Ranking Of Signs From Best To Worst Friends

Ranking Of Signs From Best To Worst Friends

There are friendships that are very valuable, there are friends that you know will be by your side for a lifetime. There are signs that their friendship is worth much more than gold and there are other signs with which it may be a little more difficult to maintain a healthy friendship, or directly a lasting friendship, either due to mistrust or emotional detachment. Here is the ranking of the signs from best to worst friends: 

  1. Libra

Libra people are the kindest and most peaceful of the entire zodiac. There are rarely overly toxic Librans and rarely do they deliberately hurt. They have a strong faith in Karma, and for this reason, they always try to give their best. Libra’s heart is one of the best in the Zodiac and this is very noticeable in the friendship that they offer to others. Libra will never hurt you on purpose, what’s more, they will do everything possible to protect you from the harm that others may do to you. You are comfortable giving, even when you give much more than you receive. And that is worth admiring and valuing. If you have a Libra friend, you will know how special it is to be by his side.

He will always do anything you ask of him and will even go above and beyond without asking for anything in return. Also, Libra is generally a social butterfly who loves to go out and meet new people. She enjoys surrounding herself with people who bring her new experiences. And the best of all is that she will never hold a grudge and she will always be one of the first to forgive and make peace in the middle of an argument or a problem. Even when she knows that he is not wrong or that the problem is not her fault, she does her best to fix things. Honestly, he is worth having as a friend.

  1. Pisces

Pisces is one of the most sensitive and loving signs of the Zodiac. And it is thanks to that sense that they connect very well with the rest of the people, especially with those that he knows will never really betray him. It is one of the most empathetic signs of the Zodiac, Pisces is one of those people who knows what is happening to you without even telling them anything. He is one of those who puts himself in your skin and is able to share the pain with you. All this is thanks to his intuition, his sensitivity, and his big heart.

Little Fish always looks out for his friends before himself and usually goes beyond what you ask of him. The point is that if he gets wet with someone, he does it on his own, even though everything moves him, he won’t get wet for everyone who asks him, that’s for sure. More than being a friend, Pisces is like a father or a mother, he always makes sure that all his people have everything they need and that they suffer as little as possible. He is very faithful to his people and many times he will be there even if you don’t ask him to.

  1. Gemini

The friendship that Gemini can give you is something that cannot be compared to anything. It is so different and so special that anyone will want to be his friend. The connection you feel from minute 1 with any Gemini is something that cannot be explained in words. Geminis are very social people, people who love to surround themselves with people and share their lives with the people they love. Of course, many times he can be a gossip and foul-mouthed, there will even be more sensitive friends who may think that there is no love in the relationship. But none of that, for Gemini his friends are sacred and he KILLS for them. They are very extroverted people who live by and for their people.

In addition, Gemini is a very intelligent sign, in general, it is a person who has lived a lot and has many experiences behind him. And thanks to all that he has experienced, he is one the signs that he always has the best advice, the best words, and the best way to help people from him. Being next to him means fun and guaranteed laughter. By his side the time to fly and if you have a friend of this sign, he will surely be in your Top 3 friendships. He has the ability to make anyone close feel special, but at the same time, he also knows how to listen, understand and empathize.

  1. Leo

In friendship, Leo is one of the signs that transmits more calm and more positive energy. He has the ability to make anyone around him feel much safer and more protected. Leo is the protector of the Zodiac. With Leo you will never be afraid, next to him you will feel a VERY loved person. He is the friend that everyone wants to have because his heart is huge. When Leo finds someone who really knows how to value his friendship, he is capable of doing anything to make his life much better.

