If he says these 13 things, your man is the absolute hit

His words say a lot about who he is. Hold on tight because this is your man forever!

You’ve been together for months or longer. Your new man seems to be a perfect match for you.

But how do you know that exactly? You don’t want to waste your time on the wrong thing and lately, your radar has been off.

Maybe he’s the quiet guy. It seems, because of his actions, that he cares a lot about you. Nevertheless, what he says is important and every word is like a small piece that leads to a great price: To you!

Listen! Here you can find out if he’s the right one. If he says these 13 things, your man is the absolute hit:

“You are beautiful inside and out.”
My friend said this to me at the beginning of our relationship and my heart melted. Let the other men keep looking: yours values ​​everything about you.

“I like your smile.”
This is the man who will try to make you smile again and again all his life.

“That is my opinion.”
When your husband is ready to share his honest take on a difficult situation or the new dress you bought, that’s what you want (most of the time) to hear. He cares so much.

And he doesn’t expect you to join him. He knows that you have your own amazing mind and that you are the one who knows best what is right for her.

“What do you think?”
Your boyfriend asks your opinion because they care. You are important to him.

It shows that he respects you. If he asks this question about the little things that come up, he’ll ask the same question about the bigger things that will come up later. He sees you as his partner.

“I support you.”
He’s not you, and he won’t always agree with your approach. If he can stand by you and your decisions, you have a fantastic guy for sure.

“I am sorry.”
It takes a really humble man to admit his mistakes. When it is clear that he has learned from that experience, get hold of it forever!

You want someone who doesn’t cover up their mistakes. Someone who is comfortable in their own skin, ready to grow and become a better person.

“You look amazing!”
Even if you need to know that he loves you for your personality, compliments like this one will keep your relationship exciting. Face it; You want to feel desired and beautiful. Bonus points if he says this if you are in your pajamas and you look unkempt!

“You can do it!”
Whether it’s a big presentation at work or a stressful conversation waiting for you with a family member, your husband knows that you are a confident and capable woman. He sees it and so should you.

He’s your greatest cheerleader.
Your brilliant man knows that by pushing and encouraging you can make your hopes and dreams come true. And if you do, he’ll be right there and party with you.

“I do that.”
If you’re in bed with a fever, or you’re up to your neck with deadlines, laundry, or parenting, he tells you not to worry about it.

An exceptional man will care more about you than about himself. He takes care of a long shopping list or mopping up your vomit.

He takes off your burdens and you are the happiest woman around.

“You’re funny.”
Your friend values ​​fun. Second, he thinks that you are giving him just that.
Laughter is also a great stress reliever. Couples who laugh together stay together. And who doesn’t want to have lightness and joy for a lifetime?

“I trust you.”
Trust is a huge thing for men. If your man can be vulnerable with you and can trust you with his deepest desires and secrets, you are ready to build an unbreakable connection. What you get with this man is a heart connection.

” I love you .”
It goes without saying that he should tell you that. Even so, it makes a difference for you to say these three little words.
He doesn’t have to say it every day. But he has to say it when it matters – and with ease.

“I know.”
With this statement, he acknowledges your feelings. He brings it like no other and is there for you, with a compassion that you have never experienced before.
After an “I know” has been said, nothing more needs to be said. Instead, a touch, a squeeze of your hand, or the drying of a tear speaks volumes. This man will be there when you have suffered a great disappointment or a great loss in your most emotional, painful hour.

If your husband routinely uses these terms, congratulations! You hit the jackpot with this man! Stay with him and you will have a bright future together.

If not, don’t give up on your new friend just yet. Listen to him a little more carefully before showing him the door. Give him the opportunity to further prove that he is either worthy of yours or, better still, should be with someone else.


If he says these 13 things, your man is the absolute hit

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