Women Of The Zodiac Who Cry With Smiles And Nobody Notes

Women Of The Zodiac Who Cry With Smiles And Nobody Notes

Life is like that, most of the time it does not warn, it shakes you with the force of a class 5 hurricane, giving you a tumble of emotions that many times you no longer even know where you are standing. It is difficult to struggle with the day-to-day, but never underestimate the strength that is in a woman’s heart. There are women of the zodiac who cry with smiles and nobody notices. Do you know why? They don’t want to be victims, they wipe their tears and move on. They are the strongest women of the zodiac because they trust that everything will happen. They can heal their wounds on their own, but from time to time it would be nice to have someone accompany them as they do so.

1.- Pisces 

Look at you, but really, everything you have achieved, the many times you thought you could no longer and always could. You are Pisces, the sweetest woman, the one we could describe as a pink light in the middle of the road. Yes, you have a very cheesy side that catches anyone, you are like that magnet that always calms down. You have become the shelter of many, even when it is you who cannot take it anymore. Sometimes, you break secretly because you don’t want to worry anyone because you know that you are capable of anything, that your qualities and talent is something that you carry in your soul and no one can steal them from you. Yes, you cry for the simple, for a beautiful sunset, when you appreciate the sound of the sea, feel the freshness of a plant. Your eyes get foggy with the little things and that’s okay. Do not hide anymore, do not be sorry to be you, there is nothing wrong with you. You are love, peaceful, you are the one who lifts others up without asking for anything in return. Give yourself a chance to be heard.

2.- Cancer 

One day you understood it, you realized that it is true that you have to thank those who left you in the dark because it was the only way you turned on your light. Cancer, you shine very beautifully, so much so that you become the hope of many. Your words are healing, they are full of protection, of affection, of a new beginning. Trust yourself, because you have the courage not to give up, even if your body and soul weigh you down. There are many times when you run away from your feelings, it seems that you are blaming yourself for going to the rhythm of the Moon. You are changeable, sweet, but also admirable and from the first moment you said no more, you have no longer allowed anyone to have the chance to trample you at will. It is not because of pride, or vanity, but try to try little by little, put yourself first in everything, so that you can see the way in which everything begins to smile more beautiful. Remember that you do not always have to be well, or be able to with everything, there are times when you only need a pause to continue.

3.- Virgo 

You are definitely the woman who decided not to look guilty in anything, now you just want to focus on yourself, on the way you react to pain, joy, fear, and many other emotions. However, you lose yourself in perfection, you spend too much time getting everything right, and you forget the most important thing. Virgo, you also have the right to collapse, to cry if you want, not to have fake smiles, and not to worry others. I know that what you hate most about feeling like a burden, there is a part of you that is not even willing to accept a compliment. Please, Virgo, you are more than a machine, it is the goodness in your heart that defines you. I know that you are an independent woman, that you hate that others solve things for you. But every now and then it’s okay to give you a hand, it’s okay that you can’t take it anymore. Okay, it’s a bad streak, not a bad life, it will pass.

4.- Scorpio 

Love, passion, joy. That is you Scorpio, it is your essence, do not let anyone turn you off little by little. Yes, it seems easy to hide the penalties with makeup, with a lot of work, with a couple of drinks from time to time. But deep down you know all you need is a little understanding someone who is capable of putting himself in your shoes, who does not judge you, who believes in you, who values ​​you. That’s what you deserve Scorpio, don’t settle for a life where you have to secretly cry at the end of the day. Do not force yourself to smile when it is not born. It is known that you are brilliant, but that is not synonymous with the fact that you are going to have things under control all the time. Sometimes in those desperate laughter hides a cry for help, but few are those who can decipher it. I just want to tell you that your thoughts are important, that you can ask for help if you need it, that you listen to your emotions, and that you don’t have to meet anyone’s expectations. You are much more than all that.

5.- Leo 

It is clearer than water, we are not always going to get what we want, but you have to trust because sooner or later life will give you what you deserve. Leo, you know that you are a woman pushed forward, that you hardly let the opinion of third parties influence the dreams you want to achieve. The problem is that you push yourself too hard and don’t talk to anyone until they turn into knots in the stomach and at the same time they leave you speechless. You feel things in a deeper way than the rest, but your ego does not let anyone else find out. You are used to being the one who always lifts the other up, the one who doesn’t give up, the one who looks for away. Leo, it’s okay if one day you don’t feel like doing anything if you just say no because you don’t want to. It’s okay to let go of others’ responsibilities, focus on yourself, your goals, don’t go out of your way to work on someone else’s dreams. Not everything has a solution, sometimes it’s just about letting yourself go and hoping that life will accommodate you somewhere. It’s okay to try hard, but don’t be so cruel to yourself, perfection doesn’t exist.

6.- Taurus 

You are the one who has a bull in your soul, the truth is that hardly anyone makes you doubt what you want to achieve. For you Taurus, there are always opportunities, but you know that nothing is going to fall from the sky like magic, so, you go out every day to fight for what you want. However, you have your weak moments, in which all you want is to feel the support of someone genuine, someone who does not judge you, who is willing to remind you that it is just a bad time and that tomorrow everything will be better. Many times you hide in a perfect appearance, in the woman who does not have time to cry. For this reason, few people get to know your vulnerable side. Taurus, you know that you are empathetic, understanding, that when you give love you do it putting loyalty first and that you do not allow anyone to mess with yours. The bad thing is that many times you expect the same from the other when it is not always possible. There are times when you wear yourself out for someone who is not worth a penny, better all that you expected that person to give you, now give it to yourself.

7.- Capricorn 

Capricorn, you are very clear that your only limit in this life is yourself. The moment you put on one lock after another, you sink. This is because you demand yourself in a way in which you break your emotions, you are not that job, nor the amount in your pocket, nor what you have at home. You are much more than that, people admire you for your courage, for that desire to always give more, those are the people you should have by your side. However, it is easier to hide what you feel, to pretend that everything is fine and many times you even focus on the problems of others. Capricorn, you are kind, but keep in mind that it is impossible for you to save someone when you are not well. Out there are a lot of piranhas thirsty to rip off your good energy. Pay attention to yourself, but really, because you are sinking for someone else’s thoughts. You don’t have to be liked by everyone. It is a thousand times better to be alone than to surround yourself with that kind of people, who will only leave bitter traces.

8.- Aries 

Aries, if you knew how beautiful you look from the right looks, you would trust your light a little more. You are an admirable, intelligent, sweet, and brave woman. There are many times when life has put you through so hard tests that you thought you were not going to overcome them, but in the end, the war that you carry in your guts was victorious. A wonderful woman, but with wounds that hide in a corner of your untouchable heart. Remember that the fact that you do not talk about something does not mean that you have overcome it, evading your emotions the only thing that will do is to form that void in the soul that cannot be filled with anything. Sometimes you want adrenaline, take the risk, break the monotony, because you are running away. Yes, you run away from yourself, from those moments alone in which thoughts flood you and tears are present. You want to entertain yourself in other things as if nothing was wrong, and you have become an expert in putting one patch on top of the other. But you know what? It’s okay for the wound to open, it’s okay for the pain to cloud you. What is not right is that you keep it to yourself, it is not fair to just share laughter, because the people who really love you will be there if you need it. Just trust and take out everything that does not allow you to move forward.


Women Of The Zodiac Who Cry With Smiles And Nobody Notes

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