It is true that sometimes Leo has a bit of a dangerous start and that so much security and so much energy that he gives off can make your stay in the shade, but that is something he does unconsciously. He talks about himself a lot and loves being the star at all times. If you know how to tolerate this and you don’t mind his way of being, he will be the most generous person in the world with you. As soon as he discovers that one of his friends has a problem, he is the first to go to help and talk to him. Of course, you will have to remember that his sincerity is not suitable for cowards. If Leo has to open his eyes and show you reality, he will do it yes or yes. Precisely because he will always want the best for you.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of those people who has many acquaintances and very few friends but prefers it that way. As social and outgoing as he may seem, Sagi is not one of those people who gives away his friendship to just anyone. And that’s what makes his friendship so valuable. Yes, it is true that Sagittarius is a bit of a “fly” person and that he always goes for it, basically because he does what he wants without taking others into account many times. But when you are his friend, he does not behave in the same way and he will be by your side for life. There will be times when you feel closer and others further away, but the connection will always be the same.

You know that no matter what happens, with Sagittarius you can always count, for better and for worse. Also, just like Leo, he is a hyper-sincere and impulsive person. He can’t bite his tongue and if he has to tell you things, he’s going to tell you very clearly. He will always do it for your best and rarely says things to annoy or mess someone off. In fact, he gets into trouble many times because of his blunt sincerity. If you are blinded to reality, calm down because Sagittarius will take the blindfold off you very quickly and give you a reality slap. But he will always do it for your good, Sagi with his friends is not going to hurt you on purpose.

  1. Aquarius

It is true that Aquarius is a very difficult person to understand and that he is very different from others, but that is exactly what makes him so special. Aquarius is that person with whom you will ALWAYS have fun, whether doing one thing or another. He is very geek and has quite an absurd and silly sense of humor, but at the same time, you can go from that to talking about the most interesting topics in the world. He is a super independent person and many times his head is on another planet, so there may be days when you stay with him and he does not show up because he has forgotten, or others when you ask him for a favor and he forgets. completely. You have to be a little on top, he remembers that it is not because he does not want to do it to you but because he has an extremely clueless mind. The Aquarius friendship is a friendship different from that of other signs, a friendship that you rarely tire of or find boring.

Despite being a little distant and cold, when you really enter her heart, it will take time for you to want to leave again. Don’t worry, Aquarius will let you be there all the time in the world unless you betray. When you begin to understand his quirks and understand his mind, you will enter that kind of world that you will never want to leave. Aquarius really likes to make his friends feel special, even if he doesn’t spend as much time with them as he would like.

  1. Virgo

The special thing about the Virgo friendship is that it is one of those friendships that last a lifetime. It’s very difficult to build a relationship with a Virgo, but once you gain his trust, it’s FOREVER. There may be many ups and downs or a lot of distance between the two of you, but when you enter his heart it is not to leave. Obviously, there are always exceptions, and within those clauses is treason or lies. He can’t stand that kind of people and he doesn’t forgive. Although he is in love, Virgo values ​​friendship very much, and true friends will always be a step above almost anything.

It is true that he has a character that is sometimes difficult to understand and that he has a slightly dark and manic side that you have to know how to deal with, but once you get used to living with it, everything is much easier. Virgo’s advice is one of the best advice of the Zodiac. And it is that Virgo is so sincere and so intelligent that his advice is direct and full of wisdom. And speaking of advice: it is always better to have Virgo as a friend than as an enemy.

  1. Cancer

Cancer has a huge heart and has love to give to any friend who comes into their life. Cancer is a very familiar sign, a sign that loves to surround itself with his people, and he is very friendly with his friends. It is true that he has a hard time trusting others, especially when he still does not know them in-depth, but once he opens up, that person becomes almost family for Cancer. The Crab has a strong sensitivity and instinct that often fails but is also very passionate, often giving too much to others, even before they really know them. He is usually more about having lifelong friends than about changing every two for three.

He gives much more than he receives but not to just anyone, only to those he really trusts and loves. She has a big heart, yes, but she has suffered a lot and she doesn’t want to suffer again, so as he gets older and experiences, she becomes a little more distant. It is true that sometimes he gets excited too quickly but as soon as he discovers that they have betrayed him he makes a cross. Nothing will ever be the same. Cancer can forgive, but he will rarely give a second chance in terms of friendship. In friendship with Cancer, you also have to be very careful, because when he goes through bad times he has a very negative side and can drag you into that dark place that he sometimes gets into…

