According To Astrology: This Is Why You Feel Like Struggling With Life In 2023

Struggling With Life In 2023

According To Astrology: This Is Why You Feel Like Struggling With Life In 2023

There are many reasons why we don’t feel quite ourselves right now. The cosmos is undergoing some significant changes in this new year 2023 and so are we.

In fact, each zodiac sign will struggle with planetary alignment this year, and in its own unique way. How can we all best deal with this?

Find out:


Your challenge will be to break free from some of the overly rigid life goals that are defined by society.

You might think you have to get married by that age, make money by that age, own a house by that age, and so on.

You don’t always have to work harder, be perfect, or push something. In fact, sometimes rest and relaxation is just as productive—and necessary.


Using logic in everything is your superpower – except in situations where emotions are far more relevant.

This can make it difficult to connect emotionally with other people. It might seem like you don’t care.

Therefore, your personal challenge is to recognize that emotions are also a valid response to situations, and even if you don’t feel them, many others around you probably do and would appreciate it if you acknowledged that.


You are so sensitive and compassionate by nature that you might end up taking on the burden of others’ feelings rather than your own.

This gives you an excellent ability to connect with people, but if used too heavily it can lead you to a place of suffering.

You must learn to set boundaries without feeling guilty and step back from the caring role when not asked.


The Aries’s path is fiery, with a certain urgency and sometimes impulsiveness.

But it will be important for you to learn that not everything will happen in your timeline – and it really shouldn’t, because having things happen as fast as you want them to happen ultimately doesn’t serve you well.

The key here is learning to sit with the feeling of being disoriented or uncomfortable, even if the timing is a bit out of your control.


You have a reputation for being stubborn. In reality, this steadfastness springs from your deep resistance or fear of change.

But since the only guarantee in life changes, you are often confronted with new and unknown things.

So the sooner you learn to be okay with change, the sooner you’ll release some of your inner friction. Think of a few ways you can feel safe and secure when change is inevitable.


Freedom and diversity are important to you. And that’s all well and good – until it affects your sense of integrity and the trust others place in you.

Wanting to experience everything is a gift and a curse. You can do many things at once and you thrive when you do, but your challenge is learning not to leave people hanging.


You can easily guess when a loved one needs help and rush to their aid. But you can also fall into the trap of assuming that everyone else can and will automatically do the same for you.

It’s important to remember that other people may not necessarily be able to read your mind. Standing up for your needs may feel challenging, but it will be more than worth it in the end.


You definitely thrive in the spotlight. One of your core needs is to be seen, but the challenge is learning how to do it in a healthy way.

It has to come from within, through a sense of self-love that is so warm and radiant that it actually invites or attracts other people. Center yourself without marginalizing others.


Your detail-oriented judgment can occasionally stray in the direction of value. And that could lead you to hold yourself and others to an unrealistic standard of perfection.

When others fail to meet this impossible expectation, you are left disappointed. That’s why it’s important to recognize when your critics are becoming critical.


You have a great ability to make your partner feel loved – but sometimes it comes at the expense of yourself.

Perhaps you have a tendency to fall into codependency to the point where you lose connection with yourself.

This can manifest itself as a fear of abandonment or a strong reluctance to spend time alone. Your challenge will be to discover who you really are without a partner and what enlightens you.


As a water sign, your emotional will is incredibly strong. But because you tend to react quickly to situations, you may also give in to feelings of fear or distrust more easily.

Once that happens, it’s easy to get caught in a vicious cycle of feeling more and more distrustful and maybe even adopting a negative attitude toward everything and everyone.

Trusting people is what enables the vulnerable connections you crave.


As a traveler of the zodiac, you love to get away – but you can’t always run away from your problems, Sagittarius.

Your boundless optimism is what makes you so appealing, but it can also prevent you from acknowledging your mistakes or taking responsibility for something difficult.

Your harsh truth is that sometimes you have to take off your rose-colored glasses so you don’t just sugarcoat the uncomfortable things.

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