Which Zodiac Signs Are A Red Flag And Which Are A Green Flag

Red Flag Green Flag

Which Zodiac Signs Are A Red Flag And Which Are A Green Flag

There is no doubt that all people have defects and qualities, but the truth is that not all have been concerned with addressing the former or promoting the latter. The zodiac signs give us clues about how people might behave in relationships, although, of course, it is not the only aspect to take into account. But since we are talking about astrology here, let’s review which signs may be more prone to act in their relationships in one way or another according to their astral energies. We go from the reddest flag to the greenest flag of the zodiac. Surely you have wondered which zodiac signs are a red flag and which are a green flag:

Red Flag Signs


Scorpio is characterized by its depth, passion, and delivery when it really interests that person. It is a mystical sign that will lead you to recognize your own powers so that you use them wisely. Explore even the smallest details of the person you are interested in to delight in his rarities. Use alchemy in all physical and spiritual experiences when you are by his side. However, that mystical power of his can relapse into an obsession and come to practices like stalking to confirm that his instincts were not wrong. He tends to hide his wounds and go to his dark place to suffer without healing them. Afterward, he can hold a lot of grudges. 


We know the flame that Aries represents: it is the sign that ignites the zodiac. His drive and energy are very powerful qualities and you will never lack adventure, fun, and motivation by his side. It is pure adrenaline so you will not get bored. It is such an energetic sign that you must find a way to channel all that energy, for example, with sports. If he doesn’t, he can break out at any moment, unable to control himself, spreading anger everywhere. It is also an initiating sign so when something gets into his head he goes for it, but if he notices disinterest from the other party he will surely continue on his way. You have no time to waste.


Gemini is a very sociable and friendly sign. You are always around people or have many active ties. His communicative capacity makes him a good storyteller and the knowledge he acquires is shared with the group or at least with his closest circle. But sometimes being in contact with so much information and people disorganizes and scatters him to the point of forgetting the appointment he had with you. Then he will use his power of persuasion to argue in his favor, twist the story and even blame you. Make sure that your bond is sincere because the dynamic Gemini sometimes tends to move situations and people according to their needs.  


Leo has a big heart. He radiates love everywhere and wants to share his brilliance with the world. Most of the time he is very generous, and protective and wants his pack to eat and drink plenty. And he is clearly the Sun of the zodiac but sometimes this plays against him because he seeks to be the center of attention. In other words, his ego represents him. His pride will not allow him to accept mistakes and he will tend to become victimized and walk away so that the other person feels very guilty. Leo avoids the drama but loves that they suffer for him. Don’t fall for this game and let his pain of him mature. Give him time to come out of his cave refreshed and let him see the light. 


Of all the zodiac signs, Capricorn is the one who is most clear about his goals and works hard to achieve them. It is a stable sign in its relationships and I prosper financially, but it comes at a great cost: control of their emotions. Other signs could use a bit of this, but Capricorn takes it to the extreme. He rationalizes any feelings that arise from his icy heart or just shuts him down. You can fall into two mistakes: lose the enjoyment of life because of your ambition or hurt the most emotional people around you. He must remember that he has little time on planet Earth and that money is recovered but time is not. You must learn to value those around you more and be sensitive to the pain of others.


His extreme detail and care in the tasks to which he dedicates himself have given Virgo the title of the master of order and meticulousness. His critical perspective on things comes from a sharp, agile, and disciplined mind. This has earned him rewards and professional success. But in his relationships, he can drown others with his constant criticism. Not all people view the world in the same way or respond to events rationally. Virgo can be rigid in the face of experiences that demand flexibility and creativity, so he’d rather let people go than change. 

Green Flag Signs


As a good air sign, Libra is fascinated by people, relationships, and diplomacy. He loves to charm and be charmed. He seeks harmony in his relationships and to please everyone, which can cause him to be overworked and compromised. He doesn’t know how to say no. He doesn’t like to argue either, so he runs away from conflicts and seeks the refuge of silence until everything calms down. What happens is that deep down he doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that affection is withdrawn. For this reason, he will make a great effort to keep the peace when you are by his side and he will do everything possible to please you because his pleasure is that you feel satisfied. 


Of all the signs of the earth element, it can be said that Taurus is the most tender, generous, and lover of pleasure. He is supremely kind and warm. He loves that all the people around him are satisfied so good food will never be lacking next to him. He has his flaws, too, of course, but he can recognize them and not get carried away. One of these flaws is that he doesn’t like to leave his comfort zone and basks in the comfort of what he knows. But with all this, he knows how to love loyally and sweetly. If he promises you heaven, he will give it to you and stay forever to see how you enjoy it.


Sweet Cancer has plenty of reasons to be a green flag. He is sweet, loving, caring, intuitive, and very sensitive. This sign can become overprotective or jealous of those he loves but takes responsibility for his actions. His sincerity will disarm you and you will not be able to fool him back. He loves to be pampered and he knows how to reward those who give him the warmth of his heart. If you are looking for something hygge, Cancer is your best option. His ability to heal emotional wounds is very powerful, if you let him he will help you in this process. He has the ability to love from the soul and provide calm to those around him. 


Sagittarius is wise because he spends his life exploring territories and knowledge. He loves adventure and the unknown. In his searches, he will always find treasures and share them with you. If you like to travel, Sagittarius is the best company. His soul is free, which has allowed him to reflect on the higher, the lower, and everything in between. It is a sign of faith and therefore sees the beauty of people and trusts them. Even if you perceive the negative, you will always bring out the best in those around you. He has the gift of inspiring others to activate their superpowers. It is one of those signs that transmit the best energy and by its side, you will feel safe. 


Aquarius adores freedom and searches all over the heavens for a way to break the chains that condemn humanity. It is the quintessential humanitarian sign so you will find that his mind schemes all the time to find a way to cure cancer. This dedication to the collective can make you detached, calculating, and cold with those closest to you, but if you are patient you will find a gem of a person. His creativity will take you to other levels of experience, be it emotional, romantic, intellectual, or whatever you want. Aquarius opens his heart to the right person because he protects himself and others from any possible harm. He makes sure very well that the people involved are safe to release his renewing air. 


The most dreamy of the zodiac and capable of feeling what you feel. His sixth sense will know what is going through your mind and will anticipate satisfying your desires. For Pisces, love is divine, so his actions are aimed at connecting with his soul or soul mates. Once he finds her he will be the happiest being on the planet. And his idyll continues over time as he remains firm if he knows that he is with the right person. Pisces believes in romantic love and ratifies it daily. Pisces will not go away and instead will fill your days with magic and inspiration. If he chooses you he can feel lucky or not, it depends on your own idea of ​​love. 

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