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio is a very interesting sign when it comes to talking about friendship. What he values ​​most in the world are trust and loyalty. With Scorpio, all your secrets will always be safe and sound, but he expects the same from you. If you want to be by his side for a long time, you better be someone who is sincere and who is always with the truth ahead, because if not, Scorpio’s friendship will only last a few days. His intuition can be a good thing and a bad thing… Something good if you are really honest with him, but something bad if you betray him from behind, so be careful. In addition, he is one of those who charge it if you do it, whoever you are, friend, family member, partner…

The biggest drawback to Scorpio’s friendship is their damn dark side. That side that makes him so hard to understand and so hard to like. He is a person who has a slightly different sense of humor and his jokes and his way of having fun are not always liked by others. He has a way of saying things, of feeling, of connecting that is a little different and difficult to understand at first… It’s not that it’s a worse friendship than the others, it just takes time… Above all, with certain people. But his friends will be incredible and one of those that lasts until death.

  1. Aries

Aries is a very fun person who likes to always be up and down, he loves plans that involve risk and that make him feel a lot of adrenaline through his body. Being ranked #10 doesn’t mean he’s a bad friend, it just means there are a lot of things he could do better. Aries is very close to his friends when he wants to be, but it is also true that he is a very detached person who has a hard time showing his emotions if you don’t transmit anything to him. And perhaps in a friendship, it is important to be closer and from time to time open up and let people see what is happening to you. Aries is pure fire and it is true that it is here today and there tomorrow. And maybe you think that he’s over you or even feel bad because you think he could have gotten angry. But it is that Aries is a free, independent soul and does not usually stay in one place for a long time. But the friendship? the friendship continues!

Aries is much more sensitive than it seems at first glance, but the problem is that he doesn’t know how to express everything he feels. Also, another reason to be at number 10 is that she has a very dangerous character. She quickly takes things on the defensive and thinks they are attacking her when all they are doing is trying to help her. Aries is always ready to argue and make a drama about anything… But he is an amazing friend if you understand his lifestyle.

  1. Taurus

Friendship with Taurus is somewhat complicated because he is a very distant and somewhat closed person, emotionally speaking. Taurus is very intelligent and loves to know new things, it’s not that he has a closed mind, but what he does have closed are his heart and his ideas. Taurus is that friend you can always trust because they will take all the secrets to the grave. Moreover, he is also one of those friendships that lasts the most over time and that he is capable of doing anything for his true friends. But the problem is in that stubbornness and in being so distant. You never seem to know what he really feels, what’s really going on inside him.

Sometimes, and especially when he’s in a bad mood, it’s very difficult to make him see reason. When making a plan, you always have to do what Taurus says because if you don’t, he gets angry and walks away. You have to understand that you are surely going through a temporary bad moment. Taurus is not like that as a rule. He thinks that he is a person who has a hard time saying what he feels, what bothers him, and what happens to him. Taurus is more about staying quiet and letting others guess what’s going on. And in true friendships, you have to trust the other person and not be afraid to talk about his feelings.

  1. Capricorn

The true friendship of Capricorn can become something very special but it is true that sometimes, it can also be something very problematic. A friendship with Capricorn will never be easy… Not at the beginning, not at the end. Capri has a hard time trusting others and that’s a big problem. Even when you are telling him to trust you and you are showing him that you are a trustworthy person, Capricorn will continue to distrust you, possibly, and even if it bothers him to admit it, because of that insecurity he has in himself. And that is something that can greatly disappoint his true friends. Capricorn will be there for everyone, but if it is she/he who is wrong, do not look for him because he will not be there for anyone. He has a tendency to close in on himself, to have seasons in which he doesn’t want to know anything about anyone…

As a good earth sign that he is, he is a super loyal person who would never allow himself to betray any of his own and that is something worth valuing. But it is true that the dark side of him is too dark. Also, he is a very cranky and stubborn person. He always has to do what Capricorn says and he always has to be right. Friendship with Capricorn will not be easy, it is something that requires a lot of patience… But yes, it will be intense and very enriching, they always have something to contribute. He will always hold your hand when you need him most.


Ranking Of Signs From Best To Worst Friends

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