Signs That Rather Be Distant Than Pretend They Like Everyone

Rather Be Distant Than Pretend

Life is like that, it changes overnight and yes, it has its bitter drinks, the kind that leaves you with knots in your throat and in your soul. The ups and downs have taught us that there are times when there is nothing left but to hold on to your resilience, wipe away your tears, and move on. Sometimes it’s best to put on a huge shell to keep from getting ripped to shreds. There are signs that prefer to treat their emotions with caution. Signs that prefer to be distant before pretending that everyone likes them, are not given to hypocrisy and less with those who are not worth it:

1.- Aquarius 

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Aquarius is the one who is often silent, who caresses the blows that life has dealt him in silence. He is the one who immerses himself in his loneliness because he learned that not everyone who claims to be a friend fulfills it. Now he sets limits, they look at you in front of you and if you come to his days only to criticize, it is better that you turn around and continue on your way. He doesn’t have time to try to change your mind, but he’s not here to please anyone either. He is the one who notices when he can’t stand a certain energy, he puts his cards on the table and takes you out of his life at that moment.

2.- Leo 

Leo can shine and infect you with life just by having him around, but… he also has his dark side, the one that takes the ego by the hand, where his impulsive, arrogant and somewhat aggressive part is present. There are those who do not tolerate the intense side of him because he does not keep what he feels, he is the type of person who when he does not support you, acts as if you do not exist, you simply become nothing. The truth is that he will not waste time on revenge, he has much more important things to do. Let’s say that Leo is so honest that his face, his tone of voice, and the way he carries himself scream it all.

3.- Capricorn 

Undoubtedly, Capricorn is one of the signs that prefer to be distant rather than pretend that they like everyone, they have no time for sensitivities, and they prefer to put logic ahead a thousand times rather than fall into stories that only have hits in the movies. . He is so focused on fulfilling his goals that being liked by everyone is the least important thing to him. If you really do not go at his pace and do not respect his lifestyle, he is not interested in paying even the slightest attention to you. They call it calculated, but I would change it to strategic. Capricorn prefers to put distance themself than get involved with people who do not benefit him.

4.- Virgo 

Let’s say that Virgo and emotions have always had an intermittent relationship. This is because it is a sign that focuses on what reality says, it does not allow itself to be wrapped up in stories, it wants facts. He stays with the people who contribute to him in every way and that is the reason why many times they can say cruel comments, they do not touch their hearts when it comes to telling the truth. They know that his way of being is not something that everyone is going to like, but it doesn’t keep them up at night either. If you try to get into the life of Virgo you will know the way he breathes evil.

5.- Gemini 

Let the world roll! Gemini doesn’t care if he doesn’t live up to the expectations of the people around him. It is a sign that lives in the moment, they change their minds in the blink of an eye, so they are not going to waste their energy on people who only come to criticize their way of seeing life. Call it cold, unemotional, and cruel, because it is not something that overwhelms him. Gemini would rather have that fame than let anyone in and out of his life. He cares about himself and that’s enough. He hates it when they intend to create drama where there is no place.

Signs That Rather Be Distant Than Pretend They Like Everyone

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