According To Your Birth Month The Pain You Have Not Overcome Even Though You Keep Smiling

Pain You Have Not Overcome

According To Your Birth Month The Pain You Have Not Overcome Even Though You Keep Smiling

They say that time heals everything, that today’s pain tomorrow will only be a memory. But, there are wounds that do not go away completely, they hide on sleepless nights and on those afternoons when your gaze is lost in the window. It’s hard, no one teaches us to face the duel, however, the strength inside is incomparable. Trust, because it always shines again. I’ll tell you what pain you haven’t overcome even though you keep smiling according to your birth month. 


The day that person broke your soul, you understood that your fragility was always there, but you had never shown your most secret weaknesses to someone. It still hurts, however, what you felt went out. What you don’t get over is remembering yourself there, so defenseless, after having trusted blindly. Although you continue to love, you are afraid that history will repeat itself. 


Without a doubt, you learned your lesson and with tears until dawn. You had never experienced what is called unrequited love and you honestly do not wish it even on your worst enemy. It hurts because you tried over and over again, but no matter what you did, it wasn’t enough. Today, you know that person was not ready, but the wound stayed with you. 


Your ego does not like to be contradicted, it has made you believe that you are here to give orders and that if someone does not adapt, they do not deserve a seat in your life. I know that your personality is decisive and that your stubborn side does not listen to anyone. However, you cannot hold unnecessary grudges. Let him go, if he made fun of you or wanted to humiliate you, he will have his lesson. 


At the beginning of a love relationship or friendship, you usually put up barriers because you don’t want them to end up trampling on you. However, deep down you know that your heart is too sweet and devoted. You love that that person feels special and you expect the same in return. Unfortunately, there are bad people who only approach you for convenience, it touched you, but not all of them are like that. 


The problem is not that you put all your time, energy, and love into that relationship. The problem is that he saw your face in the worst light and that made you feel like the smallest person in this world. Everything seemed perfect, you believed her the many times she told you that she loved you, but she wasn’t ready for the real commitment. Seeing how a whole life falls apart hurts a lot. 


Sometimes, you reproach yourself for not moving forward, you compare yourself with the rest and you feel that what you have achieved is worthless. However, you have overcome so much, that you should give yourself a chance to breathe and enjoy the moment. Mistakes are part of growing up, don’t be cruel to yourself. Now, you are wiser, attentive and you are no longer going to allow anyone to use you, that is over. 


There are people who are usually very involved, they exceed all kinds of limits and when you least realize it you feel pressured to do what they ask of you. What hurts you is that at the time you believed him, you let him surround you with his fanciful words and you gave him the most sacred thing, your trust. You opened the shell and in the end, it betrayed you from behind, which is not easy to overcome. 


If there is something that became very clear to you, it is that you are no longer going to put yourself at the feet of anyone. That person taught you that you can do your best and still receive a lot of crumbs. Don’t blame yourself, you put sincerity first and that’s admirable. It still hurts to remember it, but you became selective. Now, whoever wants to be with your needs to show it with actions.


If you were asked right now how many friends you have, your answer would be quick because there isn’t much to tell. That is to say, there are many people that you value, but few that you trust with a blindfold. The past taught you that friends also make you cry, they also betray you and they also run away. No one talks about how much those goodbyes hurt. 


Sometimes, you unconsciously become the other person’s puppet, because you like them so much and you feel such beautiful things, that all you want is to impress. However, your feelings are not enough for two. That can leave you in an instant, you realized that you couldn’t do more and in the end, it left. 


And after thinking about your emotions so much, you made the decision to put them on the table, was it worth it? Maybe you think not, but you loved and that’s always worth it. You dared to share your fears, insecurities, and your dreams. You were very authentic, but it didn’t work out and that’s okay. It was not your person, life had other plans for you. 


One of the things that hurts the most about love is when you love someone deeply and you are sure that they feel the same way, but for other reasons, they have to separate. That kind of love never goes away completely, it remains guarded with the intrigue of what could happen. They said goodbye in a beautiful way, but halfway. For your sake, it’s time to let go. 

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