This Is What The Aura Color Of Your Zodiac Sign Says About You

The Aura Color

This Is What The Aura Color Of Your Zodiac Sign Says About You

Why some people are the way they are can often be explained by their zodiac sign. The combination with the respective aura color provides even more information about the character of certain people. Because this not only tells us everything about the properties of the signs of the zodiac but also what energies are in circulation here.

Are you curious about the aura color surrounding you or the people around you? We’ll tell you…

Aquarius: Green

Aquarians are brimming with ideas. Therefore, they are often tireless and show great commitment when they like something. Since the sign of the zodiac always goes through life full of hope and quite optimistic, it is also surrounded by the color green. As we all know, green stands for hope. And otherwise, the Aquarius connects a lot of calm, openness, and a refreshing character with their aura color.

Pisces: Purple

Pisces-born is accompanied by a purple. The color exudes harmony and creativity. And that is exactly what applies to the zodiac sign. Because Pisces love to live out their creative side, whether at work or in their free time – they prefer to let off steam artistically. In addition, the sign of the zodiac is always careful to ensure that things are harmonious in their environment. Pisces is also doing very well spiritually. No wonder, then, that many have the impression that the zodiac sign surrounds a mystical aura. Mystical, like the property of the color purple.

Aries: Pink

Passion and temperament are very popular with Aries. Therefore, the aura color of the zodiac sign changes again and again between a strong pink and a very dark red. Because the impulsive nature often takes over and the mood can quickly turn heated. But the sign of the zodiac also knows what it wants. Driven by their strong will, Aries can achieve almost anything they set their mind to. No way is too bad for him.

Taurus: Brown

Down-to-earth and deeply connected to nature, Taurus goes through life. That’s why the color brown also directly applies to her character. The zodiac sign knows what really matters, which values ​​are important, and which things can be described as pure superficiality. All the more they can enjoy the little pleasures in life and are often full of contentment. Every now and then a refreshing forest green mixes in – this embodies happiness and hope, just like the life motto of the bull.

Gemini: Yellow

Geminis ring in the summer – with their mood and also with their character. Because they radiate serenity, joie de vivre, and playfulness – just like the color yellow. If you want to have fun and enjoy life, Gemini is the place for you. But the aura color of the zodiac sign also changes to dark yellow, as it also has a very profound and serious side. However, this only proves that Geminis are incredibly complex and you can turn to them with all topics.

Cancer: pink

Hardly any other zodiac sign is as empathetic as Cancer. Because of this, it is also followed by a delicate rose-pink aura color. Because this stands for loving, caring, and sensitive nature. Cancers also have a strong romantic side, which can slip into the slightly naive every now and then. However, her greatest gift is to enchant people and those around her. Because feelings and emotions are incredibly important to the sign of the zodiac, which is why it always wears its heart on its sleeve.

Leo: orange

Striking, strong, and luminous: This applies both to the personality of the lion and to the characteristic of its aura color orange. The zodiac sign radiates incredible self-confidence and a lot of power but is also very warm-hearted and understanding. Every now and then the concise orange also changes to a shimmering gold tone. No wonder, because the proud lions know what is beautiful! Therefore, they do not shy away from leading a life of luxury. However, how they define luxury is entirely up to them.

Virgo: Blue

Even though Virgo is actually an earth sign, the aura color blue is still associated with the zodiac sign. But not just any blue, but a noble, rich royal blue. The zodiac sign is considered to be extremely conscientious, intellectual, and powerful. Qualities that nobles should also have. In addition, the Virgo radiates a deep, inner peace and serenity. It seems as if every step was carefully considered. There is also a reason for this: the zodiac sign is at peace with itself.

Libra: Blue/Green

Libras are known to be proud, optimistic, and extremely charismatic. No wonder their aura color resembles that of a mystical waterfall or even better, the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Because the mixture of blue and green shows that the zodiac sign combines several characteristics, which sometimes appear more and sometimes less strongly. While Libras are particularly hopeful and cheerful, they can also be very different. For deep within them lies a dark side that is mysterious and fragile.

Scorpio: Dark blue

Hard shell, soft core – that’s how you could often describe scorpions. Therefore, their aura color also likes to change between dark blue and sparkling black. That doesn’t mean anything bad though! But only that the zodiac sign often seems unapproachable and introspective. But once you crack the shell, a sparkling, loving and tender being emerges. Nevertheless, melancholy is simply part of the life of many Scorpios. But that is exactly what makes them so mysterious and incredibly interesting to others.

Sagittarius: Orange/Yellow/Blue

Committing to just one color would be far too common for Sagittarians. Therefore, the zodiac sign alternates between bright orange and yellow tones and bright blue. The sign of the zodiac can hardly quench its thirst for life. Driven by curiosity and creativity, they would like to try everything that is possible. Adventures are therefore very popular with Sagittarius. The zodiac sign’s refreshing and easy-going nature will ensure that things go very far.

Capricorn: Red

Anyone who knows a Capricorn knows that inexhaustible energy emanates from them. Just like the color red, which simply never loses its radiance. The zodiac sign’s high self-confidence and disciplined nature often lead those around them to think they are quite arrogant. Capricorns just want to achieve their goals and preferably as quickly as possible! One thing that you would hardly suspect: the sometimes stubborn sign of the zodiac also has incredible patience – and always exactly when it really matters.

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