Signs That Were Born With The Curse Of Laughing In Serious Moments

Signs That Were Born With The Curse Of Laughing In Serious Moments

For reasons unrelated to their freedom, there are those who flatly cannot control when their laughter takes center stage. The truth is that they even bite their tongues to avoid being reckless because they are signs that were born with the curse of laughing in the most serious moments. The other person sees a laugh, but these zodiac signs may feel nervous, uncomfortable, alarmed, and even embarrassed and strangely laugh, but their intention is not bad. Although that has led them to earn the disapproval of the people, you are not making fun, you use your laugh as a defense mechanism, but few understand. Has it happened to you? Maybe you are on the list:

1.- Aries 

It’s funny because Aries really has a very light sense of humor. It may seem that due to its imposing character, it makes fun of misfortunes, but the truth is that it does not. The things that make him burst out laughing are in the simplest of things and when he finds an adventure partner he doesn’t let go. The truth is that Aries shows when he can’t take it anymore, no matter how hard he tries to contain his laughter, his body language speaks for him. Suddenly those tense eyes and the way his smile goes sideways say it all. Do not take it personally, if it is a delicate situation and Aries laughs it is because he does not know how to act. It is difficult for him to channel his emotions and laughter has become an infallible escape valve. However, you have to know that their intention is not to hurt. For the same reason, the other person may feel offended and hold a grudge, but Aries will let it go. The next morning it will be as if nothing had happened. He has too many other problems to worry about something like that.

2.- Gemini 

The truth is that Geminis put aside labels and anything else that has to do with prejudice when it comes to relationships. It is also one of the signs that were born with the curse of laughing in the most serious moments. The problem is that he is so direct that many may mistake his honesty for aggressiveness. He doesn’t go around making fun of other people’s pain, but he also can’t understand why they get so hooked on something that they can pass up. Maybe not overnight but over time. The advantage that Gemini has is that they have the courage to make fun of their own misfortunes, that’s when you save the sensitivity and just want to let the situation flow. Some may consider that his behavior is not adequate, but it is the way he has found to do catharsis and keep moving forward. His jokes are sudden, without the desire to hurt anyone, but they can turn out to be embarrassing. Those who do not understand his humor describe him as mean, but only he knows the tears that it took him to laugh.

3.- Cancer 

You know what they say out there, you can’t try to please everyone, the best thing is to do your thing and finally, the right people will love you. Cancer tends to seek the stability of the other and often ends up falling off its own scale for the same reason. It is a sign that puts self-criticism first and that can be synonymous with being too cruel with what he does. However, when he feels comfortable, nobody stops him, he likes to face the problem head-on, and laughter is a fun way to do it. Sometimes you can feel very happy and know no limits. He is one of those who may be crying because they can no longer handle the pain in the soul, but still, dare to laugh. This is Cancer, he clings to the good life and so many lessons have taught him that with everything and thorns it is always worth moving forward.

4.- Aquarius 

Honestly, Aquarius is a sign that does not waste time in saying and telling, it is so focused on fulfilling its own goals, that the advances or misfortunes of the rest, do not take away the sleep. However, it is difficult for him to remain serious in difficult moments, he does not do it with the desire to hurt the other, on the contrary, he can get very nervous and not know how to act. So that’s when you can be a bit reckless unconsciously. The bad thing is that when Aquarius is stupid, there is no one to stop him, one thing after another he will increase his laughter until his stomach hurts. The bottom line is that if you try to hold back your laughter, your anxiety takes over and it may seem like it’s making fun of you, but it’s not. Sure you are not the only one who has to deal with these attacks, but people love to judge you.

5.- Scorpio 

They say that Scorpio’s sense of humor is very black, that it does not know emotions when it comes to laughing. But no one talks about his anxiety, about the pressure he feels when gazes are on him. That’s when he uses laughter as a huge shell, gets so focused on pretending everything is fine, that he inevitably ends up laughing. Scorpio laughs what the rest do not, because it is better to be sarcastic than to cry. Especially when you don’t want to feel vulnerable. It is such an intelligent sign that it prefers to pretend that it can no longer laugh, rather than be weak. The next time you see a Scorpio laughing uncontrollably, ask yourself if he’s okay if he’s trying to hide something else. Few are there for this sign when you really need it.

6.- Libra 

It’s funny because Libra is one of the most empathetic signs of the zodiac, but when it comes to laughing, he knows no limits. He likes to enjoy the moment until he even cries with laughter, but it must be clear that his intention is not personal, he does not want to humiliate or offend you. It is one of the most nervous and indecisive signs, so it is very common that at the moment you do not know how to act. Their energy is so genuine, they can’t hide a smile. But unfortunately, people think that he laughs at them and not with them. Hence, Libra ends up having embarrassing moments, in which he wants to control himself, but his body language does not respond to him. The more watched Libra sits, the more laughter increases. Without a doubt, that is his curse, the one that has alienated you from many people arguing that you do not take things seriously.

7.- Sagittarius 

Did someone say laughs? Because surely Sagittarius is in the first row of the signs that were born with the curse of laughing in the most serious moments. It is the sign that does not miss any moment and when the laughter visits it, it takes advantage of them in a frightening way. Sagittarius has a unique way of finding a sense of humor where the rest see misfortune because it is the way in which he has learned to cope with the losing streaks. He loves to put a fun touch to everything and that is why people cannot with the idea that he smiles in the middle of something heartbreaking. His intention is not to minimize the pain of others, he simply wants to show that even in the worst moments, laughter is the best therapy, but the truth is that few are prepared for something like this. If you manage to connect with Sagittarius, you will discover that life is not as complicated as it seems, that we are the ones who get intense when it is not due.

8.- Leo 

With the pain, but Leo is not going to lower two lines to his happiness, just because the one next to him is not able to understand it. And it is a sign that cannot be still, it likes to find the black thread in everything, when you least think about it it is already making you laugh. Leo prefers to handle flaws that way. This is how he makes time pass quickly, he does not get hooked and that makes him a pillar for many. Everyone has a story in which they could no longer cope with sadness, in which breathing hurt them and even with tears in their eyes, Leo managed to steal a laugh from them. That is how it is usually, a unique soul, who strives to make a difference in everything and who knows that life can go away in the blink of an eye. Why hold on to bitterness? For Leo, serious moments only rob him of energy, painting in colors is much easier through a smile, although many are bothered by its brightness.


Signs That Were Born With The Curse Of Laughing In Serious Moments

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