These Zodiac Signs Make Empty Promises

Empty Promises

These Zodiac Signs Make Empty Promises

It’s easy to make a promise. It is then much more difficult to keep it. Some zodiac signs don’t keep appointments or do certain things that they promised someone else.

These zodiac signs are the masters of empty promises.


Cancers definitely have strong personalities and want to be perceived as authority figures, especially in the professional environment. Therefore, they often try to multitask and make promises, such as doing tasks for others or finding efficient solutions to problems. In doing so, however, they sometimes overdo it, which means that they cannot keep their promises.


Aries-born have the inner need to please everyone and make everyone happy. Basically, Aries want to be seen as someone who can be trusted and dependable, so they make promises they often can’t keep. Because it is often easier for the fire sign to simply say yes before having to justify it. However, it would be much better for the zodiac sign to be honest. Aries should just admit that they don’t want to do something. Your counterpart will forgive you!


Okay, when Pisces make a promise, they have every intention of keeping it. Pisces are so friendly and they want to help anyone who needs their help. The problem is that it is difficult for them to say no. As a result, they are constantly busy and can become overwhelmed by everything they have to do. Unfortunately, when they promise something, they don’t think about whether they can actually keep it. But that is simply in the nature of the dreamy Pisces.

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