Dear Sign: You Are Making That Person Leave You And Maybe You Regret It

Maybe You Regret It

Dear Sign: You Are Making That Person Leave You And Maybe You Regret It

It is very difficult to apply that clean slate, especially when talking about relationships. In addition, past experiences influence, it is not easy to trust like the first time and those fears may be to blame for the sabotage of genuine love. Dear sign: you are making that person leave you and you may regret it. 


I know that there are things that hurt you and that when you are with your partner they come to mind, but it is not their fault. The worst thing you can do is ignore your traumas because they won’t let you go. Every time you get defensive and hurt the person you say you love, their world becomes small and they are disappointed in you. Give yourself the opportunity to listen to her and put yourself in her place, you wouldn’t want her to do the same to you.


I am not judging you, I know that it costs you twice as much to express the love you feel, but displays of affection are not enough for everyone, your partner needs you to say it, to be proud to hold their hand and present it to the rest of the world. Physical contact is important, but hearing you say “I love you” while looking into his eyes is an experience that stays forever. 


It is understandable that your mood changes from one moment to the next, especially since you are a very active person and love to experiment. However, don’t use it as an excuse to be rude to your partner. Indifference hurts and telling him that you don’t have fun when you’re together is something that’s hurting him, it’s not worth it. 


There are many who emphasize how good your heart is, your feelings are one of the most dedicated in the zodiac, but with the same intensity that you love, you hold a grudge. That is precisely what sinks your relationship without realizing it. It has become a habit to argue with your partner and then pretend that nothing is wrong. But, all that resentment that is separating them remains there. 


Don’t let your pride overshadow how brave, loving, and deep you are. You know that when you propose to love, there is nothing to stop you. However, your ego lies to you, it says that if you fall in love you will lose your powerful and strong side, but that is not true. If you feel good by your side, let everything flow, the commitment is proof that you both want the same thing. 


Your demands are leading you to loneliness and the saddest thing is that you do not perceive it, Virgo, because you have already normalized punishing yourself all the time as if your effort was not really enough. You are a perfectionist, but you are becoming an ogre with your partner, it is not an obligation that he complies with everything you send him. Tell me, do you want a love or a doll? 


In short, you put too much energy so that everything around you is harmonious, and you have a mania for peace and that is not quite right. Libra, keep in mind that chaos is also necessary to keep moving forward. Comments with that passive-aggressive touch toward your partner are the worst thing you can do. You are making him think that everything is going wrong for him and you know that it is not. 


One layer after another, that has become a constant in your relationship. Your partner no longer knows what to do to be able to decipher what is in you. The only thing that causes so much mystery is mistrust because they don’t know if it’s worth being with someone so emotionally closeVulnerability terrifies you, but no one feels comfortable around a ghost. 


People who say you shy away from commitment haven’t witnessed the effort you put into the things that shake your heart. Actually, you are very persevering when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. The bad thing is that in love you tend to put obstacles, for fear that they will intervene in your independence. Drop it already. Sagi, life is one, you are leaving and maybe it is the right person. 


You are the type of person who does not close to the world, you find motivation in everything, and the ambition to have the dream life helps you stay on track. You know how to make things happen because you plan at a meticulous level. However, Capri, with your partner things do not flow in the same way, because you make her feel excluded and that is ending the love she has for you. 


You are sensitive, there is no doubt about that, but showing it is the problem because you need to trust at a deep level. You have become an expert at pretending that emotional detachment is your thing. Why? You are running away because you do not want to be broken again, but ironically you are breaking your partner. The only thing that asks you is empathy and affection, there is no more. 


No matter how tender there is in you, you have your shadows and there are times when you turn love into a flare of insecurities that end up hurting. You gave so much of yourself that you still haven’t recovered and now you’re afraid they’ll use you again and then leave you as if nothing had happened. I get it, but your partner isn’t to blame for that and they don’t have to deal with your bad mood and rudeness either. 

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