For Your Zodiac Sign The Most Undervalued Green Flag

Undervalued Green Flag

For Your Zodiac Sign The Most Undervalued Green Flag

They say that the key is to become strong in the heart, but not lose tenderness. Unfortunately, there are people who are not good, they do not deserve your time or your attention, only your limits. It is not worth fighting for someone who is unable to put themselves in your shoes, however, when they need you, they claim you. You are a wonderful zodiac sign. This is the most underrated green flag for your zodiac sign:


For you, relationships are or are not, you do not want to build ties by halves, if they are going to be part of your life it is so that they are through thick and thin. That’s how you are, you don’t make distinctions, and you give yourself the same energy in triumphs as in failures. You like to be treated with respect, listened to, and reminded that you are capable. Just as you are with others, it is your loyalty that speaks for itself. 


It is true, you are not the type of zodiac sign that goes through life forming bonds with everyone who gives you a smile, you need much more than superficiality. Your closest friends know that they can count on you, no matter the day or the hour. If someone you love sends you a message saying that she can’t take it anymore, you don’t think twice, you go out to help. Maybe your list of relationships is not the longest, but it is the most genuine. And you offer them your availability. 


In short, you already understood that life is too beautiful to lose tears for those who all do is break your soul whenever they can. You are a very transparent sign and most people are not prepared to deal with that, but you are not going to waste time explaining yourself. You don’t idolize someone who doesn’t deserve it and if you don’t like something, say so. Your sincerity has led you to have the right circle of people. 


Of course, you are very clear that life is everything, except rosy. There are falls that make you believe you won’t get up again, but you have a scary courage. Sometimes, even if you don’t know where you get so much courage to keep moving forward. You don’t sit still, you know you have an opportunity and you go for it. You have become the leader in many things and people appreciate it, not everyone has such persistence. 


The day you understood how absurd it is to hold grudges, you freed yourself, Leo. You are no longer willing to have your life filled with bitterness by people who are not happy. That does not mean that you are going to let them do what they want with you, you have your barriers well-marked and once they pass them, you leave. The best of all is that you don’t get hooked, you are capable of forgiving even the unforgivable because you know that if you do it, it’s good for you. 


Definitely, your life has had its very gray moments, even black ones. However, you have been able to find your way out in the midst of so much pain. You are resilient, you find a way to return to the ring and that has earned you the recognition of those around you. However, you know that you are not here to solve the lives of the rest. You know that after the rain it is possible to see the rainbow. It is your balance that keeps you upright and smiling. 


Sometimes it is not so good that your heart is so sweet, you know that you are not naive, but something inside tells you that it is possible for everyone to change, you give cruel people a chance and it is not worth it, because it ends you contaminating all its negativity. I know that you are fair and that your empathic side prevents you from leaving those who need it to their fate. But, Libra, there are few who really value that part of you, do not give your equity to just anyone, not everyone deserves it. 


Honestly, you are not the type of sign that locks itself in its room waiting for life to pass or for a miracle to knock on your door. The world is at your feet and you take advantage of it, you like to live as if there were no tomorrow and although there are things you regret, you would do them again because you know that even your mistakes have made you better. You are curious, you are not going to settle for being one of the bunch, you were born to stand out, period. 


Often, you get desperate, you want everything to be solved in a short period of time because you don’t like to live immersed in drama, and you consider that life is too beautiful to lose yourself in one problem after another. That does not make you irresponsible, on the contrary, you assume what corresponds to you and keep moving forward. That strength is the one that distinguishes you, the one that drives you to pick up your pieces to reach the top. 


It’s funny, people often describe you as cold, and unloving and say you’re always in your world, but it’s not real. You realize everything that happens around you, but you are not going to put your hands on all the people, even if you wanted to, you decide to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. However, sometimes your heart breaks and that’s when your compassionate side speaks for you. You are very considerate, so much so that you wouldn’t mind fulfilling that person’s responsibilities for a while, that’s fine, but first see if he is trustworthy. 


It is very good that you do not allow people to enter your life at first, you need to know thoroughly what their intentions are because there are enemies who disguise themselves to be close and have the opportunity to mock your defeats in time. You know that everyone is free to think as they want, but being excessively tolerant is not so good. There are those who need limits, that you explain to them with apples that they have no right to comment on the way you live.


Without a doubt, you are very brave when it comes to fighting for your dreams, so many things go through your head that they would remain open-mouthed if you expressed them. However, you prefer to work in silence, keeping a low profile so that victories are enjoyed twice. That is contagious Pisces, you have become the hope for many people around you and sometimes you don’t even notice it, because your intention is not to win anyone’s approval, but you inspire, your enthusiasm attracts positive things. 

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