An angry Aries closes up, he does not have time to listen to arguments, because he has already found out the truth and what boils his emotions is that they still have the cynicism to want to lie to him. You need your space to analyze the situation and let go, because you don’t want your explosive side to take over. His instant reaction is indifference, that’s how he can hide his pain. Until he finally realizes that the other is not willing to apologize and that it is better to assimilate and let go. Aries, he may smile at you later, but don’t expect to resume his life as if nothing had happened.


If there’s anyone on this list who has a knack for hiding any resentment that can build up in the heart, it’s definitely Taurus. On the outside it looks like he has everything under control, he doesn’t show his wounds and if that person hurts him he is able to tell them that everything is fine. However, Taurus is too faithful to accept a betrayal, when something hurts him, he knows that means ending this relationship in his life. Don’t test his stubborn side, as this helps him turn the page faster. I can forgive you, but no matter how hard you try, things will never be the same.


It’s no secret that Geminis talk about themselves, what they hate the most is staying with this feeling that they wanted to say something and didn’t dare. . It’s a sign that has a hard time surrendering, but when it does, its loyal side doesn’t allow it to become a traitor. It might be a little more subtle if it’s something insignificant, but if you made him cry or dared to hurt his self-esteem, forget about it, even if he falls in love with you. , he will not return to your arms as if nothing had happened. come. This applies to friends, partner, family. Gemini, you don’t want the people in your life to turn into shadows.


Definitely, Cancer is a sign that does not forget the details, you may not realize it, but pay attention to each of your bad actions and keep them until they explode. If you make him feel uncomfortable, that’s a sign he won’t want to be around you. However, when your intention is to hurt him, things get more serious, because that’s where his mean side comes in. When Cancer feels hurt, he’s capable of plotting the worst revenge and doesn’t not afraid to remove wounds. He’s very generous, but don’t trust yourself because if you do it to him, you’ll pay for it. It’s not going to become your toy, that’s for sure.


He is brave to explode the impetuous character of a Leo, because he himself does not know how he will react. There are times when calm is his best company and there are times when he wants to rip everyone who crosses his path to pieces. Although he may seem like the strongest in the world, he doesn’t need much to be offended. He is very demanding in his affective relationships and if something disconcerts him, he knows perfectly well that he has nothing to do with this person. Leo wants to clarify things above all, being left in doubt is what he hates the most. He doesn’t have the patience to wait for someone to change, if you hurt him, it’s better to get away from his life, but already.


It’s obvious that Virgo has radar for picking up bad vibes in people, not only does their intuition warn them when something’s wrong, but their rational side as well. It is a sign that has the facility to find the good and the bad in a person, but when he offers his friendship, he does it from the bottom of his heart. If you betray him, the best thing to do is to be honest, not to gloss over the situation because it could be worse. If he already knows the truth, all he wants is for you to leave his life, but it’s much better if you do it transparently. At least if you don’t want things to end worse. Do not tolerate hypocritical excuses.


Libra doesn’t like conflict, it’s written everywhere and it shows, because their attitude is always very serene. He is not one of those who let his emotions become theirs first, when something makes him feel uncomfortable, he prefers to face the situation and analyze it from different points of view. He has a facility to forgive, but that doesn’t mean no one will see his face, he forgives you from the bottom of his heart, but not to give you the opportunity to do it again. It’s a sign that recognizes they’re not perfect, but would never do anything to hurt, at least not intentionally. Libra wants peace, if you can’t give it to them, leave.


Many blessings for the brave who dare to hit a Scorpio where it hurts the most, as it’s not the typical sign that sits idly by watching how they mercilessly shatter their souls. Maybe you’ve heard that he’s the baddest of them all and that’s not an exaggeration, he’s not one to waste time with small things, even picking his enemies, he’s very selective. There are some who just let them go and others who will receive the worst lesson. Scorpio doesn’t see the need to be witty and patient with people who don’t deserve it, call him cruel if you want, but he won’t be hypocritical with someone who doesn’t do him any good.


Want to really test the impulsive side of a Sagittarius? This is a sign that you are used to saying what you want today, and tomorrow you change your mind. If we add to this that someone alters his emotional stability, things get worse, because we do not know how he will react. However, he’s not the resentful type, he’s not going to waste his time with people who don’t know and don’t value his company. His personality is so relaxed that he is able to smile after telling you that everything is fine. It hurts him that you betrayed his trust, but he’s grateful to realize he’s found out who you really are and why he doesn’t want you anymore.


Don’t get carried away with their neutral nature, Capricorn may be a very emotionally detached sign, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to give in or break into fake tears. What annoys him the most is to surround himself with people who say something to his face and then talk badly behind his back. Capricorn doesn’t care about your arguments, they’re based on facts, period. He may have the education to listen to you, but he will not fall, it is better to let him go, because your regret is not able to move anything in him. It’s too demanding to give yourself a thousand chances like a madman.


Make no mistake about it, the fact that an Aquarius decides to move on isn’t because of you, it’s because of them, because they don’t want to spend their life dealing with grudges that don’t belong to them. not and which only make him bitter. It’s a very sensitive sign and you can be sure that he won’t stay next to someone who hurts him all the time. The offense slips away, but he has no intention of continuing to see your face. His wisdom is superior, he does not want the heart to decide his stability and that is when his logical part decides to remove this person from his life. Don’t try to smile at him afterwards, he needs a long time to heal. His heart is not ready for this.


Although Pisces may seem the calmest of all the zodiac signs when it comes to feelings, the truth is that they fight with what their heart dictates all the time. He does not tolerate feeling humiliated or being lied to. The last thing he wants is to surround himself with people he gives his all to and doesn’t get the same in return. You want to have peace of mind that everything is fine and stay away from those who break your sensitivity. Maybe he says goodbye even with a hug, because he doesn’t close cycles badly, but he won’t see you the same way again.


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