The 50 Things You Should Know About Taurus

Know About Taurus

The 50 Things You Should Know About Taurus

Whenever Taurus is talked about, the super cliché arrives: What big heads they are! And yes, Taurus is a stubborn sign but that’s not a bad thing. Thanks to his stubbornness he always gets what he wants. Thanks to his stubbornness, his feet are so grounded that everyone looks to Taurus for the security he offers. But it is also that Taurus is much more than someone stubborn. Much more… These are the 50 things you should know about Taurus:

  1. Taurus does not like falsehood at all: neither imitation gifts, plastic flowers, or fake people. Those that offer you one face but have another behind. No no, and no.
  2. If you don’t want to tempt fate, it’s better not to try to make Taurus jealous. From being a calm sea, it can become a tsunami. And the consequences will be disastrous.
  3. When Taurus does something, they do it so well that everyone wants to have them as a partner to benefit from their successes.
  4. Taurus will only defend you if you go with the truth ahead. If not, you can already be his best friend or someone from his family, Taurus does not go there. He hates lies and falsehood, regardless of whoever weighs on him.
  5. If Taurus seeks to isolate themselves from someone, it is not always to get away from that person. Sometimes it is out of sheer need to relax, reflect, and clear your head.
  6. Taurus loyalty to their friends is Oscar-worthy. Perhaps the best of the Zodiac. And if a survey were carried out among his friends, not one would say otherwise.
  7. When Taurus has a goal, it goes to death but never “kills” anyone around to achieve it. He is legal and always plays fair.
  8. Emotions in Taurus are always there but they don’t always show them. His balance and the control he has over them is amazing.
  9. Taurus is possessive. And a lot. But it’s because he values ​​what he has. And who values ​​what he has, how is he not going to fight to the death if someone wants to take it from him?
  10. Do you know when it is said of someone that they are good people, that they have a good heart? Well, that’s Taurus. The Taurus heart is as big as the Universe. Taurus is big, yes sir.
  11. When Taurus starts and sets off to wherever they will always go all the way. And hardly get distracted. He is so clear that he is a bit scared to see so much determination. Among the 50 things you should know about Taurus, this is something to keep in mind.
  12. Taurus can be the calmest person in the world. But as he is forced out of his peace and calm, he will lash out with all the fury he can muster. And he has a lot!
  13. Taurus’s willpower is directly proportional to their stubbornness. No wonder he always gets what he wants!
  14. Important recommendation: It is better not to fight with Taurus. He never gives up until he wins.
  15. Taurus suffers when someone assumes that because it is a strong sign it cannot have weaknesses.
  16. The noise takes Taurus out of his placidity and makes him very nervous. It has the opposite effect of music. With music he not only calms down but he is happy.
  17. Taurus’s stubbornness does not always blind him to everything. Even being stubborn, if you have to apologize for having made a mistake or for having hurt someone, you ask for it. No problem. It would be more.
  18. The people who reach the heart of Taurus and touch it will always leave that mark there. Pass the time that passes.
  19. Taurus cares about many things in life. But the truth is that there are many others who don’t give a mess.
  20. Changes and complications destabilize Taurus. Because you have to decide between whether they are good and accept them or not accept them and settle.
  21. Taurus’s big white and tender heart turns dark and hard when angered with jealousy and absurd machinations.
  22. If someone is looking for Taurus to vent or to understand them, they will always find them willing. Unless he’s in one of his “please leave me alone” moments.
  23. Taurus is stubborn, yes, but it bothers him a lot that everyone always associates him with that characteristic. And what’s worse, let it be the only thing they keep. Taurus is so much more.
  24. When it comes to having partners, Taurus values ​​the kind of people they can be. For example, if you can take them home and get to know your family, it is somewhat in favor.
  25. Although they seem more serious, the joy of the Taurus comes from the heart. It may be less noticeable but it is deeper and means happiness.
  26. From Taurus, we can always learn one thing: that patience is good. And in Taurus, they become a virtue. What envy!
  27. When Taurus shows its good side, serenity, tranquility, and calm are appreciated. When he shows the bad side of him, it’s better to hide and not see him.
  28. If you want to take Taurus somewhere, it better be quiet. If not, he will be nervous and not very relaxed. And when Taurus gets restless and turns bad…
  29. One of the lies that Taurus repeats the most: I am not jealous!
  30. Taurus does not like anything at all that the past becomes present. And unless they remind him of mistakes he could have made.
  31. If Taurus loses trust in someone, bad business. When he offers her, he costs her the effort and hopes he won’t be betrayed.
  32. When someone lets a Taurus get into their heart, get ready. It will be the best thing you do in your life.
  33. Taurus has no problem easily forgiving if the person who fails them is worth it. But it’s better not to risk too much because sometimes he draws a line. And whoever passes it… bad, bad.
  34. Taurus makes himself loved so much that when someone bets on him and falls in love, he never wants to leave his side. It will be possible!
  35. The solidity and strength that Taurus shows always attract the attention of those who have just met them. The rest, he continues to attract attention every day.
  36. On the outside, Taurus may seem colder and more in love than it is. On the inside, he is a romantic in the books who is dying for the love of his life to arrive.
  37. Taurus surrenders in such a way that he suffers from not being reciprocated in the same way. In love, he always fears that they don’t love him as much as they do.
  38. The Taurus woman is one of those who prefers an intimate evening as a couple to a night out in style.
  39. As a friend Taurus will be generous and will offer affection and understanding. In addition to fidelity, loyalty, trust, security, protection… Shall I continue?
  40. The worst of the stubbornness of Taurus is when they do not see other points of view different from their own. Because when you don’t blind yourself, if there’s someone respectful, it’s Taurus.
  41. Although many do not believe it, Taurus is capable of doing something crazy. Although he will later be ashamed to be reminded of it.
  42. Taurus is amazing. But don’t brag about it. Of course, he likes to hear it from time to time from his friends, family members, or his partner.
  43. Taurus is moved by money, but for the daily security it offers. Although he will want to get it working, and hard. He doesn’t want anyone to give him anything.
  44. He likes practical things. Sometimes so much that it simplifies them too much.
  45. Taurus can be very funny but it is not a sign that is characterized by that. So when he brings out his clownish side, he likes that at least there’s no teasing.
  46. Any betrayal of Taurus, prepare whoever does it to him. Taurus will never forget it. And depending on what it is, he might not forgive her either.
  47. Taurus’s reputation for not being in a hurry has an explanation. It’s called prudence. And Taurus has plenty.
  48. The keyword that describes Taurus is generosity.
  49. Taurus loves the good things in life: good food and drink, lying down in nature, and sensual love. Very sensual.
  50. Taurus is a love symbol, and if not, look at the list of Tauros who confirm it: David Beckham, Penélope Cruz, George Clooney, and Megan Fox. Take it now!

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