius do not fit your style, they are intelligent but very unpredictable, not constant and that causes your insecurity. There is nothing worse than doubting the person next to you all the time. 


Your heart is free, it loves to walk here and there, and you are mesmerized by new souls and minds that put every last part of your brain to work. You are daring and changeable and you never settle for a life you don’t like. Therefore, they do not fit with you, Virgo and Capricorn, they are very demanding, they do not like the new and they can immerse themselves in their earrings, instead of going out to live every second. So much chain does not go with you. 


Of course, your feelings are noble, you are not worried about becoming the pillar of the people you love, because your protective side encourages you to always be at the foot of the canyon. For you, family ties are life and you don’t like to keep your emotions halfway, even if they call you exaggerated. However, Leo and Sagittarius do not think the same as you, they are more extroverted, and dominant and it is difficult for them to show what they really feel. 


People often say a lot of negative things about you, they say that your ego drives you and that you are in need of attention all the time, but that is not the case. Leo, you are lively, free, and demanding. You are not willing to let your guard down to fit into the world of others, if they do not meet your expectations, you leave. So it is not a good idea to associate with Scorpio, who is very manipulative, and even less so with Aquarius, who is too unstable for your liking. 


Really, having the spotlight on you has never been your goal. In fact, keeping a low profile has worked wonders for you, because that way you move forward without having to deal with unnecessary envy. You are very calm, you hate chaos and you like rules. For this reason, it is not a very good idea for you to have ties with Sagittarius and Ariesthey find it difficult to control their ego and also their impulses, their weakness is adrenaline and that does not go with you. 


A part of you is too permissive, Libra, you become the person who is always there for others and you don’t always receive the same in return. In the same way, in which you prioritize the emotions of others, you must also listen to your own. You are a good person, but not everyone deserves your sympathy. Above all, Aries and Scorpio are two signs that break with your harmony and fluidity. You may like them, however, forming a long-term relationship is almost impossible. 


Of course, you don’t waste your manipulative part and that doesn’t make you a bad person, you simply move the game pieces in your favor. It is known that grays do not fit with your life, you need vibes, colors, and intensity. However, I do not recommend having serious relationships with Gemini and Aquarius, they will make your head explode due to so many unforeseen changes. They are so unpredictable that your emotions break every time you are next to them. 


What moves you is the unknown, you feel very good when freedom guides you, you rarely think before you act, you are used to asking for forgiveness more times than permission and you don’t let the good times slip by, you are always ready what life has prepared for you. Therefore, I recommend that you stay away from Virgo, he is very obsessive. And Cancer, instead of supporting you, will clip your wings. 


Being resistant is already included in your DNA, you love to go against the tide, but not for fun, because you are not afraid of hard work. Of course, that ambition is your engine, because you love to say with pride that nothing you have achieved has been given away. You like to feel that you can against the world. But stay away from Leo and Aries, they are always on the defensive and if you don’t stay silent, it will be a sure war. 


That thing about following the herd bores you, stresses you out, and turns your goals upside down. You prefer to create your own world, in which the signals are not received and you simply listen to your intuition. You love to innovate and direct yourself, saving face is not your goal. Therefore, do not get too close to Capricorn and Taurus, it is difficult for them to listen to their inner voice and they are also very stubborn. 


Perhaps for the rest, you are hypersensitive because they are afraid of embracing their empathetic and compassionate side, but you have no problem with that, you flow like water. Also, your creativity is unmatched, you have a unique talent to connect through art. However, it is not recommended that you establish lasting relationships with Gemini and Leo, their way of seeing life can hurt your feelings, and it is difficult for them to understand the purity of your soul. 

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