Going Out With A Sign Like This Is Not A Good Idea

Not A Good Idea

Going Out With A Sign Like This Is Not A Good Idea

Have you put on the glasses of love? There are times when we become experts when it comes to decorating because we are not prepared to see the red flags or perhaps we do not want to see them. We like the person so much that we prefer to ignore everything to lose ourselves in our bubble of love. ring a bell? Let’s see, don’t judge yourself, we’ve all had relationships that later make us wonder, what the hell was I thinking? Definitely dating a sign like this is not a good idea. Seriously, go first. 


There are the two faces of Aries. On the one hand, we have the couple who inspires you to break the monotony, who is not afraid of shouting from the four winds that they love you, and who does not shy away from formality. However, there is the other Aries, the one who gets lost in his projects, he loves so much to feel that the power is in his hands that everything else is superfluous. That prevents them from fully committing themselves to a relationship and that’s when their loves leave when they realize that having space in their schedule is a daily competition. Nobody wants to love like that. 


On the outside, you may even be surprised that Taurus has some defect and it’s not because of ego, it’s just that they pay so much attention to every detail that it’s incredible that mistakes are present. The worst of his traits is that he resists change, he clings so much that when he finds a routine he can’t conceive of anything else. It’s such an ingrained sign that if he starts feeling pressured he’ll end up very angry, he hates being made to feel like he’s stuck. If your intention is to win his heart, do not question the foolish side of him, because he can be so inflexible as to leave you open-mouthed. 


It should be noted that not all Geminis are the same, but you have to open your eyes wide because they are very subtle when it comes to showing their cruel side. If that Gemini has an ego to the skies, you will end up with a shaken and broken soul. We are talking about someone who is not yet ready to settle down, and who probably comes dragging some wounds that prevent him from treating others sweetly, even when he is in love. He is not prepared for something so intense and if you are the one who gives more, you will end up crying. 


People tend to stay with the definition of a sweet Cancer, the one who always gives in and who is not afraid to give his heart without the certainty that it will be reciprocated. However, Cancer is not always the one who gives and gives, there are times when his sensitivity becomes so clouded that his darkest side appears, and that is when his anger takes center stage. If you think that Cancer is overflowing in love, you haven’t seen his bad side, he doesn’t really touch his heart to carry out his plans, he is very intense and resentment becomes his best companion. Don’t test it. 


You are so focused on what people are going to say that there are many times when you leave yourself in last place. The reason why it is not a good idea to go out with Leo is that they do not value themselves enough and they will value the other less. Leo has a side that worries about everything and can fall into the intense. The fact of trying very hard to be the center of attention is not a justification to forget about yourself and the person who accompanies you. Leo, he can love you with all his being, but he needs to be fine, don’t let him unload his shortcomings on you. 


Read well, nothing justifies the rudeness of a person, no matter what their arguments are, the moment they start to unleash all their anger on you, it is a sign that you should get away as soon as possible. Things don’t have to be perfect and Virgo’s wish that they are can make more than one cry. A stressed Virgo dares to judge too much. It’s not okay for him to say hurtful comments to you just because he feels that everything is getting out of hand. Things aren’t always going to go the way he wants and it’s something he obviously has to work on. 


There is a face of Libra that few know, which can become one of the worst emotional weapons because it has no mercy. When his intention is to hurt, he does it without looking back and with such cruel humor that it leaves you frozen. Libra, when he sets his mind to it, is extremely mysterious and distant. What he least wants is to become the person who falls at your feet, it is his pride that prevents him from giving in, but that becomes counterproductive. Sometimes the other person just wants to love and let go, but Libra is not prepared for that much and ends up hurting. 


Let’s see, no one is saying that Scorpio has to be measured and that it is wrong for his intensity to speak for him. However, don’t stick with someone who doesn’t feel like they’re alive if there isn’t a healthy dose of drama in their days. You shouldn’t get used to seeing everything more difficult. Let go of the Scorpio who blames you for everything and who doesn’t move a single finger to do things differently. Life is not about breathing anguish and fear, much less being in a relationship. It is for us to find the balance and the right person with whom we can share our world. 


When a Sagittarius gets defensive there is no human power that can win the battle, he is very passionate during conflicts, and the fact that his personality is so laid back can make him not care half of what you say. It is not worth being treated with the tip of the foot, no matter how much you love a Sagittarius, if he is not ready to set healthy limits and unfairly unload everything on you, better put an end to that relationship, because you will end up suffering. You are not here to deal with punishments that you do not deserve, let it be clear to you because that is not love. 


When Capricorn is angry, they can adopt a passive-aggressive attitude of the worst. Because he is not the type of person to shout what he feels, the more he hides it the better, and that becomes an ordeal for his partner because all the time he has to guess if he did something wrong or not. Don’t stay with a Capricorn who isn’t ready to look you in the face and say what he feels. His silence will end up hurting your heart, he doesn’t even have the courage to ask you for forgiveness. If he leaves everything in your hands, as if you were the only responsible person in the relationship, that’s not it. Go away, because afterward, it may be too late. 


It is one thing to be sure of your qualities and quite another to be bragging all the time in order to make others feel bad. It is not fair that your pretentious side goes through life tearing down hearts as if playing with other people’s feelings had no consequences. Aquarius, you are very intelligent, but nothing justifies humiliating others. When your shadow is the one that dominates the relationship, it is best to say goodbye. No one should stay next to a selfish being, it is synonymous with signing misfortune. 


What happens with Pisces when their negative side appears is that they can become extremely needy. It is a sign that one is too dedicated and knows no emotional limits, which can lead one to sink into pain and end up hurting the other, even without realizing it. If a Pisces does not have well-developed resilience, it is best that you leave, because they will not have the courage to face the consequences of their words or actions. Pisces is not prepared to have something in the long term and the worst thing is that he has not realized it. 

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