Sagittarius At Its Best And At Its Worst

Best And At Its Worst

Sagittarius At Its Best And At Its Worst

Like everyone else, Sagittarius, you also have your pluses and minuses. As much as you always try to smile and transmit good vibes, there are times when you cannot avoid falling into the negative. Sagittarius, admit it, you have your good moments and your not-so-good moments…

At your best, you are the happiest, funniest, funniest person in the world. You are able to see the good even in the worst situation in the world. You are pure adrenaline and adventure, Sagittarius, you are willing to face anything and nothing resists you. On your best days, you see life as an opportunity to explore, learn, to enjoy. You want to take your people, your family, and your friends on that adventure, to experience it together.

You are very spontaneous and have incredible wit. That’s what makes you fun. Your smooth talk is capable of making conversation even from under rocks and makes you get along with almost everyone. At your best, Sagittarius, you see the good in life and aren’t afraid to live it to the fullest.

At your worst, your mind is crazy. You act without thinking and you are someone very reckless and inconsiderate. You are very afraid of losing opportunities, of wasting your time. When you’re bad, Sagittarius, you try to make others see that nothing is wrong with you, you even pretend to be happy when it’s not. And you don’t realize that the only thing you’re doing is hurting yourself. You are dishonest and unfaithful with yourself and with your principles.

All you want is to live in your fantasy world and have no one intrude on it. You isolate yourself from the world, but deep down what you want most is to have someone’s attention. At your worst, Sagittarius, you become the most dramatic person in the world. You have a somewhat dangerous character and a bad mood take over you. Good thing it passes soon. Because you are one of those people who cannot be angry for more than 24 hours.

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