When The Signs Smile At The Person Who Made Them Cry

When The Signs Smile At The Person Who Made Them Cry

In life, you only have two options after you are shaken mercilessly, sink into pain or get stronger, there is no more. It is clear that nobody likes to have their heart trampled on, but there are people who dress up very well. They come to you with a cute face and at the slightest distraction, they show you their lack of loyalty. It can be your partner, your friend, or a family member. You might break for a while, but sooner or later, you look up again. When the signs of the zodiac smile at the person who made them cry, there is no turning back.


And to think that in a moment you collapsed, you saw yourself there, so fragile and heartbroken. That person had the best of you, you gave him your time and you won’t regret it. Because you do know what loyalty is, you don’t beat around the bush and now you thank life for removing that bad company from your path. You can see her and smile because you didn’t do anything wrong, you have a clear conscience, but she doesn’t. 


It’s no secret that when you feel betrayed your whole world falls apart. You want to take a deep breath and move on, but it’s not that easy. However, you give yourself the opportunity to experience the pain until your tears dry. It is in that moment of loneliness that you find your inner voice and understand that life took that away from you because something better awaits you. 


It is true, that you are a complicated sign, you cannot tell someone that you are interested when you do not fully feel it. Your heart is selective, but it turns dark when you are not valued. Revenge may cross your mind because you have a very passionate side, but as the duel progresses you understand that there are people in the world who are not worth getting your hands dirty for. 


Your personality is incredibly emotional and you have no problem with it, on the contrary, it has cost you a lot of personal work to go inside yourself to accept yourself as you are. However, you feel doubly disappointed after giving your best to someone who only gave you the crumbs of their time and affection. That kind of people the further away, the better. 


There is something in particular that tears you apart when someone makes you cry, your ego. Leo, you are too strict with that, because you work very hard to excel in everything and when someone earns the label of a special person in your life, you do everything possible to make them feel loved. Knowing that you are not paid in the same currency hurts you, but you are not going to lose your dignity for anyone. 


Your heart doesn’t always understand reasons, there are times when it clings to the drama and doesn’t want to let go so easily. Perhaps because your mind reminds you of all those moments when you were by that person’s side, through thick and thin, for nothing. That makes you angry for a while, but then you understand that you don’t deserve so much negativity and the best thing is to cut that person out of your life. 


I wish everyone had their eyes when it comes to seeing the pain of others because you are capable of sticking your hands in the fire for someone you barely know. Probably, that is not so good, because there are people who are the spitting image of evil, but they hide it perfectly. Your heart breaks, you fall quickly and it is very painful to accept that not everyone has something good. There are garbage people and it is better to remove them from your life. 


Scorpio, they say you get bored easily, but what they don’t say is the kind of people that just cause you to yawn. In truth, you do not conceive how someone can fall so low and look for a way to harm you in the worst way. Your pride does not channel the situation well and you can become very hurtful at the time. However, you understand that the best thing is to flow because karma will come and that calms you down. 


Fortunately, you are a festive sign, you like mischief and you are not waiting for anyone’s approval. Sagittarius, you decided long ago to follow your heart and stop trying to please people. However, when they make you cry after you gave the most sacred of your essence, you find it quite wild. You don’t understand the person and you don’t want to, you just want them off your list. 


You have finally been able to turn the page, to smile at that person who made you cry. It is true that you do not usually shed many tears for anyone and less for people who hurt you. For those people, you can feel anger, but you will never dedicate even one of your tears to them. Now you finally shine, you have been able to look at your goals again and smile at that person who hurt you so much.


Your way of being is radiant, fighter, and determined, it would be absurd on your part to allow sadness to govern you only for someone who did not value your heart. It’s going to hurt for a while, there’s no doubt about that, but then you shine again and that’s when you understand that it’s not up to you to assume a person’s lack of affective responsibility. But what you can do is say goodbye forever.


You are sweet, vulnerable, and charming. That is why they take the liberty of entering your heart. People assume that they can have you at their feet and once they feel that way, they show their most fearsome and arrogant side. Now, you know that someone who sees you with his soul broken into a thousand pieces and tears present but does nothing does not deserve a seat in your life.


When The Signs Smile At The Person Who Made Them Cry

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