These Zodiac Signs Continue To Make The Same Mistakes In Relationships

Mistakes In Relationships

These Zodiac Signs Continue To Make The Same Mistakes In Relationships

Everyone makes mistakes in relationships – nobody is perfect. But there are people who make the same relationship mistakes over and over again and just don’t learn from them. And that could partly be due to their zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs just don’t learn from their past relationships.


Geminis tend to run away from problems. This also applies to their relationships. If things get difficult, they quickly pull the ripcord. They just don’t want to deal with relationship issues. Conflicts in partnerships scare Gemini too much. But because they never really face the whole thing, they don’t learn anything either. Because of this, they just keep running away and the game starts all over again in the next relationship.


The lion loves to spoil his loved one. Provided everything in his life runs like clockwork. But if the house blessing is crooked, the lion can quickly become moody. And then the partner gets to feel the concentrated and fiery extent of his temperament. Even if the other person is understanding for a long time, there will come a time when things will come to an end. And from that point on, the number one relationship point of contention is: Letting out a bad mood on the other person. But the lion remains intransigent, even if his relationship is ruined because of it.


Scorpio is a zodiac sign of extremes. Exactly these extremes can also be found in their partnerships. If things don’t go according to the ideas of the water sign in the relationship, it means the end of the relationship for him. Talk about it with your partner and find a compromise. This rarely happens in Scorpio. The water sign really gets into this relationship problem. For the Scorpio, the problem is then considered unsolvable, which is why he pushes his counterpart away from him. He does that over and over again. It would be time to reflect on it and approach problems with your loved one differently.

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