How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Keeps Their Promises

Keeps Their Promises

How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Keeps Their Promises

Keeping what we promise is not always easy, so we must be careful when giving our word to those who trust us. The truth is that being compliant is something that not everyone knows how to do. And, if this trait is one of the most marked in their personality, these people can be sure that they are not going to get very far. However, there are times when it is not a question of wanting to comply or not, but whether we can do it or not. For this reason, it is essential that we think things through before promising anything. Within the signs of the Zodiac, there are some who are super compliant, while there are others who find it much more difficult. This influence, luckily, can be modified a little. And, if we achieve this, we will be able to experience much more stable relationships. In this article, we want to talk to you about how each sign of the Zodiac keeps its promises and what it can do to improve this part a little more.


Aries natives are people with great impulsiveness within them, which is why they tend to promise things that they then find difficult to fulfill. It’s not that they do it on purpose and, the truth is, they feel very bad when this happens. And, the worst of all is that, on some occasions, others end up thinking that they have been lied to; Therefore, it is easy for them to lose many people along the way. In order to avoid this type of situation, natives of this sign should find a way to be a little more thoughtful. Meditation and practicing sports help a lot, so it is highly recommended for them. 


Without a doubt, Taurus is the most compliant of the Zodiac. There is not much that can be said about them in this regard, except that we can be sure that, whatever they promise us, they will keep it. There are no excuses or buts with them. Their word is of utmost importance to them, so they will never tell us what we want to hear, but rather what they can really do. Without a doubt, the Taurus people are one of the most trustworthy people we can meet. 


Natives of the sign of Gemini are somewhat special in this sense. They have a very dual personality, which leads them to go from one extreme to the other quickly. If we talk about keeping promises, the truth is that it will depend on the promise and the person to whom it was made. In addition, it will also depend on the situation at the time. Those promises that are made under any type of influence are the most susceptible to not being fulfilled, so before we get our hopes up, we must take into account the circumstances in which they have promised us something. To Geminis, we want to tell you that you should be more consistent with your promises and keep them all. There are people who trust them more than they may think. 


Cancers, as with Taurus, are very compliant people and it is very difficult for them to fail to fulfill something they have promised. In any case, even if this were to happen, the natives of this sign are people who will apologize a thousand and one times and, if we give them the opportunity, we can be sure that they will not fail us a second time. They are people who can generally be trusted. They never tend to disappoint those who have believed in them. 


There is no way for Leo to break his promises, but it is also true that he does not make them lightly. Natives of this sign usually think things through very well before taking a step, so when they promise something, it is because they have already more than assumed it and integrated it into their plans. They are characterized by being the most thoughtful people and, therefore, they only tend to promise things that they know they can keep no matter what. Therefore, it is not easy to see the natives of this sign make promises: they know that many are beyond their control, so they will avoid them as much as possible. They know well that, when you disappoint someone, it is difficult to regain trust.


Those born under the sign of Virgo tend to be very compliant people, but it is also true that there are promises that are left in the drawer. The only time this happens is when the situation has changed for them and has become less important. If a Virgo makes a promise to a person and the conditions between them are maintained, this person can be sure that a Virgo will deliver. Now, if for any reason, the situation in which this promise was generated changes, Virgos always reserve the right to withdraw their word. 


When a Libra promises something, we can be pretty sure that they will deliver. Natives of this sign are usually compliant in all aspects, so we can trust them. The thing about Libras is that they don’t usually make any kind of promises. They may give us their advice or they may tell us what they think, but they are very reluctant to make promises to anyone. Therefore, it is not a good idea to ask them to do it either, since we are going to find a direct refusal. 


Those born under this sign never make promises to anyone. And, if you do it (very punctually), there will always be nuances. That is, they can promise something, but it will always be something they can control. In addition, they are very clear in the “terms and conditions”, so if they do not keep their promise it is because something has happened, whether we saw it coming or not. For a Scorpio not to keep his promise is as difficult as for him to make it to us. Therefore, when they do, those who have been promised something can feel very lucky. 


Sagittarians are people who do not like to control anything: they simply flow with life and let themselves be carried away by it. They are very aware that, being this way, they never know what they will end up doing. For this reason, those born under the sign of Sagittarius never tend to make promises about anything. But almost nothing. And they are very strict about it. Their personal policy is very clear in this regard: if they ask them to promise something it is because this person wants there to be some commitment and this, Sagittarians, are not going to offer easily. 


Capricorns are very emotionally intelligent people, so they “see” the intentions and needs of others very quickly. This allows them to anticipate what they are going to ask for. And, therefore, they are prepared when the times come when someone asks them to promise something. Being so diplomatic, natives of this sign will find a way to save the situation without promising anything. Now, when they do it, it is because they want to and know well what this promise represents. So, we can be sure that they will comply. 


Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very independent people. They love going their own way and, above all, not having anyone control them. For this same reason, they are going to be very careful about making promises, because they know that they live in the moment and do what they want. Making promises means having to do something no matter what. And, for this reason, Aquarians will never, almost never, make us any kind of promise. They are people who like to feel free and assume very few responsibilities outside of those necessary in life, such as family or work. Promises, for them, are nothing more than another obligation that they must attend to and, not knowing if they will be able to fulfill it, they will choose to avoid these situations. 


Pisces are people who are not afraid to promise anything. Furthermore, when they do so, they do so knowing that this promise will be a priority for them until they fulfill it. Therefore, when Pisces tells us that he is going to do something for us, we can be sure that it will be so. What is true in this case is that we will only see Pisces making promises to those closest to them. They are not people who make promises all the time, so if we know them little or are not in their circle of friends, we can be sure that we will not hear them make any promises. 

When we make a promise to a person, they trust our word and place expectations on us. For this reason, it is necessary that, when we promise something, we are very sincere and put our word above everything else. 

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